Chapter 2.5 – A downward spiral

13 08 2009

Now that Rocky was a kid it was time for him to start school.  Because he was a genius and worked very hard Ava wanted him to go to the best school possible to advance his skills.  She invited the principal of the local private school over, Josiah Huff, to discuss with him Rocky going to his school for the naturally gifted.


Principal Josiah had met Rocky and liked him very much so instantly offered him a place at his world-renowned school.  But beacuse the school was private, it meant Ava had to pay for it – $20,000 per year! There was no way Ava could afford this – and she told Principal Josiah so.


“That is the rate Ms Shenston”, Principal Josiah said, “there are no exceptions.  If you want Rocky to have the best education then you will have to pay it”.  Ava was beside herself.  She invited Principal Josiah in for a cup of tea while she thought of what to do.  She could not ask Peaches – she would never be able to afford this either.  “I’ll be honest with you Principal Josiah,” Ava said, “i can not afford the school fees.  But  there must be something we can sort out” Ava said looking at Principal Josiah from behind her long dark eye lashes.


Principal Josiah looked at her and his eyes lit up.  “Is there a Mr Shenston, Ms Shenston”, he asked.  “Only my brother in-law,” Ava replied.  “Well….”  Principal Josiah continued taking Ava’s hand in his, “maybe there is something we can work out – just for you.  I would hate for little Rocky’s future to go down the drain because of a little matter of the school fees”


Ava shivered.  Principal Josiah was a dirty old man who was completly inappropriate, but he was throwing her a life-line and she would do anything for her little boy.  She took Principal Josiah’s face in her hands and kissed him. His lips were thin and dry.  “Yuk” Ava thought, “lets get this over with”.


She led him to her bedroom where she confirmed Rocky’s place at his new school for free – well for now anyway


Principal Josiah left the house 10mins later, mopping his brow.  “See you next month” he called behind him to Ava.  Oh now – what had she got herself into now!  She was not proud of herself but the look on Rocky’s face when she told him about his new school made it all worth it.  He was so excited and started planning his book collections straight away.


Meanwhile Jago was advancing nicely in his career.  He was now a Rookie in the professional sports career and was winning every game he played.  This was largely down to the fact he had been training very hard for years in order to reach the top of his athleticism. He also had a side job of being a bouncer at the local nightclub. 


Peaches was very surprised to see how quickly Jago was increasing his athletic skills as not only did he have two jobs, but he also had two children to look after.  She also did not fail to notice how much Jago was drinking lately


Every time she saw him he was at their bar on the patio mixing himself another martini


Peaches hated how much Jago was drinking, but he would not listen to her when she told him so.  She knew it had started ever since Jago began being a bouncer and thought that perhaps the people he was hanging out with were a bad influence on him


One night he came home from his second job, stinking of alcohol.  He woke Peaches up and tried to woohoo with her. Peaches tried to push him away, but then looked into his eyes – his pupils were huge and his eyes were all blood-shot.  He scared her so she let him have his wicked way with her. The next monring Peaches scrubbed herself from head to toe – why did her husband make her feel so dirty!?


She sought solace in her two gorgeous daughters.  She loved them both so much but thought that maybe Camilla was a little cuter with her dark hair and blue eyes


Camilla and Marina were growing up nicely, but were often inclined to pick there noses – a little too much!


Shortly after the incident with Jago coming home drunk, Peaches started to feel different –  she was pregnant again!  Peaches did not want to have any more children as the twins were handful enough.  But Jago was ecstatic – he had always wanted a big family and hoped for a boy who he could play football with


What is happening to Jago?  Will Peaches ever uncover what is going on with him and his drinking?  Will she have the boy that Jago desperatly wants?  Will Ava have to keep sleeping with Principal Josiah? Stay tuned to find out…




8 responses

13 08 2009

Oh the drama!

13 08 2009

I know! I think things are getting a bit dark for the good old sims. I have been watching too many US dramas 🙂

13 08 2009

Omg, I hope Ava gets pregnant off the creepy principal. XD

6 09 2009

OMG! Peaches’ husband raped her! I’d be going to the police if I was her… one of my Sims was raped in my legacy. It took her ten years to get over the pain and move on. (Yeah… my legacy is rated WAY M for Mature…) I will forever hate Jago and wish horrible, excruciating death upon that vile piece of scum!

And ugh… Ava’s situation is borderline rape, too. Technically, she consented, but it was still under forced circumstances (Jago just full-out scared Peaches into it, which makes it rape in my books).

19 11 2009
Obi-Wan Kenobi

I’m totally diggin’ the Forrest Gump reference.

19 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

YAY – your the first person who got that Obi-Wan Kenobi. Good job xxx

18 12 2009

What was the Forrest Gump reference? I’m curious.

18 12 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

It was the mother sleeping with the teacher to get the son into school xxx

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