Chapter 3.4 – Bad girls

28 08 2009

With all the drama at home between Camilla and Matthew, the girls were growing up so fast without Camilla even noticing.  Lily, her eldest daughter was turning out to be a true to party animal.  She loved to dance and would rush home from school everyday to practice her latest dance moves



Lily begged her mum to send her to the stage school in SimCity, but Camilla could not bear to part with her just yet, so she enrolled her in the town’s after school dance classes.   Lily would practice late into the night and then hang out with her friends from the dance classes at the diner close by.  She did always seem to make it back in time for her curfew though


Lily was such a sociable girl and was constantly surrounding herself with friends where ever she went. She soon realised her lifelong goal would be to become Super Popular.  Even though her dancing and her social life was going well, Lily did suffer from extreme neurotic tendencies.  She never left a room without double checking all appliances were switched off so there would be no floods or fires!



And she was completely obsessed with keeping herself clean. She would wash her hands a hundred times a day


And would spend hours in the bath scrubbing her skin raw to make sure she had no germs left.


Meanwhile her younger sister, Maria was becoming a very experienced angler.  She spent every minute she was not at school fishing in various places around the town.  She always stayed out until the last minute before her curfew and was up early the next morning, off to fish again.


She was catching so many fish that her mum gave her her own room in the house to build her private aquarium.  She had already caught 8 out of the 13 different species she needed to fulfill her life-long wish.


When she had to come home after curfew, she would spend her time in her Aquarium room feeding and tending to the fish.


Camilla was worried about Maria as all she seemed to care about was fishing and her school work.  She was doing the best at school out of  all her daughters, but she never had any friends and spent all her time on her own or with her fish.


Mia, Maria’s twin, in contrast, was never alone!  Like her big sister Lily she surrounding herself with friends, not caring about her school work.  But her mind seemed to be more on boys than anything else.  One day Lily bought home her dance teacher to go over a few moves in the back garden.


His name was Darren Jenkins and he loved dancing with Lily as she was the best dancer he had in his class.  They practiced into the evening when Mia came home after spending the afternoon at a friends house.  She went out back to see what her big sister was up to, when she spotted Lily dancing with Darren.  To Mia, it was love at first sight!


She stood and watched Darren dance with her sister.  The way he moved his hips and shook his butt filled Mia’s tummy with butterflies!  Shortly, Lily realised she was getting too sweaty so she headed inside to scrub her skin raw again. Now was Mia’s chance to get to know Darren better.  She introduced herself.


She knew Darren was much older than her, he looked in his late twenties, but she was smitten and turned on her flirty charm immediately, battering her eye lids and flicking her hair.


Darren could tell straight away that this young girl was flirting outrageously with him, and he also knew he was far to old for her.  So he made a lame excuse about getting home to his girlfriend and promptly left.  Mia was heartbroken, how could he brush her off like that??!  She got really angry and decided that she would never let a man ever have that affect on her again. And then her life-time wish was realised – she would become a Heart-breaker herself.


Mia knew being a heart-breaker would require a bit of work.  As she was a perfectionist, she decided that she had to look her best at all times to ensure she bagged the guys she wanted.  So she set about preening herself in front of the mirror as often as possible.


Mia decides that now is as good as time as any to get her first boyfriend.  So she heads over to her best friend from schools house – Harry Hicks.  Mia and Harry have been best friends  since they were kids, but Mia had never thought of him in that way before.  But she needed someone to practice her flirting skills on, so who bette than Harry?


Mia’s flirting caught Harry completely of guard.  Why was his best friend trying it on with him?  But he had always had a soft spot for Mia, so when she leaned in and kissed him, he was quite happy to kiss her back.


Harry thought he was the luckiest guy in the world.  He could not believe Mia Shenston was making out with him. He asked her to go steady and she happily accepted.


It was almost curfew time so Mia said her goodbyes and promised to see Harry at school the next day.  She could not believe how easy it was seduce Harry, and she was suddenly addicted to the rush she was getting.  As she was walking home, she spotted another guys she went to school with sitting on a bench. “The next victim,” Mia thought to herself.


So here we have it, all three of Camilla’s daughter’s excelling in some things, but they all look like they might be heading for trouble!


Who do you think is heading for trouble?

Lily the party animal and schmoozer who is completely neurotic about everything? Maria who is a great angler but is a commitment phobe and has no interest in interacting with anyone but her fish? Or Mia who is good at heart but is determined to break every heart in Sunset Valley?




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28 08 2009

The Heartbreaker LTW is HARD! Just to let you know. But, it isn’t impossible. And, despite what the description says, I didn’t find that the boyfriends had too many problems with each other. However, once I had one of the guys break up with his old girlfriend. She always had an enemy status with the Heartbreaker. Also, the Heartbreaker’s daughter always hated her, too, for the betrayal of her father.

28 08 2009

nice story, sexy sims, is this version 2 or newer?

28 08 2009

Thanks for your feedback on Heartbreaker Hrootbeer. I have never played this LTW so i thought i would give it a go, am a little scarred now!!!! Oh well, can only try. xxxx

29 08 2009
The SuziCat

Ha ha, yeah that Mia looks to be TROUBLE! 🙂

29 08 2009

Gah, looks like Mia’s gonna win, but I want Lily though I forget why right at this moment.

29 08 2009

Love your story. Mia is going to break her best friends heart? Aww, poor guy.

30 08 2009

Heya, I love your legacy!!! Its great how you actually make it into a story not just telling us about the legacy itself… Although I do find it hard to tell when theres an update can I please ask if you could add and RSS feature to your site? At the moment its only for comments… Thanks!

30 08 2009

HI Beckey. So glad you like the story. There is an active RSS feed for the posts. You can find it here:

I hope you keep enjoying it xxx

31 08 2009

Oh thanks I couldn’t find it before! It will be easier to check for updates now! Can’t wait to see whos heiress!

30 06 2010

I am definately a family-oriented person,
but I don’t hav commitment issues. Lol.
I love your legacies. 😀
Great Job.

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