Chapter 3.8 – The end of an era

6 09 2009

Following Seth being sectioned, Camilla was distraught that she had left her nephew down and knew it was time the rest of the family affairs in order.  She decided to break the news to Lily and Mia about who was to be the new heir to the Shenston legacy. She gathered the girls together and announced it would be Mia.


Mia was shocked, she never thought her mother would pick her! 


Lily was understandably dissopointed, but she was so happy for her sister and knew deep down that she really did not want the responsibility of the family legacy as all she wanted to do was party.


To celebrate the announcement, the girls decided to have a little party of their own.  Even Camilla joined in despite her old aching bones. 


Camilla had not been feeling well recently.  The doctor said it was arthritis, but she was increasingly feeling more out of breath these days, added to the pains in her body.  The doctor told her that swimming would be good for her, so Camilla made sure she spent an hour a day in the pool to help.


But Camilla had under estimated how bad her arthritis was, and one day, while swimming, her whole body cramped up and she was unable to move!


She tried to call for help, but no one was at home.


No matter how hard she tried, she could not keep herself aflout. And soon enough Camilla passed out due to the pain, and she sunk to her death.


When death came for her, she went with him quietly as she was so relived for the pain to have stopped.


When Matthew, Lily and Mia arrived home from work later that day, they called out for Camilla but was met with silence.  They searched the house calling her name.  It was not until they went outside and saw the grave that they realised what had happened.  They were mortified, how could they have left their mother on her own when they knew she was unwell.  They mourned for Camilla for hours and then moved her grave to the family graveyard.


Both Lily and Mia dealt with their mothers death in their own ways.  Lily threw herself into her dancing, practicing with her new partner Chris Austin as much as she could.


Whereas Mia did was she does best – flirt.  So after work the next day she called her boyfriend Clark Potter and asked him to come over and hang out.  He was already waiting for her when she arrived home, so she thought it would be funny to creep up on him and scare him.


Clark was certainly scared. Being neurotic and a coward he did not take Mia’s joke too well and told her that.  “Dont ever come up behind me like that again Mia,” he spat.  “And whats all this i hear about you kissing some guy in the gym the other day?”


Mia could not believe Clark had reacted so badly to a joke.  Im not putting up with this, she thought.  “Don’t stick your finger in my face,” Mia erupted.  “My mothers just died, you should be being nice to be.”


“Who gives a stuff about your mother,” Clark bellowed back.  “What about my nerves and my reputation.  I cant have my girlfriend gallivanting around town kissing other boys.”  Mia was shocked at how horrid Clark was and slapped him round the face. “Its sooo over between us Clark Potter, I NEVER want to see you again.”


Clark’s mouth hung over open.  He could not believe Mia was dumping HIM.  He knew he had gone too far but could not take it back it now, his heart was broken.


He begged Mia to give him another go, but Mia was so over it and asked him to leave.  With that, Clark ran off in tears.


Mia needed cheering up, and she knew just the man who could help.  She called up Doug Seas who she met at the gym before her mum died and asked him to meet her at the movies.  When she arrived, Doug was waiting for her and Mia could not help but tell him all about how horrid Clark was.


After this the flood gates opened and Mia burst into tears, crying for the loss of her mother and how bad Clark had been to her.


Doug was so nice to her and so understanding that soon enough Mia found herself kissing Doug  even though she did not really fancy him.  She even asked him to go steady.


After Mia had calmed down a bit and she had watched a movie with Doug, the fact that she was going out with an almost bald older man who had no dress sense started to kick in.  So she told Doug after the movie that if he was to go out with her he had to sort out his dress sense and invest in a more trendy outfit.


Doug did not take this well.  What was wrong with the way he dressed? 


“Don’t try to change me Mia, if you want me you will have to accept me the way i am,” Doug explained.  With this Mia realised that she did not want Doug the way he was, or even with a bit of dressing up, she just did not fancy him – maybe she had rushed into this.  “Im sorry Doug,” she begun.  “Your a lovely man and i really appreciate your support, but i do not think we belong together after all.”


Once again Mia had broken another mans heart.  But she did not feel bad as she had never felt anything for Doug in the first place.  I’m not sure Doug felt the same way though!


Meanwhile back at home, Matthew had finally given up on life and had passed away.  No fuss, no mourning.  He just went quietly, like he lived his life really.



That is not  to say that Lily and Mia were not upset by Matthews death. Now it was just the two of them in the house, they became even closer and took to sleeping together in bed to help each other through the grief.


While getting up one day, they decided that this big old house was not home for them anymore – it was the end of an era.  It was full of the ghosts of their parents and their lives and what they needed was to start afresh and build a new house from scratch. 


Where will the legacy take Mia and Lily now?  Stay tuned for the fourth generation of the Shenston legacy to begin….




3 responses

6 09 2009

I wasn’t expecting that! Did the game kill her, or did you ‘help it along’? All my sims have died of old age so it always surprises me to see other kinds of deaths in a legacy.

6 09 2009

It was a combination of the game and me. Camilla started to drown and i did not let her get out. I know what you mean though, its werid to see other deaths, but also great to document what else can happen xx

7 09 2009

Lol, Ethan’s death was a production. I could probably put together a Behind The Scenes feature on it. XD

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