Chapter 3.6 – Growing up and out

1 09 2009

Lily, Camilla’s eldest daughter’s birthday was nearly here and Lily begged her mum to allow her to throw the party of the century. Camilla reluctantly agreed, even though she could not think of anything worse than having lots of teenagers running around the house.  Lily did all the planning herself and even did her own catering – she was desperate to have an epic party.  All her friends from school came including some members of the Shenston family.


Lily blew out her birthday candles as soon as the guests started to arrive as she could not wait any longer. 



As she aged up she developed the charismatic trait.  She ran inside and changed into a new outfit that she had bought the day before in preparation for her growth spurt.  Her mum would not let her wear such a small top before, but now she was a young adult, she could wear what she liked. 


When she went back to the party, some of her friends had left, but she was determined to dance the night away and tuned into her favourite pop music.


Lily loved to dance and was now the best dancer in her dance academy.  But she was not being paid for this, so she needed to get a job.  She decided to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and join the business career as she would get to make a lot of friends there.


She danced all night with her sister Mia, who was also getting very good at dancing.  Hopefully her moves would impress the boys if she was to fulfil her life-time wish of becoming a heartbreaker


Mia knew she needed to get cracking on her mission.  She had already flirted and romanced her best friend Henry, but she needed to get a proper boyfriend to test the waters even further, and she had just the guy in mind.  His name was Pete Harper and he had just broken her friend Sheryl’s heart – so Mia wanted to get back at him for it.  He had turned up to Lily’s party so now was Mia’s time.  It did not take long to get him to kiss her.


And when Mia asked him to go steady, he hungrily accepted.


It made Mia wince to kiss Pete as she hated him for breaking Sheryl’s heart.  So it gave her great pleasure to do what she was about to do… break up with him straight away!


“I would never go out with you if you were last guy on earth Pete Harper,” Mia bellowed.  “You broke Sheryl’s heart and now I’m breaking yours.”


Pete could not believe it.  He was devastated and humiliated. 


Then something happened Mia did not think would, her conscience kicked it and a huge wave of guilt swept over her.  She tried to apologise….


…but it was too late.  She had seriously bruised Pete’s ego and he pushed her away before running off willing himself not to cry!


Mia could not believe how bad she felt.  She was still determined to be a heartbreaker, but she needed to think of better ways to break up with guys than how she had just handled it with Pete


Meanwhile, it was soon time for Mia and Maria to age up too.  After the epic party Lily had had, they decided not to celebrate and just aged up when they were ready.  Maria went first as she had been born first.


Maria remained true to her form and became more of a tom boy than ever.  Also, because she had been training so much, she had really bulked up and was a little too muscular for a girl.  Maria developed the dislike children trait – she had become even more A-sexual than before.


Next it was Mia’s turn (she’s not naked, she is wearing underwear I promise!).


Mia developed the hopeless romantic trait and spent all the money her parents had given her for her birthday on a new designer outfit.  She also restyled her hair to perfection


Both Maria and Mia needed jobs now that they were both young adults, so Maria headed to the local supermarket and got a part-time job at the fish counter.  She could only work part time as she needed as much time as possible to go fishing.  Also, she could sell all the fish she caught at the supermarket while working.


Mia meanwhile, decided that she would get a job in the political career as a Podium Polisher – and heads down to the town hall to sign up. 


Following this Mia heads to the park to see about getting herself a new boyfriend.  It did not take her long to spot her next pray.  It was he in fact who came and spoke to Mia.  His name was Clark Potter and a Junior Officer in the military.  “How fun,” Mia though, “I hope my father does not know him!”


As usual, it did not take long for Mia to woo Clark.  He was quite a bit older than Mia and still single so appeared quite desperate to Mia.  He invited her out to the local bistro for lunch to get to know each other better.


Then the following evening, he took Mia out for drinks. He was starting to really spoil Mia and Mia liked it. So when Clark asked her to go steady, Mia happily accepted.


So Mia had her second boyfriend.  She knew she would have to dump him sooner or later but for now she was enjoying the attention he was lavishing on her.


Meanwhile Maria had decided that she wanted to move out.  The house was too crowded and she had found a room in an apartment block across town.


When she broke the news to her mother that she was moving out, Camilla was a little shocked, but she always knew that Maria would be the first to go as she was so independent.


She hugged her daughter goodbye and wished her luck


And with that Maria moved out. 


This now put Maria out of the running from heir to the family legacy, so the decision had become a two horse race.  But Camilla is still undecided on who should inherit the legacy – Lily OR Mia??!

Screenshot-91Screenshot-8 (2)

Who should be the Shenston heir…..? CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VOTING RESULTS




2 responses

3 09 2009

Wow, Maria really does have some mannish arms doesn’t she? She could be, like, a really butch lesbian. XD

6 09 2009

I wanted Maria to be the heiress. I think she’s the prettiest of all the sisters (she looks real and down-to-earth, which I like). I also love her muscle build. I like seeing strong women who can throw a good punch if they need to. It would have also been fun to see how she handled having children with the Dislikes Children trait.

I don’t particularly care for either of the other sisters. I’m going to miss Maria. 😦

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