Chapter 2.8 – The Home-coming

17 08 2009

Time passes quite quickly in sim world – but it had seem forever to Peaches since Jago went away.  He had been released for rehab a while ago but did not feel he was ready to come home yet, there was too much opportunity to slip back into his old ways.  So he had taken a sports contract in Riverside town for a season so he could learn to cope without drugs and alcohol on his own for a while!  So another birthday came and went without Jago – this time it was Jonas’s.  All his friends and family came over to celebrate his raise into teenage-hood (is that even a word??  Oh well i like it!)


Jonas grew into a handsome teen and developed the grumpy trait – oh dear! He knew as soon as he grew that he wanted to become a rock-n roll star so he got straight down to practicing the guitar to fulfill his life long wish


One of the guests at Jonas’s birthday party was Matthew Hicks – older brother of one of Jonas’s friends – John Hicks.  Camilla and Matthew instantly hit it off, much to the jealousy of Marina who was desperate for a boyfriend.  It seems TJ had not put her off! Camilla wanted to get to know Matthew more, but she was too busy with her studies, sports and looking after the house so she told herself that love would have to wait. 


Soon after Jonas’s birthday, Peaches received a phone call from Jago – he was coming home. While in Riverside, he had fulfilled his life-long goal of becoming a superstar athlete, and he was now coming home a new and improved man.  Peaches had also fulfilled her lifetime goal of become CEO of a Mega Corporation.  I am no too sure about her outfit though!


Peaches hurried around making sure the house was all set for Jago’s return.  The children were all excited too, but he had been away so long, they felt that he was now a stranger to them.  Jago was driven home in his new Porche which was a present for becoming a superstar athlete


He certainly does look different.  Jago has also aged into an adult whilst being away and he has grown out his hair and is sporting a rather bright new suit – reminiscent of his superstar status.  Check out the sunglasses too!


There was no fanfair when Jago got home.  The family tried to act like normal – under Jago’s request.  But Jago knew that he had missed out on a huge chunk of his children’s lives!  He was determined to get to know them all again.  He started with Jonas who was only a toddler when he last saw him.  He could tell that all Jonas cared about was his music so he made an effort whenever he could to listen and watch his son while he practised.  Jonas was not angry with his dad – he just did not know him.


It took time but after a few weeks of supporting his practices and getting to know him, Jago finally got a hug from his son.


Marina was easy to make-up with.  He just listened to her while she talked about herself – her favourite subject – and let her vent her feelings about boys, school and the family.  She talked and talked and talked, while Jago just listened.


It only took a few hours for Marina to forgive her farther


Camilla was another matter altogether.  She was the most resentful out of the children as not only had she idolised her father, but she had to take on a lot of the responsibility in the house while he was gone.  She did not know if she could ever forgive him for leaving.  Jago tried all the time to talk to her – but nothing was getting through.  Until one day, Camilla was working out and Jago asked if he could train her.  “If you want,” Camilla replied.  So that is what Jago did.  Every day after school, Camilla and Jago trained together – chatting while they worked out.


It took a long time for Camilla to trust her farther again.  But one day after a work-out session, she hugged her father out of the blue.  Jago was so happy, finally his children forgave him. 


Now he just needed to get Peaches trust back – but how?  He had been trying everything over the past few weeks.  He was taking her out for dinner all the time, cooking her dinner, massaging her and even slept in another room – under her request.  But Peaches was not warming to him.  “Too much has happened,” she told him.  Even when Jago came home one day to announce he had been promoted to Sports Legend – Peaches used this to accuse him of being a workaholic.  “You put everything first except your family,” Peaches screamed, bursting into tears. “I have held this family together while you have been recovering and advancing in your career – you don’t even care!”


Jago tried to explain that his family did come first and tried to comfort Peaches, but she pushed him away.  “Don’t touch me,” she snapped, wiping the tears from her cheeks


Jago begged Peaches to forgive him.  Peaches could see the sorrow in her husbands face.  She forgave him – but she could not forget just yet.  “Just give me time.  Hopefully we can be happy again together one day,” Peaches said still of love for her husband – but too hurt.  This was better than nothing for Jago and he set about to ensure he would continue to prove his commitment to his family – whatever it took.


Meanwhile, Peaches had more on her mind than her husband right now.  She was getting old and she knew she had to decide on an heir of the Shenston estate.  Her mother had told her that the heir had to be a girl – so that made Jonas out of the running.  It was between Camilla and Marina – but who should she choose????

Screenshot-242Who should be the Shenston heir…..?  Check out the next chapter to find out the results…….




4 responses

17 08 2009

Nice chapter. I like how you’ve developed the personalities of your girls and their brother.

I have my favorite girl…so I voted 🙂

17 08 2009

Agreed. I voted, also. 🙂

6 09 2009

He doesn’t deserve forgiveness… *cracks knuckles murderously in Jago’s direction*

19 04 2010

didn’t peaches tell jago to recover in the frst place? so why is she mad at him for recovering… i don’t understand…

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