Chapter 4.2 – 5 down, 5 to go!

7 09 2009

When Mia arrived home from work later that afternoon, she found her long-lost cousin curled into a ball asleep at Camilla’s grave.  She woke him up, took him inside and gave him a massive cuddle, reassuring him that Camilla loved and thought about him until the end.


Mia did not know what to make of Seth’s reappearance in her life.  She was just a young teenager when Seth was committed and all her mother had told her was that Seth was clinically insane and may never leave the hospital.  But he was still her cousin and she promised him he could live with her for as long as he liked. 


She even let him decorate his bedroom himself which should have set alarm bells off that Seth was not fully cured from his insanity.  Not only was his room full of childrens toys, but he had also included a hay bale as a chair and had hard metal floor installed to finish it off!


But nothing clicked with Mia at first and she settled into a new life looking after her cousin and he looking after her.  He loved to cook and would often whip after a feast for her after a long day at work.


 It was not until they were chatting one night that Mia realised the full extent of Seth’s madness.  Mia thought she would try to get to know him better and asked him about his time away from the family.  But the minute he started talking – there was no stopping him!


He started telling her that he had been abducted by aliens and they had performed all these strange tests on him.  This is where he had believed he had been all these years.


Then he went onto say how they were coming back for him and would take Mia with them too.  Mia could not believe the stuff  Seth was coming out with.  “STOP,” she shouted.  “Just stop! There are no aliens coming to get us.  Its all in your head Seth!”


But Seth was not listening to his cousin.  He just wondered off mid sentence talking to himself, got changed into his Sunday best and started to play with his toys in his room.  At least he is safe in there, Mia thought.


After the evening she had just had, Mia decided that she would go and seek solace in the arms of her new boyfriend, Wilbur.  So she headed over to his house, which was just down the road from her sister Lily – who was by now heavily pregnant with her first baby.


Wilbur answered the door with a look of death on his face and hurried Mia inside. 


When Mia asked what the matter was, he just roared at her like a monster.  “I’m in a bad mood and the last thing I need is you coming over and bothering me – what do you want?!”


Mia was so taken aback she could not get her words out. “I-I j-just wanted to c-come and see you,” she spluttered. 

“Well I just can’t take your neediness Mia.  You just take take take and I can’t give give give all the dam time.  Give me some space,” Wilbur roared.


Mia could not believe what she was hearing.  She had not seen Wilbur since the night they met and had only spoken to him on the phone once, when he had called her.  She suddenly realised that he was grumpy, over-emotional and hot headed.  She was so upset she burst into tears – after her evening with Seth, she just could not help it.  “Oh Boo Hoo,” Wilbur teased.  “Now your going to cry like a baby.  Well cry if you want but down expect any sympathy from me!!”


I’m not standing for this, Mia thought.  “What’s your problem,” Mia roared back?  “You’re not the man I thought you were its over between us – take your mood out on someone else.”


Wilbur pouted like a small child and then told Mia she was behaving inappropriately and kicked her out.  Good riddance, Mia thought!


Now what was she going to do?  Her biological clock was really ticking  and she needed to find a man soon.  Mia was so stressed out she decided to stop off at the local community pool for a quick dip to chill herself out..  Whilst practicing her breast stroke she bumped into a rather dashing looking man called Caleb Torrez.  She had seen him about town as he was a Rookie and was well know.


To get his attention she decided to challenge him to a breath-holding competition


Being an athlete, Caleb won.  But Mia did not mind. It was a great ice-breaker and allowed her to compliment his braveness.


The duo chatted a bit in the pool and then when the sun had set they got out and continued to chat some more.  Mia found out Caleb was excitable, friendly, a genius – and was single!  Perfect boyfriend material, she thought.  They agreed to go steady and planned for Mia to pop over to his after work the next day.


Mia skipped home.  When one door closes – another opens it seems.  She could not wait for work to be over the next day so she could see Caleb again.  She was doing well in the political career and was now a “Yes Woman” (whatever that means?).


Seth meanwhile had decided to get a job at the local cemetery.  I’m not sure what happened to him in that Crypt everyday, but he seemed to come home everyday looking like he had been electrocuted! 


That evening Mia headed over to Caleb’s.  She could not believe the house he lived in – it was massive! He was rich!  He would make a perfect baby daddy!


The minute Caleb opened the door, Mia could not help herself.  She launched in and snogged his face off.


Then she excused herself to the toilet, but instead found her way to his bedroom.  Lounging on the bed, she called Caleb upstairs and beckoned to him to come and lie down next to her.  Now was her chance!


But when Mia suggested that her and Caleb should woohoo and tried to undress him, Caleb pushed her away.  “It’s too early for that,” he tutted.  “Control yourself Mia!”


Mia could not believe Caleb had refused her.  She knew that they had only known each other 24hrs, but what man in his right mind would turn down the opportunity to woohoo.  Turns out a commitment phobic man would!


“I have never been so humiliated in my life!  I can’t be with a man who turns me away like this,” Mia cries.  And with that she storms out leaving Caleb a weeping mess.  Yes he may be commitment phobic, but he never meant to hurt Mia.


So that is five men down and five more to go for Mia to realise her lifelong wish of becoming a Heart Breaker.  But will she ever have the children she so desperately wants?  Will Seth settle back into everyday life?  Stay tuned to find out…..




3 responses

8 09 2009

She sure is running through them fast!

8 09 2009

Wow, I am loving seeing a heartbreaker in action! I kind of get the feeling I won’t achieve this LTW in my current legacy so am excitred to see others doing it.

8 09 2009

I know its difficult. I feel like all she is doing is chasing boys – but i guess thats what she wants 🙂 x

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