Chapter 2.4 – Twins!

12 08 2009

The night after Rocky was born, Corinne got arrested for plotting to rob Sunset Valley’s central bank. Apparently a snitch had dobbed her in and a police car was waiting for her when she finished work


She was sentenced to two years in prison where she spent her time working out, getting to know the inmates and playing Backgammon.  Ava visited her every week, but never bought Rocky to meet his second mum as she did not think a prison was the right place for a child.  In the meantime Peaches and Jago saved up enough to have fertility treatment.  It was a painful procedure for Peaches but the minute she got home from the hospital she found out she was pregnant – with twins!  Jago was shocked but happy when Peaches told him the good news


He would not stop fussing over her and even though she was not showing much yet, he insisted on trying to feel if the baby were kicking yet and talking to them whenever he could


Ava was also very happy for her sister – she knew how desperately Peaches wanted this.  She herself adored her son Rocky, but it was really hard raising him alone with Corinne being in prison.  She was so angry that Corinne had put her in this position and threw herself into spending time with her son and feeding his genius mind.  She worried how Rocky and Corinne would bond once she came out – she had only ever met him once – which was the night he was born!


Then the day came where Corinne was finally released.  Ava was not home when she got home as she was at her journalist job, so Corinne excused the baby sitter and went straight over to Rocky in his crib.  She felt nothing.  The child was a spitting image of his farther and was a stranger to her.  Corinne knew she could not deal with having this child in her life.  No matter how much he screamed to be picked up out of his crib, Corinne just ignored him


Soon enough (thank goodness) Ava finished work and arrived home to find Rocky screaming, dirty from his nappy and starving.  She could not believe Corinne would neglect Rocky like this.  She sorted him out and settled him to sleep and went and confronted Corinne.  She found her in the kitchen playing with knives.  Ava could not hold it in: “how could you leave Rocky like that” She screamed


“I HATE CHILDREN” Corinne screamed back.  “And i will never love Rocky.  He has nothing to do with me and i want nothing to do with him!”


The argument escalated.  “I stood by you while were in prison – i hated it, but i accepted you for who you are, cant you accept our son?”


“He’s not my bastard son and i will never accept him – i hate him,” Corinne screamed back.  Ava lost it.  She slapped Corinne across the face.  Corinne retaliated with punching Ava and soon enough they were having a massive fight.  There was more punching, more slapping, kicking, scratching and pulling hair



“I want you out”, Ava shouted.  “Its over between us.  If you cant accept my son, then we cannot accept you – now GET OUT”


With that Corinne left.  She walked out of the house with just the clothes on her back and couldnt’ help but smile when she got in her car to leave.  Good riddance i say!


So it was over.  Ava and Corinne were getting a divorce and Ava would officially be a single mum.  She thought about calling up Stewart, Rocky’s real dad, but she had heard he had moved out of town and no-one knew where he had gone. Ava threw herself into painting and becoming an illustrious author.  She was nearly at the top of her game in writing and painting now.


Times passes quickly and soon enough it was time for Rocky to grow into a child.  Ava and him had a private birthday party – just the two of them where Rocky blew out his candles and grew into a fine looking boy


He looked more like his father than ever, Ava could not see any of herself in him.  He developed the workaholic trait when he grew which added nicely to his already genius trait

 Rocky kid00

Meanwhile Peaches pregnancy was progressing nicely.  She had had no morning sickness and even though she was heavily pregnant, insisted on working out constantly – there was no way she was going to get fat.


It was while she was working out one day that Peaches’s waters broke.  The pain was so extreme – she never knew it could be this bad.  “Get me to the hospital” she screamed at Jago


Jago was unfortunately a little slow on the uptake.  He was freaking out so much that Peaches decided the quickest way to get to the hospital was to drive herself – Jago would just have to meet her there.  Strangely enough, when she arrives at the hospital, Corinne was leaving it.  “I wonder what she was doing in there” Peaches thought. 


Eventually Jago’s mind kicked into gear and he headed to the hospital.  For some reason he jogged all the way there…hmmm…. he obviously did not think he wife being in labor was anything to rush for.  As he was entering the hospital he wished for a son just like Rocky.


I am proud to announce that Peaches and Jago had twin girls.  They called them Camilla and Marina


The girls was certainly not identical.  Both girls had their fathers blue eyes with Camilla also inheriting her father’s dark hair but her mother’s square jaw.  Whereas Marina had Peaches’s blond hair and her fathers shape face.  Both girls were a complete mix of both their parents. Camilla was born with the brave and artistic traits and Marina was easily impressed and friendly.


Who do you think is cuter out of the Shenston twins???




4 responses

12 08 2009

When I read that Corinne punched Ava, I was shocked. A slap is one thing, but a punch is quite another. I was glad that Ava kicked her out!

31 12 2009

this is a great legacy so far!
did Stewart REALLY move out of town!?

21 02 2010

HEY! I was reading your legacy and love it so far. When I saw that you named one of the twins Marina, it made my night 🙂 Because that’s my name and I don’t hear it that often!!! WOOHOO 😀

Great work 😀

1 03 2011

CONGRATS! Too bad i dont use my real name, i would LOVE to be in a legacy

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