Chapter 2.7 – Coping alone

16 08 2009

Jago leaves for rehab the next morning.  He goes to a special rehab for celebrities as now he is a League MVP and always gets asked for autographs.  His manager picks him up and takes him so he does not get spotted


While Jago is in rehab, everyone else in the family ages up.  Peaches becomes an adult and because she has become a department head in her job, she decides to have a makeover and adopts a more sophisticated up-style with her hair.

Peacehs Adult

Next up is Camilla.  She grows into a pretty teen and develops the athletic trait, inherited from her father.  She decides she is more of a tom boy than a girlie girl so ties her hair in pigtails and gets to work building up her athletic skills.


Then it is Marina’s turn.  She also grows into a pretty teen – looking very similar to her twin sister, but with bigger eyes and blond hair.  She develops the ambitious trait and decides that she wants to be super popular at school – especially with the boys.  To help her she has hair extensions put in and joins the cheer-leading squad.  Marina does not work hard in school as she prefers to chat with her friends, but because of her support for the football team and her involvement with other extra curricular activities, she always seems to manage to score a B average.


Last to age up is little Jonas. He grows into a kid developing the virtuous trait.  All he wants to do is learn music but Peaches will not let him play with his dads guitar – not until he is a teenager.  Due to him being  a slob and only intrested in music, Jonas always slacks off in school and has only a grade C average – not bad considering he never does  his homework.  He prefers to spend most of his time lounging around the house playing computer games.


The family cope the best they can without Jago.  The stadium still pay his full wage despite the fact he is not playing for them, which helps the family with the bills.  Peaches throws herself into her work, soon becoming Division Manager at Doo Peas Corporate Towers.  Now she has to hold meetings with colleagues and clients and sets out to fine-tuning her charisma skills so she can schmooze all the businessmen/women.


Camilla seems to be interested in nothing other than working out and making sure the house-hold is running smoothly while her mother is working.  She cooks all the meals for the rest of the family and has no sense of humor when it comes to her brother and sister playing around when she is trying to clean or get the dinner ready.  Camilla also works hard every day at school, standing for nothing but the best. But she is no genius so only has an grade B average.


Camilla and Jonas are quite close and Camilla often plays computer games with Jonas so she can check he is not exposing himself to anything too violent.  Sometimes after a long day at work, Peaches loves to come home and watch them playing together.  Peaches feels so guilty that Camilla had to look after Jonas all the time and all Jonas does is play computer games, but she had to work to provide for the family as best she could while Jago was away!


Meanwhile Marina is becoming such a girly girl.  Always preening herself in the mirror and checking herself out


One day, she gets offered an opportunity by her school to tutor the local bad boy T.J.  If she does it she will increase her school performance.  Marina jumps at the chance as she loves helping people.  T.J comes round later that evening to be tutored.  At first Marina finds him a slob and mean-spirited – he is sooo below her (this is her snob trait coming out), but she still felt sorry for him and tutors him as best she can


While she is tutoring, Marina also finds out that T.J is a flirt.  Marina finds it hard to resist a flirt and it is not long before she invites him to stay longer at her house.  They hang out by the pool where Marina’s constant talking about herself and boasting about her possessions, does not seem to put T.J off


However, they are always under the watchful eye of Peaches who does not like the look of T.J and does not want her daughter to become involved with him.  “I think its time for TJ to go home now”, she calls to her daughter, “its getting dark and i am sure his parents are wondering were he is.”


Marina hates her mum sometimes, while cant she just leave her alone. TJ leaves and they agree to hang out at school the next day.  Marina is furious with her mother and storms in to confront her.  Peaches does not rise to Marina’s tantrum and says: “I do not want you to see that boy anymore.  He is no good for you and i have heard bad things about his family – apparently they are all criminals and get up to all kinds of illegal stuff.  You’ll end up in trouble yourself if you get involved with the likes of him.” 


“You cant stop me seeing him,” Marina shouts back welling up with tears!


“Well its up to you in the end Marina”, Peaches replies, “but if you do continue to see him i will take away your allowance and stop you going to cheer-leading practice.”  Marina bursts into tears and runs away to her room.  Peaches hates to do this to Marina, but she knows its for the best and Marina will thank her in the end. 


Marina lays in bed cursing her mother, while the rest of the family go to bed for the night.  But she cannot sleep, she cant stop thinking about TJ.  Then she has an idea.  She gets up and creeps over to the phone and dials TJ’s number.  “Wanna meet up ..NOW,” Marina asks when she hears TJ’s voice on the other end of the phone.  “Sure” he replies.  “There is an abdoned warehouse on the outskirts of town – lets meet there in 30mins.”  Marina hangs up and creeps out the house.  There is no way her mother will stop her seeing TJ if she wants to!


The love-struck teenagers meet at the abandoned warehouse 30mins later and continue where they left off. Its not long before they are hugging and kissing under the moonlight.  TJ likes Marina so much he feels like he could eat her all up.


They chat on into the night until Marina discovers that TJ is also very inappropriate when he starts to tease her about the fact her uncle Brendan (check him out on the family tree) is a criminal.  This goes down like a lead balloon with Marina.  How dare TJ make accusations about her family.


She tells him so and TJ tries to apologies – but the damage has been done and when he goes in to kiss Marina, she pushes him away


“Oh come on Marina,” TJ pleads. “Dont be boring, the only reason i came and met you was that i thought you were easy, and now you are pushing me away” – this was TJ being extremely inappropriate again!  Inside Marina was humiliated, is this what TJ really thought of her.  How could she have been so stupid – her mother was right about him all along.  “How dare you”, Marina exploded “Dont you know who i am.  I am the captain of the cheer-leading squad – did you really think a girl like me would go out with someone like you!”


TJ had had enough of this drama queen.  “Well i would not touch you for all in the money in the world you stuck-up bitch”, he shouted back.  “Your a loser and i dont talk to loser’s.”


With this TJ took off.  “Dont leave me on my own here”, Marina screamed after TJ.  She was suddenly aware that she was completely alone after curfew and no one knew where she was.  So she started to walk home.  Why did she not listen to her mother.  She was right, TJ was bad and she knew she would never speak to him ever again.  She deserved better!


Marina was so lost in her own thoughts about how stupid she had been, that she did not notice the police car pull up beside her.  “Your out past your curfew young lady” bellowed the policewoman.  Oh no – can things get any worse, thought Marina.  Now i am truly done for.  She hung her head in shame as the policewoman drove her home, lecturing her on how dangerous it was to be out at this time of night on her own.


Peaches was waiting for Marina when Marina got back.  She had been awoken by a call from the police informing her they had picked up her daughter out roaming the streets and were bringing her home.  Peaches was furious – how could Marina put herself in such danger.  She did not know what she would do if anything had happened to her.  She missed Jago so much and hated him for leaving her on her own to raise their children.


When Marina got dropped off by the police, Peaches thanked the policewoman for bringing her daughter home – then turned to Marina.  She lectured her on how dangerous what she did was and how could she sneak out in the middle of the night like that.  “Dont you understand how hard it is for me raising you kids on my own while your father is getting better, cant you help me out a bit – i am trying my best here”


“I miss daddy too”, Marina screamed and ran into the house crying.  Peaches followed her in.  Here she was worrying about how Jago’s absent effected her, when she had forgotten to realise what it must be doing to the kids too.  She stopped Peaches in the play room and tried to explain this to her. Marina let it all out.  She apologised for sneaking out, and told her mum that she was right about TJ all along.  She had thought he loved her, but he was so horrible to her.


“I will never let you down again mum, i promise. Im so sorry”.  And with that she wept into her mums shoulder.  Peaches heart went out to her youngest daughter.  She hated to see Marina so upset and all her own hurt and anger went away.  She comforted her daughter and then when her last tears were shed, Peaches put Marina to bed and promised herself she would get Jago back home as soon as she could to help put the family back together.


Will Peaches be able to get Marina back on track after her broken heart?  Will Jago ever come home, and if so, will have recovered from his drug and alcohol addictions?  Stay tuned to find out…




2 responses

16 08 2009

Oooo looking forward to the next chapter.

How do you manage to get such good Sim screenshots! Mine are rubbish!

6 09 2009

I hope Jago overdoses and dies… *angry muttering*

And… is it just me or does that top on Marina not fully cover her breasts? I swear I can see the bottoms of her breasts hanging from underneath it. O.o

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