Chapter 3.5 – Insanity

30 08 2009

While the girls were busy getting themselves in trouble,  Seth, was coping well without his parents and his insane behavior was being kept well hidden.  Though coward trait was not .  One night Camilla’s dead farther, Jago, came to visit the Shenston household.  No one else could see him except Seth.


It scared the life out of Seth and he went running to his aunt Camilla to tell her what he had seen.


Camilla was sympathetic to her nephew but did not believe her dead farther was visiting from beyond the grave.  She knew how sensitive Seth was though, so reasured him them that he must have been imagining it it and promised him that ghosts did not exist.


But the next night the same thing happened.  Seth saw his dead grandfather at the computer again, he knew he was not imagining it, he could actually see dead people!


This was all Seth needed for his insane trait to really surface.  He completly went into himself and started talking to an imaginary friend, who he seemed to argue with all the time.   The family decided not to make a big deal out of it and hoped it was just a phase that he would grow out of.

Screenshot-36 (2)

Seth did certainly grow one day into a teenager, but as you will find out, this did not seem to help his behavior. 


Seth developed the childish trait and decided the clothes his aunt chose for him were far too normal.  So he chose to go for this ensemble instead… including make-up???!!!


Meanwhile, Camilla and Matthew’s careers were on a high.  Matthew had made Fighter Pilot – HOT uniform!


Whereas Camilla had realised her lifelong goal as to become an International Super Spy.  She had gone undercover in so many different professions to get where she was including cook, business woman and even a thief!


Now she was an International Super Spy, she was bringing home over $2,000 a day which meant none of the teenage kids had to work – they all got a very generous allowance.  But Seth decided that he desperately wanted to become a spa specialist and took a part time after-school job as a clothes folder at the local spa.


Unfortunately, Seth had not grown out of his imaginary friend stage.  It had in fact got worse and he would constantly talk to himself for hours on end.  Often the conversations would get out of hand with him screaming at…. well…. himself!



He would also often be found in front of the mirror pulling funny faces at himself.  This was obviously the childish trait coming out.



Camilla was getting very worried about her nephews behavior and thought it might be the side effects of him not seeing his mum and dad.  So she arranged one day for Seth to go round and meet Jonas and Betty.  They only lived across town, but had not seen Seth since he was a toddler and had not really shown any interest in his up bringing apart from a Christmas present here and there.  So Seth headed round one afternoon, following the directions Camilla had given him.


Seth rung on the door of his parents house – he was so nervous as he had no idea who they were or what they were like.  It was Betty who answered the door.  She starred at Seth and greeted him with a handshake.  Her hands were ice cold!


She invited Seth in were his father Jonas was.  Seth never knew that his father was a Rock star, and was instantly impressed.  He was so nervous and scared about making a good impression that he started to waffle at his parents –  filling their ears with stories about ghosts and his love of flower collecting.


Jonas and Betty were very taken aback by their sons insane behaviour. They had expected the boy to be angry and resentful about their absence over the years, but they had not expected this! So Jonas decided that he would play him some guitar to relax the boy.


Seth was so excited about his fathers talent that he asked his mother to dance with him


He could not believe how cool his parents were and knew that they would understand his unique ways.  So he decides to ask Betty if he could move in with them


Betty did not take the request well.  Her face twisted into a shape Seth had never seen before.  “It just not going to happen Seth,” she spits.  “Me and your farther are fine –  just the two of us, we do not want anyone spoiling what we have.  Especially a boy as weird as you.”


Seth could not believe how quickly Betty had turned. Jonas was oblivious to the confrontation as he was lost in his music.  “I think you should go,” Betty said crossing her arms and looking away.  And with that, Seth hangs his head and leaves, knowing he would never see his parents again.


He trudges home, realising that maybe no-one would ever understand him.  When he gets back Camilla is there waiting there for him to see how his meeting with his parents went.  She can see by the look on his face as he walks up the garden path it did not go well.  But what did she expect, this was Betty after all.  She calls Seth into her bedroom and scoops him up in her arms.  “I love you like my own Seth,” she wishers squeezing him as tight as she can.  “I will always be here for you and no matter what happens, i will always love you.” As insane and childish Seth is, he can still tell that Camilla is sincere and realises that even though people may never get him, they do love him and that is all that matters.


As worried as Camilla is about Seth, she also has a lot of other things on her mind.  Her daughters are all nearing adulthood and she is almost an elder –  so she needs to pick an heir. But who out of her misfit daughters should it be??


Who should be the Shenston heir…..?  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VOTING RESULTS




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