Chapter 4.5 – Money Money Money

13 09 2009

WARNING: This chapter contains partial nudity!

Time was flying by in the Shenston household and it was not long untill it was time for the twins to grow into kids.  Ruby developed the ambitious trait


And Scarlet developed the good sense of humor trait.


Molly-Sue had settled herself nicely into the life as a Shenston.  Turns out, she is also a coach potato as the minute she married Seth, she refused to get a job and spent her time lazy around the house.  Either sunning herself out by the pool….


Taking long relaxing bubble baths….


…or if she did ever venture out, it was to spend Seth’s money at the spa.


Seth did everything for Molly-Sue from running her the bubble baths to cooking all her food for her.


Even though Seth was always pandering to Molly-Sue’s needs, Molly-Sue would continuously run to Mia complaining she was never getting any food, and mooching more food from Mia!  Mia even felt sorry for Molly-Sue!


One day Mia went into labor.  Even though Henry was a doctor, he freaked out and rushed Mia to the hospital.  He was far to scarred to deliver his own baby alone.


I am proud to announce Mia had another little girl who she named Viola.  Viola looked just like her farther with his strawberry blond hair and bright green eyes.  She was born evil and friendly – what a strange combination!

Viola Toddler

From the moment she was born, Viola was the apple of her farther’s eye.  Henry did everything for his daughter from teaching her to walk, talk and potty train her.  They looked so alike farther and daughter!


When Henry was not with Viola he was always working.  He was moving up the ladder in the medicine field and was now a Trauma Surgeon.  Henry did not have many friends, but he had become close to a bed pan cleaner at the hospital called Ali Finn.  Ali would follow Henry home after work and the two would hang out and make jokes about Mia.  Charming!


Not long after she had given birth to Viola, Mia aged up into an adult.  She decided to go for a more sophisticated hair style now she was older and realised that the short short skirts were too slutty  for a woman her age.


Meanwhile, Molly-Sue had re-decorated her and Seth’s bedroom.  She had made everything pink and insisted that they slept in separate beds.


Mia and Molly-Sue got on quite well.  So far Mia had no reason to doubt Molly-Sue’s intentions.  But there were clues giving her away all the time.  Like whenever Mia and Molly-Sue would chat, it was always about money.


And whenever Molly-Sue did cook for Seth (she refused to cook for anyone else)….


….Seth would always end up being violently sick afterwards!


Mia had discounted these incidents as coincidences and tried not to believe they were anything to do with Molly-Sue.  Afterall Molly-Sue loved Seth,s he walked around the house staring at her lovely big diamond ring all the time.


Mia kept kidding herself about Molly-Sue until one day when Mia was playing with Viola in her bedroom.


The phone rung downstairs so Mia had to leave Viola alone to go and answer it.  The minute Mia’s back was turned, Molly-Sue dashed into the bedroom to try to see what other jewelery she could steel from Mia’s jewlery box.  But when she entered the room, there was little Viola sitting there with some candy.  Molly-Sue could not help herself.  He hated children and she wanted the candy!


So she stold it from Viola!


Mia could hear Viola screaming from downstairs and rushed up to see what the matter was.  There was Molly-Sue standing there with Viola’s candy screaming at the baby to stop crying!


Mia snapped!  How can someone steal candy from an innocent baby!!!?  She pushed Molly-Sue into a corner and accused her of being evil and just wanting money!


Molly-Sue tried to defend herself, but it was no good.  Mia was not having any of it!  She could suddenly see what Molly-Sue was all about.  A cold hearted gold-digger!


Molly-Sue continued to try to defend her actions.  “Well if i did not have to live in a house full of screaming brats, then maybe things would be much easier,” she screamed.


“And you,” Molly Sue continued, “your not much better swaning around like you own the place.  The only reason you get to live in this big house and have all this money is because you inherited it!  You dont deserve any of it, not like me.  You have no idea what goes on around here – you cant even seen that your boyfriend is gay!!!”


Mia had had enough.  How dare she insult her, her children and Harry.  So she slapped Molly-Sue across the face.


Molly-Sue was not going to stand by and let Mia slap and before she knew it, the two girls were having a massive fight!


Of course Molly-Sue kicked Mia’s ass – she was the evil one after all.


Mia was broken, hurt, humiliated and sore – but she needed to get this nasty woman out of her house and away from her family and Seth at once.  “I want you out of here,” she demanded.  “I will pay you $10,000 to leave now and i wont call the police.”


Molly-Sue laughed. She ripped the cheque from Mia’s hand and fled the house, cackling to herself as she ran.


Now Mia just had to break the news to Seth.  She knew he would never understand that Molly-Sue was a gold-digger and what that meant.  So when Seth came home from work later that evening and asked where Molly-Sue was, Mia explained that Molly-Sue had run away with a dragon to live in a far far away land.


Seth was very sad that Molly-Sue had gone away.  He went to his bedroom and curled into a little ball and cried himself to sleep.  Mia sat by his door all night to check he was ok, but there was nothing she could do.  He would have to get over Molly-Sue in the end.  The gold-digger was gone and Mia had to make sure she would never get to Seth again.


Will Seth ever get over Molly-Sue?  And what is this claim about Henry being gay?  Stay tuned to find out…




8 responses

13 09 2009

Ooh, interesting. Poor Seth, nasty Molly- Sue was just dragging him about like a toy! Can’t wait for the next chapter to find out about Harry!

13 09 2009

Excellent chapter! I was wondering how Mia was going to break Harry’s heart… Very, very clever twist! Great!

13 09 2009

I love your stories, as always. 🙂
Keep up the great work!

14 09 2009

Viola is absolutely gorgeous! She seems to have avoided inheriting the Shenston mouth that’s been present in the last few generations.

14 09 2009

Viola has such beautiful eyes; all of your Sims are so gorgeous!! The hairstyles you’ve chosen are fabulous! Where’d you get them??

14 09 2009

Thank you Carol, i like my sims to look as cute as possible but sometimes they look abit trannie lol.

Here is a good source for hair:

14 09 2009

Evil/Friendly is just that more insidious. She is probably evil now that evil Molly-Sue stole candy from her. Emotionally scarring.

Also, picture of her hysterically yelling that her boyfriend is gay is awesome.

17 09 2009

Loved this update! Who doesn’t love a girl fight.

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