Chapter 4.10 – Aging up

20 09 2009

A few months after Scarlet had moved out it was time for Ruby’s birthday.  She did not want to have a party as it would not be the same without her twin, so Mia bought a birthday cake and they celebrated just the three of them.



As Ruby grew into a young adult, she developed the no sense of humor trait.  She still had her beautiful long dark hair, but decided that she needed a more sophisticated look if she was going to become a Star News Anchor.


The next day she headed straight down to Doo  Peas Corporate Towers to get a job.  As she was just starting out she had to start at the bottom as a paper boy – but Ruby was willing to do anything to get ahead even if that meant doing a job an eleven year old would normally do. 


It was here after work one day that Ruby met Marco Hayes.  He also worked at Doo Peas Tower, but in the business sector as a filing clerk.  He was brave, handy, lucky and clumsy – just like Ruby! Ruby had never met such a kindred soul like her. 


Ruby fell for Marco instantly and couldn’t help but succumb to his advances when he leaned in to kiss her.


Ruby invited Marco back to hers for dinner.  She wanted her mum and sister to meet him.  She had never been the romantic sort but always knew she wanted to get married and have children.  She felt that she had met a man who could make her happy, but also let her develop to the top of her career.  So Ruby proposed to Marco that evening.


They planned to have a short engagement as they both knew what they wanted.  Ruby wanted a child and a career in journalism.  Marco wanted a child and to become an astronaut.  Mia was ecstatic when Ruby told her about her engagement.


Mia always knew out of all her daughters that Ruby would settle down with a nice and steady man – and that is what Marco was.  The two girls chatted endlessly about the wedding and planned to have a small quiet reception with just them and Scarlet, who was still pregnant.


The wedding day soon came around and the whole family dressed up for the occasion.  Viola was so excited for her sister – she had never been to a wedding before, and Ruby made her cheif bridesmaid.


The ceremony was short,  but sweet and Ruby and Marco exchanged in their rings in the living room with Ruby’s closest family watching.  Seth was not there as he had stayed home to look after Freddie. Marco did not have any family as his parents had been killed in a fire and he had no brothers or sisters.



Following the reception, Marco went and joined the military career as his lifelong goal was to become an astronaut and Ruby had encouraged him to follow his dreams.  He had to start to working out hard if he was to be in the military and like Ruby, he had to start at the bottom as a latrine cleaner.  Looks like the newlyweds will have to live at home for a while until they get promoted and can afford their own place.


In no time at all it was Viola’s birthday and her mum promised her a big party.  Viola invited all her friends from school and planned an epic pool party.  It was going to be the talk of the town for weeks!  Scarlet could not come as she had just given birth to a baby girl, she had named Lisa.


Viola blew out her candles with all her friends gathered round her – she loved being the centre of attention.



Viola swiftly grew into a young adult developing the family orientated trait.  She decided to keep her hair the same and squeezed her muscular legs into skin-tight leggings.


Then she stripped back into a rather provocative swim suit and headed back out to the party which was in full swing by now.


This is when she met Jack Austin.  He was a decoy over at the Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp – an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town.  He had heard about Viola’s stealing skills and he had been sent by his boss to recruit Viola as another decoy.


Viola knew she wanted to become a master thief but had not thought about being employed by someone else to do it.  But Viola melted when she starred into Jack’s eyes, and soon found herself promising him she would head over to the warehouse to check it out the next day.  Jack gave her a pat on the arm and left quickly, giving her a cheeky wink over his shoulder as he vanished into the neighbourhood.


Viola was left all giddy from her encounter with Jack, she knew she had to see him again.  She was on such a high that she danced the night away with Ruby well after all the guests had gone home.  It had been the best birthday ever!


The very next morning, Viola got into her new car (a birthday present from her mother) and headed over to Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp.  Jack was not there, he was apparently out on a job, but the crime syndicate who was based there had heard of Viola and she was quickly given a job as a decoy – just like Jack had said. Maybe she would get to work side by side with Jack soon, Viola thought.


Last but not least it was time for Mia to finally age up.  She was well ready for it as she had truly lived a full life.  Now she was an elder she wanted to escape the burden of being the head of the house and hand the responsibility on.  She had decided to pass it onto Viola.  Ruby was settled with Marco and seemed so driven to become a star news anchor that Mia knew she did not want the burden of the legacy.  And since Viola had come home after her birthday and told her she had got a great job as a doctor at the hospital (ahem thats what she told her mum anyway) – Mia knew that Viola would be the best person for the job.


We are almost ready for the 5th generation of the Shenston legacy.  Stay tuned to see what Viola will get up to as heir of the household…..




4 responses

21 09 2009

All of the guys in your game seem to be quite handsome (Marco and all the shirtless boys surrounding Viola at her party). What lucky Shenston girls you have!

21 09 2009

She lied to Mia! Poor Mia. She hasn’t had good luck at all! The spit will hit the fan when she finds out that Viola is a criminal.

BTW: I miss Seth 😦

21 09 2009

The boys are cute – but i have a mod that gives all shirtless guys a six pack – hence why all the good bodies. Not so sure about their faces though! x

23 12 2009

lol.. did I see Scarlette in the backround at that party? love the legacy btw. one of the bestive read.

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