3rd Generation Family Overview

6 09 2009

Camilla adult2 
Gender: Female
Age: Adult

Weight: Athletic
Traits: Brave, handy, no sense of humor, athletic, family orientated
Lifetime Wish: International Super Spy

Camilla kid Camilla toddler

Camilla Teen Camillia Young Adult2



Camilla had a very loving up-bringing but it was tainted by her superstar athlete farther  who became addicted to drugs and alcohol and had to go into rehab for many years.  Being the eldest Camilla took on much of the house-hold responsibilities while her self-obessesed sister, Marina, gallivanted around town with the bad boys.  Keeping the house-hold in order and her passion for working-out, led her to realise her life-long goal of becoming an International Super Spy.  She fell for her partner, Finn, in the police force and ended up conceiving her first daughter Lily. But after Finn moved away she rekindled her romance with her high-school crush, Matthew.  They are now happily married with twin daughters.  Camilla also looks after her brother’s son Seth after he was abandoned by his parents.



Mathew adult2 

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Weight: Athletic

Traits: Flirty, handy, computer whiz, angler, absent minded

Lifetime Wish: The Tinkerer


  Matthew Young Adult








Matthew was born and bread in Sunset Valley.  He came from a middle class family and was raised in the suburbs of the town. At high-school he was the captain of the football team and a typical jock – all the girls fancied him.  He was only interested in Marina Shenston, as she was the captain of the cheer-leading squad, but she never gave him the time of day as she was only into bad boys.  After he had grown to a young adult he decided to go round to Marina’s to ask her out on a date.  She was not home as she had married someone else, but her twin sister Camilla was.  He had never noticed Camilla before as she had always been very quiet at school, but she had grown into a gorgeous woman.  He was instantly smitten.  But Camilla was dating her partner in the force at the time and ended up having a child with him.  But when he heard that the partner had moved out of town and Camilla was free again, he made it his mission to woo her.  Camilla and Matthew are now married with twin daughters.  Matthew also takes care of Camilla’s other daughter, Lily, as his own. 



Lily Young Adult2 

Gender: Female

Age:Young Adult

Weight: Skinny

Traits: Neurotic, party animal, excitable, schmoozer, charismatic

Lifetime Wish: Super Popular


Lily Toddler Lily Kid

Lily teen 




Lily is Camilla’s first child and the result of a short-lived affair between Camilla and her partner in the force, Finn.  Finn moved away before Lily was born and never even knew about her as Camilla could not find him.  She was born a party animal and schmoozer but does have some neurotic tendencies.  Her lifelong wish is to become super popular, that is if she can get over her OCD cleaning obsession.



Maria Young Adult2Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Muscular

Traits: Good, athletic, angler, commitment issues, hates children

Lifetime Wish: Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium

 Maria toddler  Maria kid

 Maria teen




Maria is one of the twins Camilla had with Matthew just before they married.  She was born good and athletic and developed the angler trait as she got older.  All she loves to do is fish  soon realised her life-long wish to present the perfect private aquarium.  When Maria grew she became a spitting of her farther and developed commitment issues and realised she hated children.  She realised she was a true tom boy and had no time for boyfriends.



Mia Young Adult2 

Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Skinny

Traits: Family Orientated, brave, perfectionist, flirty, hopeless romantic

Lifetime Wish:Heart Breaker


Mia toddler Mia kid

Mia Teen 




Mia is one of the twins Camilla had with Matthew just before they married.  She was born family orientated and brave and developed the perfectionist trait as she got older.  She worries about her looks all the time and is constantly ensuring she looks perfect.  When she grew up she inherited the flirty trait from her farther and became a hopeless romantic. After getting her heart broken she realised her lifelong wish would be to be a Heart Breaker.  She knows this means she may never settle down, but being family orientated she is still determined to have children. 


Seth Teen2 

Gender: Male

Age: Teen

Weight: Skinny

Traits: Insane, hates the outdoors, coward, childish

Lifetime Wish: unknown



Seth Kid Seth toddler








Seth is the son of Camilla’s brother, Jonas and Betty Morgan.  When he was born his mother Betty had no interest in him and ended up getting kicked out of Camilla’s house for her cold behavior.  Unfortunately, Jonas was under Betty’s spell and left with her, leaving Seth to be bought up by Camilla.  He was born to hate the outdoors and is a coward and slightly insane. 





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