Chapter 4.1 – He’s back!

7 09 2009

Lily and Mia had to move out of the family house while the builders bull-dozed it down and started to build it again from scratch.  Mia spent most  of the family fortune on the re-build and after nine months, it was finished. Both girls were very pleased with the results of their new two story house that had five bedrooms and four bathrooms. 



Lily and Mia settled in well, but Lily always had that nagging feeling that this was Mia’s home and she really needed to start living her own life.  Things with her dance partner Chris Austin were going from strength to strength and it was not long before the dancer partners were a couple.


Things were really starting to hot up between Lily and Chris and they could not keep their hands off one another.


But because of Chris religion he could not woohoo with Lily or even stay the night unless they were married.  So Lily did what any single horny girl would do – she proposed!


Chris said yes immediately, he was smitten with Lily.  They were so hot for each other they decided not to wait another minute and got married there and then in the bathroom of Lily’s new home.


Chris moved into the Shenston household that night, and him and Lily consummated their new marriage.  It was worth the wait.


But Chris had a huge male ego and hated the fact that he was living in Mia’s home, sponging off her– is what he said.  So he set about saving for a home of his own to raise a family with Lily.  He found a small blue house in the centre of town that was perfect – the relater even threw in some old furniture.  Chris took Lily to look around it and she instantly fell in love with the little house.  “When can we move in,” she gushed?


“Right away,” Chris replied, dangling the keys in front of Lily.  She jumped for joy and run home to pack her things.  Now she just had to tell her sister. 


Mia did not take the news too well.  She burst into tears and begged her sister not to leave her on her own.


“I have to go and live my own life Mia.  I will only be in town so you can visit me whenever you like and i will be come and visit you all the time. Its time we both lived our own lives.  We cant rely on just each other forever.”


Mia knew she could not hang onto her sister forever and that she had held her sister back from living her own life for far too long.  But it did not hurt any less.  So she dried up her tears and made her sister promise to drop round as often as possible.


And with that Lily and Chris moved out, leaving Mia on her own.  Mia walked around the lavish new house she had built and had never felt so lonely in her life.  Being family orientated she yearned for a child of her own, but she knew she would probably never get married so had to somehow conceive a child out of wedlock.  She decided that the next guy she dated she would try to get pregnant by.  She tried on-line dating, but she only met losers!


Until one day, while out grocery shopping she met Wilbur Andrews.  He was unemployed (the story of Mia’s life), but had a great sense of humor and was an amazing kisser!  Mia instantly asked him to go steady and hoped that soon Wilbur might be able to give her the child she so desperately wanted!


The next day, while Mia was at work, an old but familiar face turned up on the Shenston door-step.  It was Seth, Mia’s cousin. Now a young adult, and sporting a very pink jacket, he had just been released from the psychiatric unit at the hospital and had come home to find everything had changed!


The house looked completely different and Seth would have thought he had the wrong address if his old keys had not worked in the locks.  He wandered round the new opulent house seeing small bit of the old world he knew – like a painting here and there.  Or the football table he used to love to play.


Seth could not understand where the rest of the family were – the house used to be so full of life and now he voice echoed the hallway when he called out his aunts name.  It was not until he walked outside that the truth smacked him in the face!  He descovered his aunt Camilla’s grave in the family graveyard with the inscription: Here lies Camilla Shenston.  Beloved mother of Lily, Maria and Mia and aunt to to her favorite boy, Seth.  May she rest forever in peace.  Seth broke down and mourned the loss of his aunt for hours until there were not more tears left to cry.  How could she leave him all alone like this.  What was he to do?


What will happen to poor little Seth?  Will Mia find him in time before he does anything stupid?  Read the next chapter to find out…..




2 responses

7 09 2009

I love Seth. The poor thing!

9 09 2009

Me too, he’s a great sim!

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