Chapter 4.3 – The colour red

9 09 2009

Mia could not believe she had gone through so many men so quickly.  She was nearly 30 and already had five broken relationships behind her.  All she really wanted was to have a baby – but who was left?  Then Mia saw him.  Ash Austin was the pool cleaner, a spring chicken at 19, but very cute!


Mia quickly sauntered over and laid the charm on thickly.


Ash could not believe his luck.  Here was a gorgeous older RICH woman coming onto him.  Mia could not believe her luck either – he was so cute she could not stop pinching his cheeks.


Mia soon dragged Ash upstairs to her bedroom where she continued to seduce him.  There was no way this boy was going to turn her down!


Afterwards Ash could not stop grinning.  He asked Mia to be his girlfriend and Mia greedily accepted.  She knew the relationship would not go anywhere, he was far too young for her.  But she could see the lust in Ash’s eyes, so she could not turn him down.  After this Ash was a true gentleman. He wined and dined Mia as much as he could on his salary.


One evening after dinner, Ash invited Mia back to his for the night instead of staying at hers as he had been doing for over a month. But he was still living at home with his mum so Mia politely declined.  She was too old to stay over at a guy’s mum’s house! 


Ash was going on a road trip with his buddies the next day, so he had to settle for just a good night kiss instead. He did not mind. He had enough to brag to his friends about now anyway.


When Mia got home that night, she felt very nauseas and had to run to the toilet to be sick.  I hope it was noting I ate, she thought.


But as luck would have it, Mia did not eat anything bad that night.  She was in fact pregnant.   Mia was overjoyed and could not wait to tell Ash.  But he had gone on his little guy’s road trip and would not be back for a while so the happy news would just have to wait.


Meanwhile, Seth was doing very well in his job as a Mausoleum Clerk and had been promoted from Burial Specialist to Overseer of the Dead – it seems that dead Sims don’t notice his madness.


One evening, while Seth was busy working in the Mausoleum, a young lady by the name of Molly-Sue Peterson came to the graveyard.  She was a 24 year old widower to a man who was four time her age. 


Her husband had only passed away the day before and Molly-Sue had come to the graveyard to say her goodbyes to her late husband… and maybe for other reasons too!


After she had mourned at her husband’s grave, Molly-Sue for some reason decided to stick around at the graveyard and read a newspaper.  Coincidently, she had seated herself at the exit to the Mausoleum, so when Seth finished work for the night, she was the first thing he saw!


Seth had to do a double take when he saw Molly-Sue.  She was the prettiest girl he had ever laid eyes on.  He stood staring at her for a while and then plucked up the courage to go over and ask if she was ok.


When Molly-Sue lifted her eyes to Seth, he could not help but see a twinkle in her eye. Seth suddenly became very nervous and could not stop blabbering about nothing in particular.  He started to tell Molly-Sue about all his theories in life and how the graveyard was full of the walking dead.


Molly Sue seemed a little shocked at Seth’s outburst and Seth could see the twinkle in her eye start to fade.  I have to pull this back, he thought.  He had watched his cousin Mia flirt with many men before, but had never tried it himself. So he copied what Mia normally did which was batter her eye lids and compliment.  Molly-Sue seemed to respond well to this.


Seth continued flirting and asking Molly-Sue about herself.  It appeared girls like to talk about themselves.  Seth discovered that Molly-Sue was now single after the death of her husband.  He also found out she was a highly ambitious woman (though she did not have a job) and was very flirty.  Seth was falling in love!


The pair continued to chat and flirt under the moonlight and even Seth’s childish behaviour and slight madness was not putting Molly-Sue off.  She was giving off all the right signals, so Seth leant in to have his first kiss.


“Wahoo boy, too soon for that,” she said pushing him away!


So Seth had to settle for a hug goodbye instead, swapping phone numbers with Molly-Sue.


Seth ran home to tell his cousin all about this magical girl he had met at the graveyard.  Mia listened as her crazy cousin told her all about Molly-Sue whose old rich husband had just died and how she had been flirting with Seth, but had pushed him away when he had tried to kiss her.  Seth started to cry when he told Mia about being rejected, but Mia reassured him that she was sure Molly-Sue would kiss him soon.


Afterwards Mia left Seth trying to catch his own collar


She thought about what her cousin had just told her.  She could not shake the feeling that there was something fishy about Molly-Sue and she was scared that she might take advantage of him.


But Mia had other things on her mind. Ash was back from his road trip and she had asked him over to tell him the good news.


Ash was shocked when Mia announced her pregnancy.


His face suddenly went very pale and he started scratching the back of his head.  “I’m not sure what to say Mia,” he muttered not able to look her in the eyes.  “I’m only 19; I don’t want this sort of responsibility.  Cant you get rid of it?”


Mia could not believe this was happening.  “NO I can’t get rid of it Ash,” she screamed at him.  “This is our baby and I will have it with or without you!”


“Well I don’t want it.  You will have to do it alone. I am off to collage in a month and I am not letting you or anyone ruin my life.  If you want me, you will have to give up the baby,” Ash screamed back.


“I choose the baby,” Mia replied. “Its over between us Ash – I will always choose my baby over you!”


With that Ash turned around and left screaming over his shoulder: “Don’t expect any money from me either.”  What is it with me and men, Mia thought? Why do I always pick the bad ones?  Mia was distraught.  She broke down into big heavy sobs and made her way over to her mother’s grave.  “Oh mum, I wish you were here,” she hollowed, weeping until she could cry no more. 


But Mia was determined to raise this baby on her own and fill its life with as much love as possible.  She now had lot of maternity time off work so filled her days with reading pregnancy books,


Playing table football with Seth,


And preening herself in the mirror, making sure that she still looked her best at all times.  As she was pregnant, she did not think it appropriate to try to romance any men – but that doesn’t mean she should let herself go.


It was not long before Mia went into labour…


….and gave birth to twins!  Well they do run in the family!


She named the two girls Ruby and Scarlet after her favourite colour red.  Ruby was born first at 6lbs1oz and had a full head of dark brown hair like her father.  Scarlet was next weighing in at 5lbs6oz with blond hair like her mother.

Ruby Toddler2 Scarlett Toddler2

Both girls were excitable with Ruby being clumsy and Scarlet a genius.  The girls were thick as thieves instantly and the apple of their mother’s eye.


Stay tuned to find out how the twins will grow up without a dad.  Also, will Seth ever get to kiss Molly-Sue and if so, will it all end in tears?




7 responses

9 09 2009

I love your legacy and I can’t wait to see what happens next

10 09 2009

I absolutely adore your legacy.
It brings a smile to my face.
Thank you so much for writing.

10 09 2009

Thanks guys. I hope you keep reading xx

10 09 2009

Hi StarSarah! I love this chapter! Just seen a link and checked it out and I love your blog! I’m gonna go and read the previous chapters now 🙂 Oh and you are one of the judges in my competition! Can you please visit the thread with challenge 1. Most of the pictures are in we just need 2! Here’s the link:

10 09 2009

Thank you so much Kama674. Thanks for making me a judge. I will check it out now x

12 09 2009

Oh, the twins’ outfits are adorable! I like what you’re doing with Mia and the heartbreaker LTW. As usual, though, I’m loving Seth. I think that Molly-Sue trollop has her heart set on his money…Mia needs to watch out for him 🙂

24 12 2009

i was just wondering if they actually go to the hostpital and stuff when they are insane. Because if so i didnt know you could do that!

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