Chapter 4.9 – Admitting Defeat

19 09 2009

Scarlets pregnancy was going very quickly and she was getting and bigger by the day.  Scarlet hated the fact she was getting so fat, but hoped it was all worth it once the baby was born.  Mia was slowly coming round to the fact her daughter was pregnant at 16.  She took Scarlet to all her doctors appointments and was constantly amazed about how well Scarlet was handling everything, despite her young age.


Mia insisted that Scarlet still went to school with the rest of the girls.  She got taunted a bit by the other kids, but soon enough they all got over it and the teasing stopped.  Both her sisters, Ruby and Viola stuck up for Scarlet no end and made sure none of the other kids got to her.



It was after school one day that Scarlet went into labor.  Kevin and her sisters where there when her water broke, but they just panicked so Scarlet had to get herself off to the hospital alone.


Scarlet had never been in so much pain in her life.  She did not know it was possible for it to hurt so bad.  But i am proud to announce at 11.05pm on a Tuesday night, Scarlet gave birth to a bouncing baby boy weighing in at 8lbs4oz (ouch).  Her mother Mia was with her every step of the way.  No sign from the father though!


Scarlet named the baby Freddie and he was a spitting image of his mother.  Blond hair and blues eyes.  He was born virtuous and a heavy sleeper.

Freddie Tddler

Scarlet loved Freddie from the moment she set eyes on him and to begin with she wanted to do everything for him.  She cuddled him endlessly, walking around with him constantly on her hip.


She also tried to teach him how to play music – she was sure he was going to be a rock star when he grew up!


But when she started to potty training him, she begun to lose interest. “Its gross,” she told her mother – a true sign that maybe Scarlet was too young to handle the responsibility.


So Mia stepped up to the mark and took it upon herself to potty train her grandson including teaching him to walk and talk.


Mia adored little Freddie, he was the son she never had and she showered him with kisses, tickles and treats – typical grandmother!


Mia hoped that now Scarlet had the baby she wanted, she might calm down.  But when Scarlet went back to school, she invited this guy home with her afterwards one day.


His name was Jerry Smith and he was the school jock.  He knew that Scarlet had a baby which means he also knew she was easy.  That night, while Mia was hosting another fundraising event at the town hall, Scarlet got seduced by Jerry and ended up in bed with him.


Scarlet knew what she was getting herself in to.  She knew Jerry would sleep with her easily and get her pregnant again.  Even though she loved Freddie, he had not fulfilled her need for children and was desperate already for another.  Jerry was just the thing she needed.  But what Scarlet had not factored into her scheme was that she would really fall for Jerry.  And she did hook, line and sinker.  She asked him to go steady and hoped he was interested in more than just her body.


A few weeks later Scarlet felt that familiar nausea feeling she had when she saw pregnant with Freddie.  She did not need to take a pregnancy test – she knew she was pregnant again, and could not be happier.


She rung Jerry up and told him the news.  He was shocked at first but promised he would stand by her.  Being the responsible guy he was, he asked Scarlet to marry him!  Scarlet did not expect this at all.  She did not even think Jerry would stand by her, let alone marry her.  But she loved Jerry and thought, why the heck now.  So accepted.  The teenagers decided they should sneak off and get married as they knew their families would disapprove.  So they met one evening at the park and held their own private ceremony.


It wasn’t exactly the dream wedding Scarlet had in mind – but she was a teenage single mum with another baby on the way, so she could not exactly be choosy!


The newlyweds decided that Jerry would move in with Scarlet.  It was easier that way as Scarlet already had Freddie.  Now Scarlet had to break the news to her mother.  By the time she got home, her pregnancy had started to show so there was no time like the present.


Scarlet begun with telling Mia about Jerry.  Then she broke the news she was pregnant again and that she and Jerry had just got married!  That is a lot of information for one mother to receive all at once.  Mia listened on in stunned silence.  She realised that moment that she had failed as a mother.  There was no point this time in yelling and screaming at her daughter, she just had to help her. 


Mia and Scarlet chatted for a long time about what was best for Freddie and the new baby, and it was decided that Mia would buy Scarlet and Jerry a house of their own to give them a head start in life.  She would continue to support her daughter financially until Jerry had left school and could get a job and then they were on their own.


Even though Mia had agreed to her daughter moving out – she was also terrified how she would copy being so young.  Then she had an idea…. Seth!  Mia would ask Seth to move in with Scarlet to keep an eye on her.  Even though Seth was still slightly insane, he was amazing with Freddie, babysitting when the girls and Mia were at school and work.  She also knew that Seth would hate to be parted from Freddie so thought this all made sense. 


She explained it all to Seth and told him that he needed to make sure everyone was eating properly and looking after themselves.  Seth was delighted that Mia was entrusting him with looking after Scarlet and her family and told her he would love to move with Scarlet.


They moved out the next day: Scarlet, Freddie, Seth and Jerry.


Mia had bought them a condo on a cliff overlooking the sea.  It must have cost a small fortune – but Scarlet was going to need it if she wanted to have 4 more children.


So Scarlet and Seth were gone, which left just Mia, Ruby and Viola in the house.  Mia could not believe she had failed Scarlet so bad and vowed not to make the same mistake with her other two daughters.  She was almost an elder and needed to choose an heir to the Shenston Legacy.  With Scarlet gone, it was between Ruby and Viola – but who should she choose?


Who should be the heir and head up the fifth generation of the Shenston Legacy.  CLICK HERE TO VOTE NOW!!




8 responses

19 09 2009

I so admire how you’re sticking with this legacy for such a long time.
I think you are the first that I’ve seen who did!

19 09 2009

I agree with Elizabeth, and its great that your good at storytelling too. I bet you enjoy writing it alot. Thats why you’ve stuck to it.

20 09 2009

I enjoyed the Scarlett storyline. I was a bit sorry she wasn’t in the heir poll. I would have voted for her.

20 09 2009

Yeah I am sorry Scarlet was not in the poll. I had had too many blond hair blued eyed heirs so thought I would her out to eliminate the possibility of another one!! Two great other candidates though! x

21 09 2009

Wow, which mod is that? The pregnant teen one?
Awesome storyline and photos! I’m sad to see her move out though =(

21 09 2009

Wow this great thksfor a great story , love the scarlet story line
my cousin is called scarlet Lol x

9 11 2010

damn! i was hoping Scarlet would b the legacy!

2 03 2011

Wow the baby is GORGEOUS and her new husband is HOTTTTTT
Amazing Legacy
So Super Jelous

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