Chapter 5.2 – Playing hard to get

23 09 2009

After much deliberation, Viola decides that there was no point going steady with Amish, she just did not fancy him – too much of a nice guy for her.  Her heart lies with Jack and always has, so she decides to be with him even though it might mean he may never commit to her!  She invites Jack over to hang out that night.


Viola cant resist Jack any longer and ends up in bed with him.  Jack does not stay the night and makes a swift exit soon after!  Viola is disappointed but she knew what she was getting into with Jack so only has herself to blame.


The next day, Ruby goes into labor.  She had always decided that she wanted a home birth, but when it came to it, Marco was rubbish and completely freaked out.


So, she rushes down stairs to where her mother is and Mia helps her to deliver the baby instead.


I am proud to announce that Ruby had a little boy she named Rupert – after Marco’s farther.  He was born a genius and good and had his mothers beautiful blue eyes and dark hair.

Rupert Toddler

Even though Ruby was not the most maternal of mothers, she still adored Rupert and insisted that it was her who taught him how to walk and talk.


Marco meanwhile did not really bond with his son.  He was getting old and had built himself a little room where he could hide away and read his books.


He spent hours and hours in there away from the rest of the family.  Ruby was getting very fed up with Marco’s solitude.  As she still had plenty of maternity time off after having Rupert, she ploughed herself into getting back into shape.  Even running on the treadmill in high heels as she had heard that this was a great way to get fit.


One afternoon, Ruby took Rupert to the part for some fresh air and a chance to read her book, leaving Marco at home in his hideaway.


Little did she know what would have happened.  If she had known she would never have left the house.  Back home, sparks from the open fire place where Marco was sitting  had spat out and set fire to the foot rest in front of Marco.  Very soon the whole room was ablaze with fire and because Marco had locked the door, he could not get it open to escape!


Sitting in the park, Ruby could hear the sirens from the fire engines in the distance but she still had no idea it was coming from her home.  Mia was home at the time and she had called the fire fighters.  She had tried to break into Marco’s room, but the door was jammed shut.  Soon the flames had covered Marco and all that was left of him was a pile of ashes.


Death came for him straight away.


By this time, the fire was out and Mia had called her daughter Ruby to come home at once.  But it was far too late.  By the time she got back, Death was already giving Marco his marching orders.


Ruby held a private funeral for Marco and cried and cried until she could not cry anymore.


She sought solace in Rupert, cuddling him and crying into him.  At least she had something left from Marco, she thought.


When it was time for Ruby to go back to work, Mia promised her she would take care of Rupert during the day.  She was so worried about her daughter, as all she talked about was the fire and how it had ruined her life


Viola’s criminal career was going really well.  She had thrown herself into it after Marco’s death, hating being at home with Ruby moping around the whole time.  She was now a Getaway Driver and had to wear this delightful outfit to work every night.


She was still seeing Jack, but still had no confirmed committment out of him.  Everything seemed to be on his terms.  Even when Viola insisted on a firm committment from him and asked him to marry her, he just laughed in her face and point blank refused!


Viola was devastated and humiliated.  She loved Jack and knew he was the only man for her, but she could not live like this any more.  She went and cried to her mother as she did not want Jack to know how upset she was.  Also, she had heard that her mum had been a heart-breaker in her day so she might know what to do.



Mia comforted her daughter and said: “I will let you into a secret Viola.  Men need to be treated mean to be kept keen.  You back off from Jack and stop pandering to his every need and he will soon come running after you.”


GENIUS, Viola thought, why did i not think of it!  So Viola decided to take her mothers advice and she started to ignore Jack. Whenever he called her to hang out, she said she was busy and when he tried to get her into bed after work, she refused him and said she was not in the mood.  She could sense her plan starting to work when Jack’s pleas of hanging out became more frequent.  One evening he turned up at her house and insisted that he was staying the night.  Viola told him no he was not and told him that she would decide when he could stay.


Jack started to beg Viola – he was so confused poor boy.  “What do i need to do to have you,” he yelped. “I miss you, why are you pushing me away?!” 


This is just wanted Viola wanted to hear.  She got down on one knee and said: “If you want to be with me, you will marry me.”


By this stage Jack was so relived that Viola still wanted to be with him, he happily accepted the proposal.  He scooped his new fiance in his arms swinging her round with glee.


Viola rushed downstairs to break the good news to her mum.


The two girls had a little laugh about how their little  plan had worked….


…and set about planning the wedding of the century.


Stay tuned for Viola’s wedding to Jack and see how Rupert is growing up….




2 responses

24 09 2009

“Men need to be treated mean to be kept keen”

I was laughing so hard. For some guys it’s so true! (Not for all, though) Still. This was one of the funniest little bits! Viola might regret her need to keep Jack, though.

24 09 2009

A bundle of hay for a footrest, in front of a fireplace? Really Marco? lol.
Great chapter =)

I hope Viola finds happiness with Jack!

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