Chapter 2.10 – Boys, boys, boys

20 08 2009

When we last left the Shenston Legacy, Peaches and Camilla were running after Marina to stop her getting married without them being there.  They were however too late.  Whilst they hurried down to the beach, Marina and James were already exchanging rings at the spot where they had first met.


Peaches and Camilla arrived just after the ceremony, while the bride and groom were sharing their first kiss as husband and wife.  All they could do was stand by and watch Marina marry a man that was a total stranger to them


Peaches stormed over to her daughter: “Are you going to introduce me to your husband, Marina?” she began.  “How can you get married without telling me??!”


Marina was startled to see her mum, but not surprised.  She should have known Camilla would not keep her big mouth shut! “I’m sorry mum, but i had to do this for me.  I love James and you will love him too.  Please just take some time to get to know him.”  Peaches was so disappointed in her daughter but she could see how in love she was and how much this meant to her.  So she swallowed all her hurt and pain and turned to James.  “So, tell me, James is it?  What do you do?”


James went on to charm Peaches, just like he had done Marina a few weeks ago.  It was not long before Peaches was weeping with joy and giving her new son in law her blessing. She loved the fact he worked in politics with Marina, and how he looked at her daughter, and how he promised her that he would do everything he can every day of his life to make Marina happy.  “Welcome to our family,” she gushed.


James moved in that night.  Jago was surprised when he came home from work to find his daughter married, but he did not expect anything less from Marina.  He liked James instantly.  And James was in ore of Jago considering he was now  a sports legend.


James even let Jago train him, this was a big thumbs up in Jago’s books


Jonas did not mind James either.  But he cared about nothing else reallly but his music  so it did not mean much.  It seemed no one had a problem except Camilla.  She still could not get over the fact that Marina had snuck off without telling anyone.  “Your so selfish Marina,” Camilla exploded at her sister later that night.  “Do you not understand how much you upset mum  sneaking off like that?!  All you think of is yourself.  What made you do it?”


Marina was taken aback by her sisters outburst.  “I did it because mum picked you to be the legacy heir, not me!  She has always favored you!  I was mad and i wanted to hurt mum like she hurt me!”


“Do you know how ridiculous and cruel that sounds Marina.  Life is not just about you. Mum picked me to be heir because of you doing things like this.  She knows i would always put the family first, never myself.  So please get over yourself and realise there are things bigger than you in this world.”


Marina suddenly realised what she had done.  And the deepest wave of guilt rushed over her.  “‘You are right Camilla, i was thinking about myself and i am ashamed!  I just got caught up in being miserable.  But i do love James and he will make me happy.  Please be happy for me.”


Of course Camilla was happy for her sister.  And of course she would forgive her.  She was her sister after all and at the end of the day, James and Marina seemed perfect for each other.  She was just glad that Marina had realised what she had done was wrong and hoped so would never pull such a cruel stunt again.  She hugged her sister and gave her her blessing.  “So when are you going to get married, Camilla,” Marina asked.  “You have to carry on the family legacy you know!”  Camilla knew this – and she could not wait to have children.  But she did not know if she ever wanted to get married…..


A few days later it was time for Peaches and Jago’s birthdays.  They did not want to make a fuss, so they aged up into elder-hood gracefully.  Peaches could not believe how old she had got.  Her hair was now grey and she had wrinkles everywhere. 

Peaches Elder

Jago Elder

Jago, however, embraced his new grey receding hair, his deeper laughter lines and the fact that he could now retire.  He had reached superstar status long ago and, now with his aching joints, it meant he could no longer compete.  So he happily hung up his sports career towel and set about upgrading everything in the house.  I never realised that upgrading a trash compactor could make food taste better!!


Meanwhile, Camilla was charging ahead in her career and had now been promoted to Traffic Cop. 


One of her first assignments was to get to know her new partner.  So she decided to invite him for a picnic after her first day on her new job in the park to get to know him better


His name was Finn Andrews and he had just moved to Sunset Valley after being transferred from the traffic department in SimCity.  He was a computer whiz, had a good sense of humor and ….so Camilla soon found out…a hopeless romantic. 


The two traffic cops hit it off instantly and it was not long until…..


…well you can guess what happened.  They ended up kissing.  Camilla could not believe what she had just done.  Finn was her partner – she could not let this go any further.  She made some excuse and ran all the way home.  Tomorrow she promised she would act like nothing had happened, and hopefully Finn would too!   She could not mix business with pleasure – her career was too important to her!

That evening was Jonas’s birthday.  He did not want to have a party or any celebration, though Camilla still insisted on blowing a birthday horn in his face while he aged up.


He developed the loner trait and decided to cut his hair into the same style as his brother in laws, James.  For some reason he really looked up to the guy.  He also headed straight down to the theatre and got a job in the music career.  Because of his advance skills in music, he started further up the ladder than most people.  He was now a music talent scout, and started spending every evening scoping out the musicians – on his own of course!


Meanwhile, Marina and James’s relationship was going from strength to strength.  Because they both worked in the politics career – they both sported his and hers uniforms.  How sweet.


Marina had also found out that James was very childish.  He was constantly playing with her old toys (in his underwear!)


And he was always getting her to push him on the swing set outside


Of course, he did engage in adult activities too.


It was not long before Marina was pregnant and both her and James knew it was time to get a place of their own.


Peaches was ecstatic that her daughter was expecting.  She had been wishing for a grandchild for a while now.  But then Marina broke the news that her and James needed to move out.  There was not enough space in the house for a baby as well as them and it was time they got on with their own lives


Peaches was sad, but she understood her daughter needed her own home for her family.  She could not hang onto her kids forever.  But Peaches would only let Marina leave if she would let her buy her and James a house.  Of course Marina would let her!  She hated the idea of moving into a trailer – which was all her and James could afford, it was so below her!  Peaches and Marina went house shopping together and found Marina’s dream house.  It was on the beach, opposite to the spot where Marina and James had met.  It was a little more than Peaches wanted to spend, but she still felt guilty about giving Camilla the legacy, soshe  sucked it up and bought the house for Marina.  The couple moved out….


and moved into their new home the next day.


A few weeks later on a Saturday night, Camilla found herself alone eating ice cream and watching American Idol.  Jonas was out talent scouting and Peaches and Jago were in bed fast asleep by 8pm.  Camilla’s mind started to wander and she soon finds her thoughts turning to Finn, her partner in the force. The last few weeks had been awkward, but Camilla had made it clear to Finn that she just wanted to be friends.  But she couldn’t get him out of her head! Had she made a huge mistake???!! She decided to call him and invite him over. Maybe they could keep their personal and professional lives separate!


Just as she reached for the phone, there was a knock at the door.  “Maybe that’s Finn,” Camilla thought, jumping up and running to answer it.  But it was not Finn, it was Matthew Hicks – the guys she had a crush on in high-school.  He had also grown into a young man – and what a fine young man he was.


She invited Matthew in, and they remenised  about their days at school together and soon enough…..


…well you guessed it.  They were making out!  Steady there Camilla, that’s two boys in two weeks!  Seems our Camilla has a thing for blonds.  She was ashamed with herself, but she could not help it.  Both guys were so cute and so nice and…. well she fancied the pants off both of them.  But she could not go round leading them both on, especially as she will have to see Finn everyday at work.  What would she do??!

Matthew Finn

Can you help Camilla decide which blond man to make her boyfriend, and maybe one day her husband? 

Will it be Finn Andrews, Camilla’s partner in the force who is a computer whiz, has a good sense of humor and is a hopeless romantic?  Or Matthew Hicks, Camilla’s high-school crush who is handy, ambitious and works in the Science field?


Thank you to everyone who voted.  Matthew won with 52% of the votes – it was very close.  Because it was so close i am going to incorporate Finn into the story too.  Stay tuned to see what happens…..




7 responses

21 08 2009

You don’t need to apologize, Marina. . .

21 08 2009

I absolutely love your writing!

~Go Finn! 51%

21 08 2009

woww i would love to play it

21 08 2009

I vote for Matthew. (Who is leading presently, with 52% of the vote, to Finn’s 48%.)

21 08 2009

Camilla is so pretty! Love her hair

1 12 2010
jose greenfield

i vote mathew hes so hottt /!!!!! xxooxoxxxoxxo

17 03 2011

Where did you get the hair for James and Jonas? I love it! This legacy is brilliant too by the way!

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