Chapter 3.1 – Babies

22 08 2009

Camilla’s job is going from strength to strength and having just been promoted to Vice Squad, she now has to interview people in town to try to find out any dirt on them.  She then has to submit a report to her superior.  To get started, she decides to go to the park after work one day.  She changes into her civilian clothes so the town folk do not get too intimidated by her police uniform.  The first guy she sees is Jeff Walker, who works in the military.  She interviews him for a good two hours – but he revealed nothing sinister – what a waste of time, Camilla thought.


Then Camilla spies her cousin, Beth, across the way and she knew she was a centre for gossip. So she made her way over and began her interview.  Beth was very forthcoming with her info and revealed some juicy gossip about her fellow townies. Like the fact Tina Harvey was filthy rich and Brian Hends was sleeping with his partners wife.  Then Beth broke down and revealed that she was un-happy with the way she looked, she felt she was too over-weight.  Camilla comforted her cousin and told her to pay her father Jago a visit as he is a sports legend and could train her into shape.


Camilla also bumped into her partner, Finn at the park as he too was interviering people.  She invited him back to hers for a night cap and after a few glasses of wine,  where one thing led to another and…..Lets just say he stayed the night!


The next day while everyone was at work, Camilla’s cousins Beth popped round to take Camilla up on her offer for Jago to personal train her into shape.  As Jago was now retired and just clattering round the house he happily obliged and was determined to help Beth shed those extra pounds


Jago certainly did put Beth through her paces.  So much so she slimmed down after a few hours and… Jago had a heart attack!  Sadly, he passed away instantly!


He begged Death for his life-back and so did Peaches, but it was too late.  Death was not feeling generous that day.


Peaches was beside herself.  She knew that her marriage to Jago had been rocky what with his drug and alcohol problems, but she still loved him as much as the day she married him.  Camilla arrived home just after Death had departed and was devastated by the news her beloved father had passed away.  Peaches and her decided to bury Jago in the family cemetery but not have a public funeral.  Marina was pregnant so they did not want to put any stress on her and Jonas was away touring with his band. So they said some prayers by Jago’s grave and mourned in private, just the two of them.


Peaches was so depressed after the death of her husband, that Camilla would take her to his grave evey day to try to cheer her up.  Gradually as they days passed, the pain seemed to be going away, slowly.


Meanwhile, Jonas’s tour with his band went very well.  He was now a Lyricist and had his own pimped out tour bus



Jonas still did not know about his father’s death, so when he got back to Sunset Valley, he went straight to the park to busk for tips.  Even though his band was doing well, he loved to perform and the extra cash always came in handy.  He never failed to draw int the crowds!


Camilla’s cousin, Constance called Camilla up at work and told her she had seen Jonas in the park so he was obviously back from touring.  So Camilla headed straight down there to break the news to him about his fathers death. 


 The news did not go down well!.  Jonas wept into his sisters shoulder for hours before she managed to convince him to go home and visit his father grave to say his goodbyes.


Camilla decided to stick around at the park for a while after Jonas had gone to perfect her interviewing skills.  It was here she suddenly felt very queasy and suddenly had to run to the public loo’s to be sick!  YUK!


“Oh no,” she thought.  “I cant be!!”  But she was – Camilla was pregnant with her partner Finn’s baby.  But the bad news was, Finn was no longer her partner!  He had been transferred to Riverside town a month ago and Camilla had not heard from him since, even though he had promised to call her.  So she told herself she would raise this child alone, and looked to her mother, Peaches for her support. Peaches was ecstatic with her daughters pregnancy.  Marina had just given birth to a baby girl called Laura, but Peaches did not get to see her often as she was busy doing her own thing.  So she was so excited to be able to be involved with Camilla’s baby.


Camilla’s pregnancy rushed by.  She got maternity pay from work and spent her time reading pregnancy books and keeping up with her fitness.  There was no was she was going to let that slip – what would her father have thought?!


It was not long before Camilla was in labor (after a lengthy swimming session).  She decided to have a home birth with her mum there for support


I am proud to announce after 4hours of pushing and pain so incredible, Camilla cursed the day she ever met Finn.  Camilla gave birth to a healthy 6lbs4oz baby girl.


She was perfect.  She had Camilla’s big blue eyes and her father’s blond hair.  Camilla named her Lily after her favorite flower.  Lily was born with the neurotic and excitable traits.

Lily Toddler

Camilla loved her from the moment she was born and decided to dedicate the rest of her maternity leave to ensure Lily grew up well


But no matter how much she loved Lily, or how much her mother helped her, nothing could fill the emptiness that Camilla felt inside from being a single mum.  She had still not heard a word from Finn, he did not even know he had a beautiful daughter.  So… Plan B = Matthew!  Yes Matthew, Camilla’s high-school crush who she had only been snogging a year ago.  She tried to call him, but he was always on his way out.  “Why is he snubbing me,” Camilla thought.  So she decided to go round to his house one evening to get his attention.  She knew his sister Jane, so she could pretend she was going round to see her.  She decided to snoop in his trash can when she got there, but found no evidence of another girlfriend.


Just as she had thought, Jane did let Camilla in and they were just settling down for a coffee when Matthew came home, with another girl.


Camilla was not happy.  So she did what any self-respecting girl would do…. she pretended to trip over and fell into Matthews arms.  All it took was a flutter of her eyes and a “oh it think i hurt my foot, i cant walk”, and Matthew offered to drive her home.  BINGO!  And when Camilla invited him in for a coffee and then invited him to stay the night (as of course it was too late to drive home now), Matthew greedily accepted.  In fact, his eyes nearly popped out of his head when Camilla insisted he stay in her bed for the night.  And you can only guess what happened after that!


Camilla was in love.  Suddenly it was “Finn who?” and Matthew all the way.  Matthew wined and dined Camilla after that, taking her to the bistro and to the cinema while Peaches babysat for Lily.  But Camilla still spent every other waking moment with her daughter, who was slowly growing bigger and bigger every day.


One morning, after Matthew had stayed over again, Peaches had got up early to paint a new portrait to put in Lily’s room.  Suddenly, death came for her – well she was 101 years old. 


The doctor told Camilla that Peaches had died from a brain hemorrhage and had not suffered any pain.  This comforted Camilla slightly, even though she was devastated and sadder still as she never even got to say goodbye to her mum.


But it was Jonas who took it the worse.  He cried and cried and cried and went deeper and deeper into himself, painting his eyes black and only wearing black from then on.  Camilla was so worried about him, but he refused to see a therapist.  So he channeled his depression into his music instead.


As Peaches had been the head of the family, Camilla decided to hold a big funeral for her.  She invited all Peaches’s brothers and sister, Ava, including Peaches’s other daughter, Marina who was once again pregnant.


They buried Peaches next to her husband Jago in the family graveyard and every member of the Shenston family took it in turns to show their respect and sorrow.


It was a lovely funeral – considering it was such a sad time.  After everyone had gone and Camilla was potty training Lily, she decided it was time to go back to work.  She had had nearly two years off work now and she knew that her mother would be so proud if she became the International Super Spy she had always dreamed of.


But unfortuntly, fate sometimes plays a funny hand in the sim world. The next morning, Camilla found out she was pregnant!  But how, she had been so  careful with Matthew!


Camilla couldn’t help but cry.  How was she going to raise two children without the help of her mother!  At least Matthew was still around and could help her.  She rung him up straight away and he rushed over after she blurted the news to him over the phone.  I wont lie to you and say that Matthew was overjoyed with the news.  Him and Camilla had only been dating a short while and they were not even married.  But he promised he would stand by Camilla no matter what and asked to move in. 


Camilla was overjoyed and instantly agreed for Matthew to move in, but not just yet.  She was still greiving for her mother and just needed some space to come to terms with everything. 


She also wanted to renovate the house a little now that it was all hers so her, Lily and Jonas moved into a hotel for three months while the work was done.  The results were not extreme, but she had put a second story on the house, surrounded it with a hedge and landscaped the front and back gardens



Camilla even decked out Jonas’s room and gave him his own wing next to the kitchen – though he did insist on having black wall-paper!  He was still so depressed and Camilla knew she had to take care of him until he was better.


When the family moved back into the house, Jago decided to come and pay a visit from beyond the grave.  Jonas was the first to see him and was instantly freaked out!


But it was not long before, Jonas approached his dead father and could not help spilling all his thoughts and feelings about the death of his parents.  It felt good to see his farther again.  Lets hope this is a turning point for Jonas.


Camilla spent the rest of her pregnancy watching children’s programmes with Lily and reading children’s books to her.  She wanted to spend as much one on one time with Lily before the new baby arrived


Soon enough, it was Lily’s birthday.  But Camilla was so heavily pregnant by this stage, that Lily’s birthday came and went nearly un-noticed.  She did not mind so much as she was so excited for the birth of her new brother or sister.  As Lily grew into a little girl she developed the party animal trait – maybe this was because she missed out on having her own party for her birthday.

Screenshot 5

Then the day came when it was time for Camilla to give birth.  She decided to have a hospital birth this time as her mum was not around to help.  This birth took a lot longer then when she had Lily.  She was in labor for 14 hours before she gave birth to two bouncing baby girls.  Maria came first and weighed 5lbs6oz and Mia followed on 2hours later weighing 5lbs2oz.  The twin girls was as identical as they came.  They were a spitting image of their father with blond hair and pale blue eyes.  The only slight difference was that Mia had a bigger nose.  Hopefully this will not be a problem when she gets older!  Maria was born good and athletic – like her mother, and Mia was born good and brave – also one of Camilla’s traits.


Stay tuned to see how Camilla’s daughters grow up.  Will Jonas ever come out of his depressive slump?  And will Matthew ever ask Camilla to marry him….?




6 responses

23 08 2009
The SuziCat

This is a fantastic legacy! I love it!!! 🙂

23 08 2009

Thank you so much x

23 08 2009
The SuziCat

I stumbled across it reading the posts on the Legacy Challenge forum on the BBS and got hooked! Great story, great pics, what more could you want? 🙂

24 08 2009

Oh, your twins are so cute! They have the prettiest eyes. I’m hoping that things with Mathew work out.

2 09 2009

Awww sad chapter but good too as there are birthdays and new babies. Always sad when the elders pass on though 😦

6 09 2009

I am SO glad that scumbag died from a heart attack. Nice and painful, like he deserves.

Oh wow. I cannot tell the twins apart at all. I don’t even really see the size difference in their noses. I love getting identical twins in my game, but unfortunately, they don’t happen very often.

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