Chapter 2.6 – The dark side

14 08 2009

Jago was gradually going over to the dark side.  Unbeknown to Peaches, Jago did not just have a problem with alcohol, but also with drugs!  It had started quiet innocently.  He was struggling with work and getting to the top of athleticism.  When one day in the locker room, one of his team-mates handed him some steroids.  He had been reluctant to take them at first but soon gave in and was amazed by what they did for him.  He was able to work-out twice as fast for twice as long without getting fatigued. And this had not gone un-noticed by his boss who was promoting him and promoting him.  Soon enough Jago was hooked and calling his drug dealer almost every day for another hit.


They would meet after his shift (of being a bouncer) at the local nightclub


Then then go to the drug dealers car to make the transaction


Jago’s mood and appearance suffered.  What little time he spent at home he used sitting on the sofa starring at the wall or working out.  He also stopped washing and shaving, wearing a hat to cover the dirt.  Nothing mattered to him anymore than getting his next hit


This had not gone un-noticed by Peaches who was disgusted with her husband.  She hated the way he just sat there, smelling out the place.  But not matter how much she begged, he would not sort himself out, or even talk to her about his problems.  Peaches feared now that drugs had to be involved.  How would she ever get through to him….!


Soon enough it is time for Ava and Rocky’s birthdays.  Because their birthdays were so close, they decided to have a joint party and invited all their friends and family


Peaches twin neices, Beth and Constance also turned up aswell as her nephew, Donta.  They had all grown into teenagers – and put on a little weight (ahem Donta) – cant be the Shenston genes!  Check out the family tree to see who their parents were.


Rocky was up first to grow into a teen.  He had been doing so well at school and was now on the honors roll.  He excelled at Sciences and had decided he wanted to become a Creature/Robot Cross Breeder.


He grew into a very respectable teen – though he was a complete nerdo!


Next up was Ava who grew into an adult.  She loved that all  her brothers were around her when she blew out the candles and made a wish to spend more time with them.


Now Ava was an adult she cut her hair even shorter and decided her rock n roll clothes had to go.  She settled for a more sophisticated look to go with her new job in journalism.

Ava adult

With this age transition, Ava decided it was time for her and Rocky to get a place on their own.  She had been mooching off her sister for too long and now Peaches had another baby on the way, there was not enough room in the house for all of them.  She purchased a small lot on the edge of town and planned to build her own small bungalow.  Rocky would soon be old enough to move out on his own so she did not need anything big.  Also, her and Principle Josiah’s “meetings” were becoming more frequent and more meaningful and she thought that maybe one day he would move in with her. Rocky was learning to drive so he drove them to their new home.


Camilla and Marina had also aged up.  They were now kids with their own little personalities and looks.  Camilla, with her dads dark hair and blue eyes, was brave and artistic, but had no sense of humor.  In contrast blond haired Marina was friendly, a daredevil and a bit of a snob!


Even though they were different, they were very close friends and played together all the time.  Peaches also thought that they had their own special twin language as they always seemed to know what each other were thinking.


Finally, the latest (“and last” Peaches thought) addition to the Shenston family decided to arrive.  Peaches had a home birth which was a lot quicker and easier then her previous pregnancy.  Ava came over from her new home to help Peaches deliver – while Jago (who you can see in the background) decided this was a good time to pump more iron.


I am proud to announce Peaches had a little boy (i was hoping for another girl).  She named him Jonas (after an ex boyfriend) and he was born with the brave and slob traits.  He had his fathers dark hair and his mothers gorgeous pale green eyes

Jonas toddler

Meanwhile, Jago was getting worse.  The world of drugs and alchol had all but consumed him and and he was staying out all night, only to come home to sleep and eat.  He had no intrest in Peaches or his children and Peaches would often wake up to find Jago sleeping on the front garden path, covered in his own sick


Being the good wife, Peaches would always take him inside and clean him up and put him to bed.  This was until one night when Jago staggered home out of his mind and collapsed in front of Jonas who was playing on the floor.  He almost fell on top of him and Peaches knew this would have killed Jonas!


Enough was enough. Peaches stormed over and dragged Jago out of his comatose sleep.  She screamed and yelled at him and shook him and slapped him.  “Look at yourself” she scream, “you’re a disgusting mess and i am ashamed to call you my husband. How could you nearly fall on your own son”


Peaches continued – she let it all out: “You smell like garbage that has been rotting for days…..”


“… and you scrare the children so much that they dont even know who you are anymore!  Whats going on??!!”


Peaches words cut deep into Jago.  Deep enough so he could feel again – it was just the wake-up call he needed.  He broke down and confessed everything.  How it had started with just a few pills to help him become better at his job.  Now he replied on them to get him through the day!


Peaches was so relived she finally knew what was going on.  She hated to see her husband like this.  “Dont worry darling”, she said calming down: “the first step is to admit whats wrong and now we can start to get you better”


She begged Jago to go into rehab


Jago cried into Peaches shoulder for what felt like ages.  He felt so relived to finally get all his problems off his chest and he did not want to loose his family, so he agreed to go into rehab.  He had to get himself better for them!


What will happen to Jago.  Will he be able to get better in rehab?  How will Peaches and the family cope while he is gone?  Stay tuned to find out….




5 responses

14 08 2009

Omg so I totally love your Legacy and the story you have going!! It makes me laugh every time I read it!! Keep up the amazing work!!!

14 08 2009

Thank you so much. I will keep trying to make you laugh x

14 08 2009

Drug addiction is very hard to let go…as they say, once an addict, always an addict…but, I am an optimist, so I have high hopes for Peaches and Jago.

17 08 2009

naww, i love it when couples work things out.. Breaking up is the easy option

6 09 2009

He raped his wife. He SHOULD be in prison…. I have the disgusted moodlet right now.

(I still love your Legacy. Just rape sickens me. I almost couldn’t write the chapter where my Sim was raped because I was getting too emotional over it).

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