Chapter 4.8 – Out of Control Teens

18 09 2009

Scarlet was so angry with her mother.  If she wanted to start a family then she would no matter what her mother said!  Scarlet would spend hours a day dreaming in her bedroom about the children she will one day have – soon she hoped.


One night while Mia was out hosting another fundraising party, Scarlet invited her boyfriend Kevin around.  She did not exactly fancy him as he was poor and had a very bad mullet hairstyle, but she knew he would be easy to seduce.  She was right, it did not take long to get Kevin into bed.


It was the first time for both teenagers and for Scarlet the earth certainly did not move.  Straight afterwards Kevin left sheepishly and Scarlet hoped and prayed she was pregnant so she would not have to do that again. Meanwhile the rest of the family were ticking along as normal.  Seth had finally gotten over Molly-Sue and filled up his days playing with his toys.


And fainting whenever a ghost walked by.  I dont know how he managed to continue working at the mortuary everyday what with being such a coward!


Ruby still had her heart set on becoming a Star News Anchor and spent most her time practicing her speech in the mirror.


Or working on her writing skills.


Viola on the other hand had realised her lifelong wish to become a master thief.  Being athletic she worked out twice a day for hours on end.


Once she had reached a good athletic level she thought she should test out her stealing skills.  She had to start easy and so went to work researching her neighbours to see who was old, vulnerable and rich!


She soon happened upon a Mr Buck Rogers who lived in the town.  He was an elder at 91 years old, lived on his own and apparently had a lot of priceless possessions in his house.  Viola headed over there immediately and was greeted by Mr Rogers on arrival.  She told him she had been sent over by her mother to check he was ok as he was old and living alone.


Mr Rogers welcomed Viola inside thinking what a lovely thoughtful girl she was.  Once inside and Mr Roger’s back was turned, Viola felt a wave of evil adrenalin rush over her.


She creeped through the house inspecting all the lovely antiques Mr Rogers owned.  Viola settled on a cow-skinned chair that was in Mr Rogers bedroom.  This would look lovely in my room, she thought before swiping the chair and stashing it in her pocket (???!).  All the while Mr Rogers was in the kitchen whipping up a feast for his guest.  Little did he know!




The adrenalin surged through Viola as she ran out the house onto the road outside.  She looked back up at the house and suddenly felt sick with guilt.  Yes she was evil, but deep down she was a good person and hated the fact she has just stolen from an innocent old man.  Therefore she decided to post the chair back to Mr Rogers – hopefully he will never know it was her who stole it!


Despite Viola’s moment of weakness, she was still determined to become a master thief – she just had to get her conscience under control!  Back at home, Scarlet was not feeling very well.


In fact, she had been sick every morning for a few days now.  Scarlet was too young and naive to realise this is the first sign of being pregnant.


She carried on as normal as she thought she just had a tummy bug.  She spent a lot of time with her mother watching cooking programmes.


And went to school with her sisters, determined to work hard – but every day praying that she might be pregnant


Scarlet still did not realise she was pregnant even when she started putting on weight and had to start wearing baggy clothes to disguise her weight gain. She just thought she had been eating too much chocolate.  It was not until a routine check-up with the school nurse that the nurse discovered Scarlet was indeed pregnant.  Scarlet was so happy she stood outside the school gates for hours after, stroking her belly.


But the happiness was soon out weighed by the burden that she had to tell her mother, Mia.  Scarlet decided to put it off as long as possible until one day Mia could not but help notice her daughters protruding belly!   “What is that,” Mia asked pointing at Scarlet’s belly.  “You look like a pregnant llama – how come you have put on so much weight?”


Scarlet could not hide the truth anymore.  “It is because i am pregnant,” she admitted to her mum.  Mia was shocked!  How could her daughter do this – she was only 16!  She thought she had talked some sense into Scarlet but obviously not!


“I cant believe you have got yourself pregnant,” Mia screamed.  “You have no idea what you have got yourself into. Your only 16 and your life is over now.”


Scarlet tried to explain to her mum that she would take full responsibility for her baby and that she was sooo happy.  But Mia’s look in her eyes were a mixture of anger and sorrow – Scarlet knew she had let her mother down.


Mia told her daughter to go to her room while she digested the information.  Scarlet trudged off her room and fell onto her bed.  She had never been so tired in her life.  Was having a baby worth it all, she thought to herself before falling into a deep sleep.


Meanwhile Mia had stormed outside.  She needed some fresh air to clear her head and think straight.  She blamed herself for having a pregnant teenage daughter. If she had not been running around with so many men while the girls were growing up, then maybe none of this would have happened.  Mia broke into tears and wished her mother Camilla was still around to give her advice.  For now all she could do was support her daughter and try to make the best out of a bad situation!


Will Mia help Scarlet through the pregnancy?  What will happen once the baby is born?  Stay tuned to find out….




8 responses

18 09 2009

Is the sim actually a teen and pregnant? Or is this just for the story?

Just curious!

19 09 2009

Ah I’m so excited for Scarlet.

And that you updated xD

19 09 2009

This chapter was great!

How did you get Scarlet pregnant?

19 09 2009

I can confrim that Scarlet is still a teen and pregnant! I used a mod to enable this as i am trying to explore real life situations in my legacy – and this happens in real life. Glad your enjoying it x

19 09 2009

Anyone who has read any of your legacy is hooked for life! It just keeps getting better and better!

7 05 2010

“You look like a pregnant llama.” I laughed SO HARD. 🙂

9 11 2010

so wait, can teen sims on the game become pregnant?

16 01 2011

What mod did you use!? I WANT IT!
not to be a perv or anything

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