And the winner is……

20 09 2009

Thank you to everyone who voted for the new Shenston heir.  I am proud to announce that Viola won with 64% of the votes and will now be the head of the Shenston Legacy.


Gender: Female
Weight: Athletic
Traits: Friendly, evil, athletic, kleptomaniac
Lifetime Wish: Become a Master Thief

Viola is Mia’s youngest daughter.  She has a different father to her elder twin sisters, but he was thrown out after Viola caught him in bed with another man and told her mother. Mia thinks this is what led to Viola’s evil behavior, but little did she know that Viola was actually born evil.   She is also  friendly and athletic and became a kleptomaniac when she grew into a teenager.  Viola’s life long wish is to become a master thief.

Stay tuned to see what Viola will get up to in the fifth generation while she tries to carry on the Shenston legacy ….!




4 responses

20 09 2009


21 09 2009

CRAP. I missed voting AGAIN. >_<

23 09 2009

I really wanted Ruby =[ She was prettier, in my eyes.

28 03 2010

why would u choose an evil theif for th heir? i wanted ruby. she was much prettier

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