Chapter 2.9 – Left out

18 08 2009

While Peaches is deciding who will become the Shenston heir, the twins grow into young adults.  They throw an epic pool party to celebrate inviting, friends, family and neighbours from all over Sunset Valley.  Camilla is up first to blow out the candles.  She wishes to become the heir of her mother’s legacy



As Camilla grows, she inherits the “family orientated” trait.  “This is a good sign”, she thinks.  This is the trait that each heir inherits.  She also realises her life-long wish is to become an “International Super Spy”  and she knows her athletic and organisational skills will be perfect to help her achieve this.  Camilla takes her hair out of her teenage bunches and changes her clothes.  “Time to grow up,” she thinks as she pulls on her new skinny PVC leggings


Next up is Marina.  As she blows out the candles, she also wishes to become legacy heir .(I am not sure what Peaches is laughing at in these photos.  Maybe she is laughing cause she knows Marina’s wish is never going to come true.  Shame on you Peaches!)



As Marina grows she develops the Charismatic trait and realises her lifetime wish is to become “Leader of the Free World”.  Being such a self-obsessed girly-girl, Marina thinks she looks perfect just the way she  is and keeps her long blond hair extensions.  She does however, purchase a new dress for everyday wear and sets about planning her rise to the top of the political ladder.  She gets a job very soon and is promoted to City Council member instantly due to her vast charisma skills.


Camilla also gets a job but in the law enforcement career as a desk jockey.  She was very nervous on her first day, and sets about studying hard on her logic skills so she could advance in her career like her sister.


Peaches is so proud of both her girls, and the decision about is to become her heir is so tricky. So she decides to write all her thoughts and feeling down about it on her computer.


Peaches weighes up all the pros and cons of both girls and soon enough, Camilla became the obvious choice.  Camilla had been the glue that has held the family together while Jago was in rehab.  She has cooked for her family, cleaned and even tutored her little brother through school.  Thanks to her, he was averaging a B in school, even though he hardly did his homework and slacked off all the time.  Now was as good as time as ever to tell Camilla the good news.  Peaches pulled her aside one evening while her brother and sister were at the cinema and just came out with it: “Camilla, you are to be my heir”


Camilla was shocked, but ecstatic.  This is what she had always dreamed of since she was a little girl


“Thank you so much mum”, she shrieked. “I wont let you down.”

“I know you won’t,” Peaches replied.  “Just make sure that whatever happens, you look after your brother and sister and pass the legacy down to a blood born daughter of yours one day”

“I promise i will make you proud,” Camilla said, squeezing her mother as tight as she could


Now Peaches just had to tell Marina, and she knew Marina would be devastated.  Marina wanted to be heir just as much as Camilla did, but Peaches also knew how self-obsessed Marina was and how she never put anyone else first except herself.  So when Marina came back from the cinema, Peaches came into her room to break the news.  “Marina you know how much i love you and how much i am proud of you.  But i have decided to make Camilla the heir of the Shenston legacy.”


The news did not go down well at all!  “How could you,” Marina shrieked.  “How could you do this to me, i wanted to be the heir!  I knew you would pick goody-too-shoes Camilla, she always gets everything!”


Peaches pleaded with her daughter to understand.  “You don’t understand how hard this decision was for me.  I love you girls both the same, but when it came down to it i knew that Camilla would benefit more from it than you. You are a free spirit, Marina, you don’t want to be tied down by this house, land and a family.”


But Marina was not having any of she.  She burst into tears and ran out the house.  She wandered the neighbourhood for a while, cursing her mother.  “How could she pick Camilla over me,” she thought to herself. “I’m beautiful, smart, popular.  What does Camilla have that i don’t have?!”.  Soon enough the sun was starting to come up and Marina found herself on the beach staring out to the horizon.  “I’ll show them,” she told herself. “I’ll prove to them that i am better than Camilla.”


Just then she felt a hand on her shoulder and a deep voices saying: “Are you ok?”  She flipped round to be face to face with the most beautiful man she had ever seen.  His name was James Johnson and he was the new city council member In Sunset Valley too.  Marina had heard people talk about this new hot-shot, but she had yet to meet him.  The two hit it off immediately.


They decided to meet at the beach every evening to get to know each other better outside of work. Marina discovered that James was flirty, ambitious and a bit of a party animal.  She also found out his life-long wish was to be swimming in money.  “Sounds perfect to me,” Marina thought.  “I need to be with a man with money to fulfill my lifestyle.”  James made Marina laugh like no one else did and she loved the fact that he loved to talk about himself just as much as she loved to talk about herself.  Soon enough, they were going steady.


It did not take long for Marina to fall in love with James.  He promised her the world, and she drunk it up.  Then one evening, while the love-struck duo were out at their favorite spot, James got down on one knee and popped the question


Marina jumped for joy.  “YES YES YES”, she screamed, dazzled by the diamond staring up at her.  James hurriedly put the engagement ring on Marina’s finger, pleased that he had paid top dollar for that diamond – he loved to see Marina this happy.


Marina skipped home, desperate to share her happy news with her family and to start planning the wedding of the century.  Then she suddenlly stopped in her tracks.  Did her family even care? Camillia was the golden child – not her, they did not deserve to celebrate this with her.  They can find out after the wedding after it has happened and see how they feel about being left out of things.  When Marina gets home she calls James up and tells him she wants a private ceremony – just the two of them. And she wants to do it be the next day.  James agrees happily as all he wants is to marry his true love.


Later that evening, when the whole family sit down for dinner, Marina can not sit still.  She cant believe she has this amazing news about herself but cant tell anyone!  So while the rest of the family sit down for a movie night, she pulls her twin sister aside and tells her everything – she just cant hold it in any longer.


Camilla is so happy for her sister.  “I’ll help you plan the whole wedding,” she exclaims.  “We can go shopping for a wedding dress together, and I’m sure mum would love to do the catering.”


“STOP,” Marina yells.  “You cant tell anyone, not even mum.  Its a secret and me and James are going to have a private ceremony, just the two of us.  We don’t want anyone to know.  Promise me you wont tell.  Its very important to me.”


Camilla could not believe what she was hearing!  Marina getting married with no fuss – it did not make any sense.  She tried to tell Marina how upset their mum and dad would be not to be invited to her wedding, but Marina just yawned saying: “Boring.  This is about me Camilla.  Not mum or dad.  Please respect my wishes.”


With that Marina went to bed and Camilla knew she would never get through to her sister.  Why was she doing this?  Why did she not want her family to celebrate the most important day of her life with her?  Camilla decided to respect her sisters wishes for now and sleep on it.  She would decide what to do in the morning.  But when she woke up the next morning, Marina was gone…


…and Camilla knew instantly what she was doing!


Camilla had to tell her mum.  She could not let Marina sneak off and do this all on her own.  She called her mum into the bedroom and spilled everything.  How Marina was marrying a man from her office, how they planned to wed in secret and how she thought Marina had gone to do it now.


Peaches was shocked.  Why would Marina do this??!  She had to get to her in time to stop her, if not at least be there while her daughter got married. Jago was at work and Jonas was at school, so Peaches and Camilla ran as fast as they could to catch up with Marina before it was too late….!


Will Peaches and Camilla get to Marina in time? Will Marina marry James all on her own without her much loved family around her?  Stay tuned to find out….




4 responses

18 08 2009

That dirty snitch. . .

19 08 2009

aw :{
at least marina wouldn’t have ruined what her sister wanted.. she would have been more interesting, to boot. oh well.

22 08 2009

Ooo Camilla turned into a cute one. Like the outfit.

29 04 2011

This legacy is awesome! But how could you get James to be the active sim? O.o

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