Chapter 4.4 – A girl with a secret

11 09 2009

It was very hard for Mia raising twins on her own. She was determined to make sure both girls grew up well and set about teaching them to walk and talk as quickly as possible.


Seth helped out as much as he could.  As he was very childish himself, he bonded well with Scarlet and Ruby, but Mia would never leave him on his own with them.


Mia desperately wanted a farther for her daughters and felt guilty everyday that they did not have one.  She searched the town looking for a suitable replacement for Ash and broke a couple more hearts along the way, but no-one was good enough for her girls. 


This was until one day when she went to the library.  There, reading in the corner, was Harry Harper – her old best friend from school who she had tested her flirting skills out on all those years ago.


Mia could believe how cute he had grown up to be – with his strawberry blond hair and green eyes.  The two started chatting and Mia felt no time had passed at all between them.  Mia discovered Harry was family orientated, ambitious but also a bit grumpy.


They chatted for a couple of hours, but Mia had to get home for the girls, so invited Harry to come back with her, which he accepted.  After seeing to the girls, Mia and Harry played some table football….


…..gazed into each others eyes for a while…..


…..and….well what did you expect.  It is Mia we are talking about.  She soon discovered Harry was a great kisser too!


Mia asked Harry if he wanted to stay over.  That night, Mia had one of the best night’s sleeps of her life.


So when Harry went to leave the next morning, Mia could not help but ask him if he wanted to move in.  Harry thought it might be a little soon and was worried as Mia had two young daughters, but he had known Mia all her life and knew he could learn to love her daughters like his own.  The girls took to him right away.



One afternoon Molly-Sue, the girl Seth had met the graveyard – turned up.  She made the excuse that she was just passing while out on a jog, but Mia could not help ignore that huge diamond above her head.  She could tell Molly-Sue loved the fact that Seth was rich. Mia went to fetch Seth to greet his guest.


And greet her he did.  All of a sudden, Molly-Sue was not pushing Seth away anymore and happily kissed him when he leant in for a first kiss.


The lovers stood on the lawn kissing for ages – Molly-Sue was a great kisser and Seth was smitten. 


He never thought any girl would ever be interested in him as he was quite aware that he was different to most other people. But here was this gorgeous girl wanting to be with him.  Seth knew he could not let her go, so got down on one knee and asked Molly-Sue to marry him.


Molly-Sue had never seen such a big diamond ring before.  Even her late husband had not given her such an expensive ring.  She jumped up and down and greedily accepted the ring.


Seth dashed inside to tell his cousin the happy news. 


Mia was shocked that Seth was engaged to Molly-Sue already and she could not help but worry about what Molly-Sue’s intentions were.  Why would a gorgeous intelligent girl like Molly-Sue want Seth who was not only childish but also clinically insane!  But she still congratulated her cousin and listened intently when he gushed about his plans for the wedding.


Mia knew she had to get to know Molly-Sue better to find out what her intentions were.  So she went and introduced herself.  Molly-Sue was very chatty and the two got along really well straight away.


Well this was until Mia started to chat about her family and she soon found out that Molly-Sue hated children!


This was not a good sign.  Mia was very good at reading people and she quickly learned that Molly-Sue was also a mooch with evil tendencies.  Mia was worried, but she thought she would give Molly-Sue the benefit of the doubt and welcome her to the family.  After all, now she had someone to gossip about Seth with.


Later that day Mia started to feel that familiar sick feeling she had before she found out she was pregnant with the twins.  


Turns out Harry had got Mia pregnant.  Mia had her hands full win the twins and did not know how she would cope with another baby.  But now she had Harry, she told herself everything would be ok.


The next day was the wedding day.  Seth decided to dress in his usual outrageous way.


While Seth prepared drinks for the guests, Molly-Sue hid herself away in her room for hours.  She said she needed time to get ready but Mia was sure she heard her crying through the door. 


The guests soon started to arrive and even Seth’s estranged farther, Jonas turned up.  He was now a retired rock star and lived a very lonely difficult life with his wife, Betty.  You could see the regret in his eyes that he had not taken better care of Seth.


When the time came for Molly-Sue and Seth to be married Seth could not find Molly-Sue anywhere.  Eventually he found her in the downstairs bathroom where she refused to come out.  She said she had her reasons. 


So Seth and she got married in the bathroom while all the wedding guests waited outside.


Everyone was in such a good mood that Mia thought it would be a good time to tell Harry she was pregnant.  She had put it off as she was so scared he would react the same way Ash had and disappear.  But turns out Harry was ecstatic by the news.


He continually fused over Mia as it turns out that Harry is a doctor and was able to advise Mia on what she should be doing during her pregnancy.  He was also able to  figure out the sex, but Mia chose not to know – she wanted it to be a surprise.  Mia hoped for another girl whereas Harry wished for a boy.


The twins were growing bigger by the day – same as Mia. But as happy as the family were, not was all it seemed when it came to Molly-Sue.  She was hiding something, a big dark secret that plagued her mind night and day.


What is up with Molly-Sue?  Will Mia have a boy or a girl?  What will happen when Mia has to break Harry’s heart?  Stay tuned to find out….




8 responses

11 09 2009

Oh wow this story just keeps on getting better and better!! I’m officially hooked!! =D

Carol (

11 09 2009

Oops, that should have read

11 09 2009

I love it!!
I really want to know what’s going on with Molly-Sue.
You are an amazing writer that’s for sure.

11 09 2009

Thanks Carol. I will link your blog to mine. Hope you keep reading xx

11 09 2009

i m guessing mary sue is a gold digger
i love your blog! keep it up

12 09 2009

Why do sims always get romantic in the bathroom? It’s so weird.

12 09 2009

Hi I love your legacy! I can’t wait to see what happens next!☻☺☻☺

12 09 2009

oooh things are getting juicy for the newly weds!

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