And the winner is…….

18 08 2009

Thank you to everyone who voted for the new Shenston heir.  There was an overwhelming response with over 360 of you voting,  but  Camilla won with 61% of the votes and will now be the head of the Shenston Legacy.

Gender: Female
Age: Teenager
Weight: Athletic
Traits:Brave, handy, no sense of humor, athletic, family orientated
Lifetime Wish: International Super Spy

Camilla is one of the twin girls Peaches and Jago had after having IVF treatment.  She was born brave but with no sense of humor and became athletic and handy whilst growing up.  It was not until she became an adult that she became family-orientated, mostly due to the fact that she knows she has to carry on the Shenston legacy.  Camilla had a very loving up-bringing but it was tainted by her superstar athlete farther  who became addicted to drugs and alchol and had to go into rehab for many years.  Being the eldest Camilla took on much of the house-hold responsibilities while her self-obessesed sister, Marina, gallivanted around town with the bad boys.  Keeping the house-hold in order and her passion for training has led her to realise her life-long goal of becoming an International Super Spy.

Stay tuned to see what Camillawill get up to in the second generation while she tries to carry on the Shenston legacy without getting into trouble!




One response

1 03 2011

Whoops..”Camillawill” TYPO
it happens to the best of us 🙂

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