Chapter 3.2 – A witch in the family

23 08 2009

One evening, after Jonas had finished a performance, he left his work to find a young goth like girl waiting outside for him.  She must have been waiting hours and had her autograph book at the ready for when Jonas left


Normally Jonas would just pass these fans by but there was something about about the sadness in the girls eyes that he recognised and he could not help but stop and talk to her.  Her name was Betty Morgan and she was eighteen years old – far to young for Jonas’s 36 years.  But Jonas was drawn to Betty, more than any other girl and he could not help respond to her when she leaned in and kissed him.


It was getting late, but Jonas did not want to let Betty go.   And when he found out that she was sleeping in her car and had nowhere  to go, he could not help himself and invited her back to his to stay over.  They rode home in Jonas’s tour bus.


The duo spent the rest of the evening talking, kissing and getting to know each other.  Turns out Betty’s parents were also dead – they had been killed in a fire a couple of years ago.  Jonas instantly knew that Betty was a kindered soul like he was and was sure she was his soul mate.  He asked her to move in right away and Betty accepted.


Infatuation may be a strong word for it – but this is exactly what Jonas was.  He was infatuated with Betty.  He followed her around like a lost puppy and did anything she asked for.  For the first two weeks, Jonas did not go to work.  He stayed at home, locked in the bedroom with Betty.  It was like she had put a spell on him!


Jonas’s obsession with Betty did not go un-noticed with Camilla.  She did not like Betty and certainly did not trust her.  She was cold, emotionless and very hot-headed at time.  Camilla could see she was unhealthy for Jonas.  But she had other things on her mind than her brother.  A few weeks after the twins were born, Matthew had popped the question.  He took Camilla down to the creek and got down on one knee  – it was very romantic. Camilla accepted immediately


Camilla was very busy planning the wedding and looking after her three daughters.  Matthew had already moved in, which was an enormouss help.  And he was great with the girls.  Even with Lily who was not his own.



They planned to have their wedding at Stoney Falls as that was where Matthew had proposed.  Camilla wore the same dress her mother got married in.  It was the next best thing to her mother actually being there.


They invited only immediate family and a couple of close friends – Betty was not invited.  Jonas played his guitar for the wedding party.


Camilla and Matthew married at 3pm on the 9th September, Camilla’s favorite time of the year.  It was a beautiful day and Camilla thought she had never been so in love



Camilla could not believe she was finally married.  She had dreamt of this day since she was a little girl.  But no  matter how happy she was, she still could not stop wishing her mother was here to see her o nher happy day.


When Camilla and Matthew got back from the wedding ceremony they only had hours together before it was time for them to age up into adults. Camilla was a little bit older than Matthew so she celebrated first.


There were a few more wrinkles on her face and her clothes seemed a little tighter, but overall Camilla embraced her aging and tied her hair back and changed her outfit that was more befitting of her age.


Next up was Matthew’s turn to age up.  Because his lifelong wish was to be “The Tinkerer”, he was tinkering with the shower when his age transition took place


Its true what they say about men get better looking with age – as this is what happened to Matthew.  The crows feet round his eyes were actually laughter lines and the extra belly was just cute. 


In the meantime, Jonas and Betty’s relationship was proving to be very volatile.  They argued all the time!!  It was so bad sometimes that Jonas often emerged bruised and scratched after the arguments.  Betty could be really vicious sometimes


But after the flights always followed the make-ups.  And Jonas and Betty would disappear into their rooms for days, “making-up”


In fact the making up was worse to Camilla and her family than the fighting.  They were constantly all over each other, snogging and groping each other in front of the girls and where-ever they could.  It was completely inappropriate.


Camilla was so worried about her brother.  His life was getting darker and darker and it all revolved around his music and Betty.  When Jonas aged up to an adult, he shaved his hair into a Mohawk and painted his eyes blacker than ever.  Camilla knew it was Betty’s negative influence showing itself.


Then the inevitable happened.  Betty falls pregnant.  Jonas is ecstatic by the news, but Betty seems indifferent. Its almost as if she doesn’t care.


In the meantime the rest of the family just decided to keep out of Betty’s way while she was pregnant as she was more hot-headed than ever.  The twins grew up to kids.  Maria developed the angler trait and loved her naturally wavy blond hair


Where Mia’s hair had grown dead straight and she had developed the Perfectionist trait.


The three girls got on so well and loved nothing more than to play video games with each other.  They were more like triplets than sisters.


But it was Maria who got on best with her father.  They were both natural anglers, and spent every evening fishing in the lake across the park from the house.  Unfortunately, Matthew seemed to only catch the small fish whereas Maria always caught the biggest ones.


The triplet thing did not last for long.  Just after the twins had aged up, it was time for Lily to turn into a teenager.  She begged her mum for a party (being a party animal) but Betty had banned anyone from coming to the house so Camilla was unable to have a party.  The family still make a fuss of her as she celebrated her birthday


She grew up and developed the Schmoozer trait and made her mum buy her the latest gold sparkly leggings so she could go out and party as much as she could.  To underage clubs of course!


Soon enough it was time for Betty to give birth. Everyone was out when she went into labor – and thank goodness as Betty did make a fuss.  She insisted on no pain medication and a home birth as she seemed to get off on the pain, but i don’t think she knew how bad it would be.


I am proud to announce Betty gave birth to a baby boy who weighed in at 4lbs2oz.  That is very small – i know!  But considering Betty never ate anything, i think he did very well to get to this size.  He was born to hate the outdoors and was slightly insane.  They named him Seth.  He was gorgeous.

Seth toddler

I would love to tell you that Seth was the apple of his mothers eye.  And i would love to tell you that all Betty wanted was to see Seth grow up well.  But the instant this little boy was born he was more of a hindrance to his mother than a gift.  She found changing his nappies disgusting.  Feeding him a bore and had no interest in teaching how to walk or talk.  When he cried, she just ignored him. 


Goodness knows how long this neglect went on for but it was soon discovered one day when Camilla came home from work early.  Seth was standing up in his crib, screaming his head off.  He was wet through and starving hungry.  Camilla ran over and was distraught by what she found.


She scooped her nephew up, changed him, cuddled him and fed him


And then stormed upstairs to comfont Betty who was lounging on the bed watching TV.  She dragged her brothers girlfriend up and screamed: “Did you not hear Seth screaming??!  He was starving and  wet through.  How could you ignore him like that??”


“That brat is fine,” was Betty’s reply. “Dont you dare stick your nose into mine and my sons business.  I know how to take care of him and he is fine.   You better back off you stuck up bitch or i’ll make you sorry.”


Camilla could not contain her anger.  She was so upset at Betty and she found herself reaching out and slapping her


It was not long before all out war was declared on the girls and they ended up in a massive fight.  They kicked, they pulled hair and they scratched.  But it was Camilla who ended out on top this time with Betty lying in a heap on the ground.  “I want you out of my house now!  You are not welcome here.  And you are not taking Seth with you.  I am keeping him here as you cannot look after him”


All Betty could reply was: “I never wanted him anyway.”  And with that she turned around and walked out calling to Jonas her her way: “I’ll meet you outside in 5mins.”  Jonas had witnessed the whole fight and he had just stood there.  Camilla turned around to see her brother’s sad face.  “You are welcome to stay Jonas.  But as i said to Betty, if you choose to go with her, you go alone.  Seth is staying here where he can be looked after properly”


Unfortunately Jonas is weak and Betty had him wrapped around her little finger.  “Im sorry,” was all he could muster and walked out, following Betty.  Camilla was distraught.  How could her gentle loving brother abandon his own son.  What hold did Betty have over him.  Camilla went over to Seth and scooped him up.  “Don’t worry little one,” she said cradling him in her arms, “we’ll look after you and love you.  You are safe now.”  And with that, she decided that she would raise and love her nephew as one of her own. 


How will Camilla raise Seth to ensure he knows how much he is loved?  How will the twins grow up?  Stay tuned to find out….




9 responses

23 08 2009

That was an interesting twist. ^ ^ I wonder how Seth and the “triplets” will get along.

24 08 2009

Aww poor Seth. And stupid Jonas. He should have stayed. What an ass.

24 08 2009

Seth is gorgeous! Also, aren’t you love the cherub hair? I just got it yesterday :}

24 08 2009

omg yaaay a baby SETH!!! I LOVE him!!!!! He is so cute *loves*

24 08 2009

Yes i love the cherub hair. Looks best on babies and guys though. I little weird on girls x

25 08 2009
The SuziCat

As one of my friends likes to say, dames is trouble!!!!

25 08 2009

Love reading your story! Many great twists and turns. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

27 08 2009

Ooh, great chapter! Seth is adorable! That’s one of my favorite hairs, I have yet to use it on someone in my legacy though.
Darn Jonas for leaving.

6 09 2009

Seth is too cute for words. I love the fact that he’s Insane. That’s such a fun trait to play with.

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