Chapter 3.7 – Sectioned

4 09 2009

Life in the Shenston house-hold was moving along.  Camilla had still not forgiven Matthew for cheating on her.  He had tried everything from buying her presents to dressing up in his old Air Force uniform as he knew how much Camilla liked this.


Matthew even took a massage course at the spa and surprised Camilla with a sensous massage one day

Screenshot-64 - Copy

It seemed to be working, and it was not long before they were kissing and making up.


Not long after this, Camilla and Matthew aged into elders.  Even though Camilla could see grey hair coming through, she still sported a full head of brown locks and invested in some botox so she could hang onto her youth as long as possible.


Matthew also still had a full head of hair, but his was a little greyer than his wife’s.  His nose has surprisingly grown even bigger!


Both Lily and Mia were on a health kick.  Because Lily danced so much, she did not need to do any exercise, so she decided to go on the juice diet to detoxify herself.


Even though Mia was skinny, she still wanted to be more athletic like her sister.


So she decided to join the local gym. One day while Mia was pumping some iron she spotted a very tasty man on the running machine next to her.


All this pumping iron was hard work and building up a sweat was not doing her image much good so Mia decided to sit on the work-out bench, posing, waiting for the running machine guy to notice her.


It was not long before the guy stopped running, and got off the running machine. Wiping the sweat off his brow, he turned around to see a lovely looking blond girl looking back at him.  He immediately went over and introduced himself and was greeted alluringly by Mia.


Mia found out Doug Seas was brave, charismatic and athletic.  She was so excited about sharing traits with him that she chose to ignore Doug’s receding hair line and the fact he was unemployed.  Being a natural flirt, Mia soon had Doug eating out of the palm of her hand, and soon they were kissing there and then in the gym.


Caught in the moment, Mia did not realise how public their kissing was and did not notice that her boyfriend’s (Clark Potter from the previous chapter) best friend Tim had seen her.  Oh dear, what pickle has Mia got herself in now!


Seth’s madness meanwhile was getting worse and worse by the day!  He was always found to be  talking to himself wherever he went.


He had also been found numerous of times wandering the streets by the police not knowing where he was or where he was going. 


One evening after being bought home by the police, Camilla decided to try to talk to Seth and see what was going on.  She did not get much sense out of him.  He started to tell Camilla how he was a cowboy and had been searching for another cowboy named “Big Gun Luke”


Then he started to accuse Camilla of stopping him from finding Big Gun Luke.


And went on to tell her all about his theories about government conspiracies and how everyone was out to get him!


Camilla was shocked; she could not believe things had got this bad.  She picked up the phone and called the doctor who told her to bring Seth to the hospital immediately.


Camilla walked Seth in where the doctor was waiting for them.


He told Camilla to leave Seth with him for a few days so they could evaluate him.  Camilla tried to explain to Seth what was going on, but he thought he was going on a holiday and got very excited.


So Camilla gave her nephew one last hug and left him with thoughts of his holiday.  She felt so guilty leaving him behind but she did not know what else to do!


What will happen to Seth?  Will the hospital be able to cure him of his madness?  Will Tim tell Clark about Mia being unfaithful? What will happen when Camilla announces the news of who will be the Shenston heir?




8 responses

4 09 2009

Hi. Ok so I’ve been reading your blog and I love the storyline. Your Sims are gorgeous! Would it be ok to exchange links? My legacy is young but I’m hoping to develop it well. The link is:

Thank you!! 🙂

4 09 2009

Thank you so much Carol. I will add your legacy to my link list. Good luck with yours and i hope you continue to enjoy mine x

5 09 2009

Gosh, I just love Seth! I think yours is one of the must unique plays with the insane trait.

Oh, that Mia. She’s going to get it (but then a heartbreaker NEEDS to break up with her boyfriends, or it wouldn’t be called heart-breaker).

P.S. I found that I had to get the 10th boyfriend up to a full green bar for his boyfriend status to count as the 10th. Also, I think Aaroc was the one who told me that you want to keep all of the guys at least friendly toward their ex, or the LTW won’t be successful.

5 09 2009

Thanks for the feedback hrootbeer – im scared now. What have i got myself into with this Heartbreaker LTW!!!! Oh well. I am gonna give it a good try xx

6 09 2009

Very interesting! I haven’t tried a heartbreaker yet. Should be great fun to watch! 😀

6 09 2009

FINALLY caught up! Whew! 🙂

6 09 2009

Good job Ashleighs825 – thanks for all your comments. I am just making my way through your legacy and LOVE IT!! xxx

24 06 2010

Great legacy! Very dramatic.

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