4th Generation Family Overview

21 09 2009


Mia Adult2 

Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Skinny

Traits: Family Orientated, brave, perfectionist, flirty, hopeless romantic

Lifetime Wish: Heart Breaker


Mia toddler Mia kid

Mia Teen Mia Young Adult




Mia is a twin who was born family orientated, brave and developed the perfectionist trait as she got older.  She worries about her looks all the time and is constantly ensuring she looks perfect.  When she grew up she inherited the flirty trait from her farther and became a hopeless romantic. After getting her heart broken she realised her lifelong wish would be to be a Heart Breaker.  She has twin daughters with Ash Austin who at 19 years old, left her when she announced her pregnancy.  Then she moved in with Harry Harper who she had Viola with.  Her and Harry soon broke up when she found Harry in bed with another man!  Now Mia has fulfilled her lifetime wish of becoming a heart breaker – but what is next for her…?



Ruby Teen2  

Gender: Female

Age: Teenager

Weight: Skinny

Traits: Excitable, clumsy, ambitious, charismatic

Lifetime Wish: Star News Anchor



 Ruby Toddler Ruby Kid






Ruby is one of Mia’s twin daughters.  She is a very sociable girl who is excitable, ambitious, charismatic though a little clumsy.  Due to her out going personality and her fantastic looks, she has realised her lifelong wish is to become a Star News Anchor.



Viola Teen2 

Gender: Female

Age: Teenager

Weight: Skinny

Traits: Friendly, evil, athletic, kleptomaniac

Lifetime Wish: Become a Master Thief


Viola Toddler Viola Kid







Viola is Mia’s youngest daughter who is friend and the athletic – but was born evil and became a kleptomaniac when she grew into a teenager.  Mia thinks it was the fact that Viola caught her farther in bed with another man that made her slightly evil, but Viola was actually born this way.




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5 11 2009

Where’s the other twin?

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