Chapter 4.7 – Party Time

16 09 2009

Whilst Mia and Seth were both nursing broken hearts, it was time for the twin’s birthdays.  They begged their mother for a large party and Mia happily agreed.  Everyone needed a good old party to cheer them up after the trauma since Molly-Sue and Harry left.  Mia invited all close friends and family.


Mia’s beloved older sister Lily turned up and she was pregnant again.  She already had a little girl called Terry and Mia hoped so would have a little boy to balance out her family. Also it would be nice to have a little boy in the family for a change.


Ruby was up first to blow out her candles.


She grew into a gorgeous teenager and developed the charismatic trait.  She looked more like her farther than her mother with his blue eyes and dark hair.


Then it was Starlet’s turn to celebrate


Scarlet developed the family orientated trait and took after her mother in the looks department.


After the party, Mia decided she would concentrate all her spare time on little Viola.  Since her farther had left Viola had become very sad and had really gone more into herself.  She still saw her farther all the time, but could not get over the fact he had hurt the family so badly.  Mia played with Viola and tutored her everyday after school.


The twins were also working hard at their studies, both taking home B grades.


In her work life Mia was doing very well and had now been promoted to Local Representative.  To get a promotion, she had to get as many campaign donations as possible and rather then go house to house, Mia realised the best way was to hold a fundraising party.  After her last epic party, she knew this would be a no brainer.  She invited friends and neighbours who she knew had a bit of money to spare.  Scarlet was put to work mixing up the cocktails for the party.


And Ruby got everyone up dancing while Mia worked the room.


This is where Mia met her last boyfriend – Lyle Lill.  He was the Vice President at Doo Peas Corporate Towers and was flirty (shared interest) charismatic and family orientated (another shared interest).  Mia schmoozed him and he quickly handed over $8,976 to the campaign fund. 


After agreeing to be her boyfriend, Mia knew all she needed to do was break up with him to fulfil her lifetime wish of being a Heartbreaker.  She toyed with the idea on whether or not to do it as Lyle seemed such a nice guy.  But then that is what she had thought of Harry and look how he had let her down.  So Mia quickly accused Lyle of being too generous with his donation (?) and broke up with him. 


GOAL ACHIEVED.  Mia is officially a Heart Breaker!  It was hard work but worth it, thought Mia.  But she was still quite young so what now…? Maybe it was time to really concentrate on her family.  But the twins especially seemed to be going in their own directions.  Being so charismatic, Ruby was constantly practicing her speech in the mirror as she had realised her life-long goal would be to become a Star News Anchor.


Meanwhile Scarlet seemed to have struck up an unlikely friendship with a boy from the other side of the tracks.  Kevin Tilbury was flirty, inappropriate, a slob and a loser – not really boyfriend material.  But one day Scarlet found herself heading over to Kevin’s trailer to hang out with him anyway.


The two teenagers hit it off immediately and Scarlet had been there no longer then 10mins before she bravely kissed Kevin.


Scarlet hated hanging out at Kevin’s as it was so small, cramped and dirty, so she invited him back to hers for the rest of the evening.  She drove him home in her new car her mother had bought her for her birthday.


Once home, the duo could not keep their hands off each other and made-out for hours in the garden.


It was while she was making out with Kevin that Scarlet realised her life-long wish would be to be surrounded by family and have at least five children.  She decided that she wanted to get started straight away even though she was just a teenager and asked Kevin to be the farther.  As long as i get some, Kevin thought, then why the heck not!


Scarlet decided she should speak to mum about her plans to have children first before she did anything.  Her mother was always great for advice. She first of all admitted to her mother she had fallen in love in Kevin and pointed him out as he was sheepishly standing behind her.


But when Scarlet revealed her plans to her mother that she wanted a baby, Mia totally flipped out!  “Your too young to have a baby you silly girl,” Mia yelled.  “How would you take care of it?  You’re still in school and it does not look like Kevin is intelligent enough to get a job.”


Scarlet tried to calm her mother down.  “I would love the baby so much and me and Kevin would take care of it together.  I want a baby mum and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”  With this Scarlet stubbornly turns her back on her mother and starts to chat to her younger sister Viola.


Mia cannot believe her daughter is being so foolish.  Maybe she could try to talk some sense into Kevin and frighten him off.  Kevin had witnessed the whole scene between Scarlet and Mia and was too frightened to move.  Mia marched over and let him know he was too dim-witted and irresponsible to be a farther and that he should stay away from her daughter.


Kevin was terrified of Mia and hung his head and run off home.  Mia knew this would not be the end of this as she knew how determined Scarlet was, but hopefully for now Scarlet would not be getting pregnant.  Fingers crossed.


A short while later, it was Viola’s birthday and time for her to age into a teenager.


She developed the kleptomaniac trait and looked a real cross between her mother and farther.  She had her dad’s lovely strawberry blond hair and green eyes, but her mothers face and the “Shenston mouth” (sorry tink).


What is going to happen to Scarlet and her obsession with having a baby?  What will be Viola’s LTW be (I wonder…) Stay tuned to find out….




11 responses

16 09 2009

Brilliant, another great chapter! I really ought to get mine updated… tonight I will sit down and try to do that. 🙂

16 09 2009

Yay! You/She did it! Well done! The girls are all gorgeous.

17 09 2009

The girls are so pretty! I wonder what a boy would look like..?
Also; congrats on the LTW achievement. xD

17 09 2009

oh well, she doesn’t have it as much as the other two?
they really do have quite big lips. good job on doing the heartbreaker wish, it’s really hard!

17 09 2009

Thats guys. It was tough but worth it. I wonder what a boy would look like too… Hmmmm, maybe we should try to see x

17 09 2009

Are you trying to drop hints to us Sarah? lol… And how do you get so many people in your town? All the people in my town are elders by the time the parents have had children.

17 09 2009

Not dropping hints – just thinking out loud 🙂

I had the same problem at one time with loads of elders, so i went into edit town and evicted loads of the elders and deleted them from the game. Back in the game, after a couple of days in sim land – new younger people moved into the vacant houses and i have not had the problem since x

18 09 2009

Thanks! So do you have to evict the elders once and thats it? Or will it keep happening? Btw great Chapter 4.8!!!

18 09 2009

Over four generations i have done it twice. The first time i deleted lots of elders – the second time only a few. Just do it when you notice that the old town is one big old people’s home 🙂 xxx

19 09 2009

hehe “Just do it when you notice that the old town is one big old people’s home” okay thanks!

21 09 2009

Oh I totally forgot to tell you were the get the teen pregnancy mod didn’t I? So sorry, I trust you found one. 😉

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