Chapter 4.6 – Heartbroken

14 09 2009

Since Molly-Sue’s departure, Seth’s madness had got worse.  He felt that everyone he ever loved left him in the end: his parents, Aunt Camilla and now his beloved wife.  He spent hours everyday crying at Camilla’s grave wishing she was still alive.


Seth had heard that his farther was a famous rock star back in the day and decided that he would try to follow in his footsteps.  Mia knew it was too late for Seth to become a rock star as he was already and adult, but let him practice at his guitar anyway.  Anything to make him happy right now, she thought.


Little Viola was growing bigger by the day but was a worry to her mother as she was already showing signs of her evil behaviour by biting all the heads off her dolls.  Mia was spending a fortune replacing them.


It was not long before Viola grew into a kid. She still had her long strawberry hair and developed the athletic trait.


Mia was so proud of her three daughters and even though she had her hands full with Seth, she could not have been happier. 


She was now back at work full-time after her maternity leave and was climbing high in the political career.  It did mean however that she was out of the house a lot throwing fund-raising parties around town.  Harry and her would argue that he never saw her anymore, but Mia was determined to do well in her career so soon put Harry in his place.


Harry was so fed up with Mia and putting everyone else first but him, so he called his friend up from work, Ali Finn, to come and hang out while Mia was at work the next day.


Well when I say friend I mean “gay lover”.  Turns out Molly-Sue was right after all – Harry was in fact gay, well bisexual at least.


But what Harry had forgotten to notice that day was that his daughter, Viola was off school.  And she saw the whole love affair unfold in front of her eyes!  Viola was shocked and horrified to see her farther cheating on her mother – she hated him for it. So she went and rung up Mia at work to tell her she needed to come home at once – there was an emergency with Harry.


Mia sped home as fast as she could with all sorts of horrible things that could have happened to Harry rushing through her head.  It was not until she run through the house, up the stair, into her bedroom that she was faced with something she had not imagined!


It took a while for Harry to register Mia standing there.  But as soon as he did, he quickly pushed Ali away and pulled himself from the bed to face Mia.


Mia was silent.  She starred at Harry in disbelief.  Seconds passed, minutes!  Eventually Harry spoke: “I’m sorry,” he whispered. But before he could say another one Mia snapped back:  “Don’t say it. I don’t want you to tell me anything.  I saw it all for myself.  How long has this been going on for?”


Harry decided he could not hide what he was from Mia anymore so he told her everything – how he had always been bisexual and that he and Ali had been lovers for the past three years.  Mia exploded: “How dare you Harry!”


“How could you do this to me? To Viola?  To your family!!?  You have ruined everything. If only you had been honest to me to begin with.”


“I want you out of here – NOW!!! You have broken my heart and now I am breaking yours.”


Harry could not believe Mia was kicking him out.  He begged her to let him stay but she said she could not live with a man who lied to her in such a deceitful way.


Mia demanded Harry left straight away.  She said she would pack his stuff and send it onto him.  One thing though – he needed to go and explain to his daughter why he was leaving.


Harry glumly walked down the stairs looking for Viola.  He found her in the office crying.  He explained everything to her and tried to convince her that his leaving was nothing to do with her – it was all his fault.  He begged her for forgiveness.


Viola was crying so hard her dad scooped her up and gave her the biggest hug.  He promised her he would visit all the time and she could visit him whenever she liked. 


He could not stand to see Viola like this anymore so he gave her one last squeeze, and then ran off into the night.


Ali Finn was still roaming around her house so she stormed downstairs and told him he had ruined her family and she hoped he was happy with himself.


Being absent minded, Ali did not understand what he had done wrong, so yelled a bit back at Mia and then dashed off himself.


Mia could not believe she had had to kick out both Molly-Sue and Harry.  She was so angry at herself for not staying on track with being a heartbreaker and swore to herself so would never let a man rule her heart again.  She needed to get back on track and she only had two more men left to become the ultimate heartbreaker.  There is nothing like a new man to get over someone, Mia thought, signing back onto her internet dating site.


Will Mia be able to get over Harry?  Will she fulfil her lifetime wish of becoming a heartbreaker?  Stay tuned to find out……




6 responses

14 09 2009

This is one of the best heart-breaker interpretations I’ve come across so far. Love. It! =D

14 09 2009

Love your legacy, as always.
It really is sad to see the girls having to live away from their father and everything.

14 09 2009

I love it – Mia is fab and Seth is amazing, and I agree about the Heartbreaker story – so good!

15 09 2009

I’ve spent the last few days reading through your legacy, and I love it!
The girls are all so pretty. All the guys I have seen in my town have had those boring brownish greenish eyes. Good job!

15 09 2009

Thanks guys. Im glad your enjoying my take on the heartbraker LTW. I need to try to achieve it still though which is hear is really hard!


15 09 2009

I love Mias new safisticated outfit. Where did you get it? And how do you get so many people in your town? All the people in my town are elders by the time the parents have had children.

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