Chapter 3.3 – A cheeky affair

26 08 2009

Camilla still cannot get over her brother dumping his own son like that.  She feels so sorry for Seth as he does not deserve to be abandoned by he own parents.  So Camilla sets about using all her spare time to ensure he grows up well.


Meanwhile Camilla’s career is going from strength to strength.  She is now in the Vice Squad and has to step up her game with interviewing the town folk for any leads to illegal activity.  Russell Sims is one interesting character she interviews on day.  Turns out he has been homeless for a while after being sacked from his job at the local spa.  After chatting to him a while, Camilla soon finds out why.  Not only is he grumpy, hot headed, inappropriate and a loser!


She also interviews Tessa Stanley who confesses to Camilla that she is having an affair with her boss over at Doo Peas Corporate Tower.  Camilla loves her job, she gets to hear all the juiciest gossip!


She rushes home to write up the reports for her boss.  She has some sucking up to do, so these reports should help. And help they do.  The next day Camilla gets promoted to Undercover Specialist.  And when she dresses for work the next day, it seems she had gone under cover as a cook!


Matthew’s career is also on the up.  When he and Camilla first got married was working in the Science career as a Carnivorous Plant Tender.  But the military had head about his extensive hand skills and had offered him a job as a Flight Officer.  Matthew immediately accepted as he hated the gardening he had to do in his current job.  He started at the Fort Gnome Military Base the next day. 


It was here he met Shirley Jacobs.  She was not his boss, but was higher up than Matthew as a Squadron Leader.  Shirley had taken an instant liking to Matthew and invited him to the local pool after work today.  Being a natural flirt, Matthew could not help but be flattered by Shirley’s attention and flirt back.


Matthew finishes work at 2pm and it was already 5pm and he still had not come home.  Camilla had cooked a “well done on your first day” dinner for Matthew as a surprise so she was getting really mad waiting around for him.


So she called up her best friend Stacey who told her she had seem him heading into the local pool with some lady.  Camilla slammed the phone down and ran out the house immediately to see what Matthew was up to.  She knew how flirty he could be and feared the worst!  She was right to worry.  She arrived to find Matthew huddled together with another woman.


And before she could even ask what he was doing, Matthew (who had not noticed Camilla) started kissing this woman!


Camilla was mad!  She stormed over to the lovers, pushed them apart and demanded to know what the **beep** was going on. Matthew was completely startled by Camilla’s interruption.  How long had she been standing there, he thought? And how much had she seen?  Enough, he realised by the look on her face!


He tried to defend his actions, but there was nothing to he could say or do to condone what he had done.  He just hoped he could fix the damage that was done. It was a typical moment of weakness and he was ashamed at himself.  Shirley meanwhile had no interest in all this drama and left promptly.


“You’ve destroyed our marriage and you have destroyed our trust,” Camilla screamed.  “I hope it was worth it Matthew because i don’t know if i could ever forgive you for this.  Matthew was mortified with himself and heartbroken that Camilla did not think she could forgive him for this minor slip-up.


He begged her to forgiveness and promised he would never behave like this again


“I don’t know if i can,” Camilla blurted out, bursting into tears.  With this she ran off home leaving Matthew on his own to think about what he had done


That evening was the twins birthday.  Camilla had planned a big birthday party for them, and even though this was now the last thing she felt like hosting, she could not let the girls down.  She invited all their friends from school and some family members too. She even bought them a pink table cloth and made them roast turkey, fruit parfait and cookies.


Maria was the first to blow out her candles. 


As she grew she developed the “Loves the outdoors” trait.  She immediately realised her lifelong wish would be to present the perfect private aquarium.  She than went upstairs and cut all her hair as short as she could, she felt more of a Tom boy than ever and did not want feminine long hair.  Now she looked more like her farther Matthew than ever.  Camilla could so nothing of herself in Maria – it was all Matthew.


Next up was Mia’s turn to age up. 


Mia was the opposite to her twin sister.  For starters she looked more of a combination between her mother and father – and she could not have been more girlie if she tried.  Her teen-age hair was longer and straighter than ever and she loved the long layers she had developed.  She inherited the flirty trait from her farther.


That night, after the party was over,  Matthew was banished from Camilla’s bedroom and from the house.  He had to sleep on the sun-lounger by the pool for the night.  Camilla could not even look at him.


Will Camilla be able to ever forgive Matthew for his cheeky affair.  What will happen when Matthew goes back to work and has to face Shirley?  Will Lily and Mia every realise a life-time wish?  And whats happening to little baby Seth???  Stay tuned to find out…..




5 responses

27 08 2009
The SuziCat

Ooh more drama!!! 😀

28 08 2009

Awr, poor Camilla.

Also, where to you get your hairs?

28 08 2009

I know, always drama in the Shenston household.

I get all hair from this great blog:


6 09 2009

I would have divorced him right then and there.

I don’t believe in divorcing before trying to resolve your issues, first, but cheating is the one thing I will never forgive and never give out a second chance after.

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

20 04 2011

Mia is soooo my favorite. I hope she gets to be the heir!

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