2nd Generation Family Overview

21 08 2009


Peacehs Adult2Gender: Female

Age: Adult

Weight: Skinny

Traits: Brave, charismatic, inappropriate, family orientated, ambitious

Lifetime Wish: CEO of a Mega Corporation

Peaches Kid Peaches Toddler

Peaches young adult Peaches Teen

Peaches Shenston is Sarah’s youngest child of six. Raised with lots of love, Peaches has teamed her brave and inappropriate behaviour with her ambitious desire to become CEO of a mega corporation. Peaches spent many years with Jago trying to get pregnant – but to no avail.  They eventually resorted to fertility treatment and now have healthy twin girls – Camilla and Marina.  Then a happy accident occurred, Jonas was born.  Now Peaches has completed her family and concentrate on her career.


Jago adult2 

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Weight: Athletic

Traits: Family orientated, over-emotional, daredevil, workaholic, athletic

Lifetime Wish:SuperstarAthlete

 Jago young adult




Jago moved to Sunset Valley when he was a teenager with his older brother, Douglas. Both his parents had died in a plane crash and Douglas became Jago’s guardian. They lost their house and all their money after their parents died, so the government re-housed them in Sunset Valley to start afresh. Jago met Peaches at high school soon after he arrived in Sunset Valley. They hit it off instantly and became boyfriend and girlfriend quickly. Peaches proposed to Jago at her mother and father’s funeral just after they had both become young adults.  On his rise to stardom, Jago has battled drug and alcohol addiction and found it hard to make it up to his family after he had been away for so long.

 Camillia Young Adult2
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Weight: Athletic
Traits: Brave, handy, no sense of humor, athletic, family orientated
Lifetime Wish: International Super Spy

Camilla kid Camilla toddler

Camilla Teen




Camilla is one of the twin girls Peaches and Jago had after having IVF treatment – and is the heir of the Shenston Legacy.  She was born brave but with no sense of humor and became athletic and handy whilst growing up.  It was not until she became an adult that she became family-orientated, mostly due to the fact that she knows she has to carry on the Shenston legacy.  Camilla had a very loving up-bringing but it was tainted by her superstar athlete farther  who became addicted to drugs and alchol and had to go into rehab for many years.  Being the eldest Camilla took on much of the house-hold responsibilities while her self-obessesed sister, Marina, gallivanted around town with the bad boys.  Keeping the house-hold in order and her passion for training has led her to realise her life-long goal of becoming an International Super Spy.



Marina Young Adult2Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Skinny

Traits:daredevil, charasmatic, snob, ambitious, flirty

Lifetime Wish:Leader of the Free World

Marina kid Marina Toddler

Marina teen 




Marina is the second of the twin girls Peaches and Jago had after trying for children for years.  She was born seven minutes after her sister Camilla and is charismatic, a daredevil, ambitious and a bit of a snob.  At school, Marina was captain of the cheer-leading squad, and took a trip on the wild-side when she went out with bad boy TJ.  Now as an adult, she has realised her life-long wish of being leader of the free world.



Jonas teen2 

Gender: Male

Age: Teenager

Weight: Skinny

Traits: Virtuoso, slob, ambitious, grumpy

Lifetime Wish: Rock Star


 Jonas kid Jonas toddler










Jonas is the youngest of the Shenston children.  He was born with his dads dark hair and his mums gorgeous pale green eyes.  He is very virtious but is not allowed to learn an instrument until he is in his teens.  So he spends all his free time lazing on the sofa playing computer games




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