Chapter 2.3 – The Entrapment

11 08 2009

So it has been decided Stewart Coburn will be Ava and Corinne’s baby’s daddy. 


Both girls knew they could not tell Stewart about their scheme to use him for his baby making ability as this would just put him off.  And being a snob, they knew he would turn his nose up at the idea.  So they hatched a plan where Ava would have to seduce him.  They went shopping to “Sluts are us” and bought Ava a nice new outfit that screamed: “I am easy”.  Once she was dressed, Corinne made herself scarce for the day.  Even though she was going to support Ava, she really did not like the idea of her sleeping with a man.  Out of sight – out of mind!


Ava called Stewart up and he raced round immediately.  He had fancied Ava at the party and even though he knew she was married to a woman – he thought he would try his luck anyway.  It did not take long for Ava to seduce Stewart.  She was a hopeless romantic so she pulled out all the stops, and with that dress – Ava had him at Hello(sorry about the rip off from Jerry Maguire)



All it took was some sweet talking and some kisses to entice Stewart into Ava’s bedroom.  Ava too was excited by it all.  Even though she loved Corinne she still fancied Stewart.  Not only was he lucky (little does he know) and a snob but Ava also found out he was handy and worked as a Fireman.  “How dreamy,” Ava thought



Ava made sure she woohoo’d twice to ensure that she would definitely get pregnant. Then the deed was done.  Afterwards, Stewart was very put out when Ava asked him to leave immediately.  “When will i see you again”, he asks.  “Dont call me, ill call you” Ava replied.  Poor Stuart – not so lucky really!


When Corinne got home later that night she felt sick knowing what had been going on and already regretted letting it happen.  She was a glutton for punishment because she asked Ava how it went. Ava inappropriately went into all the details of what happened.  Corinne could not take it anymore.  She screamed at Ava, begging her to stop – she did not want to know anymore.  This broke Ava’s heart as she was doing this for the both of them


She begged for Corinne to forgive her and soon enough they made up – even though Corinne was still seething with jealousy



It did not take long for the first pangs of pregnancy sickness to set in.  Ava did not tell Corinne about it straight away though as she knew how sensitive she was to the whole situation


Meanwhile it had been a few months since Peaches and Jago’s wedding and they had been trying for a baby themselves ever since – but to no avail!  They tried every day.  Peaches especially watched her ovulation cycle and made sure that Jago ate the right food and they woohoo’d at the right time.  But nothing was happening!


They could not understand why they were not getting pregnant.  They had tried everything – and the doctor had even said that both of them did not have any problems.  The only thing left was fertility treatment – but it was expensive so they decided to save all their money up to afford it. Peaches was beside herself over it and Ava was there to comfort her.  How was Ava going to tell her that she was in fact herself pregnant??!


Then it happend – Ava started to show.  She could not hide it from anyone anymore.  First things first was to tell Corinne.  She was not sure if Corinne would be happy or not about it considering she hated children!


At first it did not go down very well……


But then Ava reminded Corinne that they had entered into this together and she should try to make it work for Ava’s sake.  Corinne realised how selfish she was being and promised Ava she would support her.  She even felt the bump and was surprised how happy she was


Next up was for Ava to tell Peaches.  She knew how hard Peaches would take this as she knew that Peaches wanted nothing more than to have a child of her own. 


Surprising to Ava, Peaches took it remarkably well and wished her sister good luck


But the minute Ava’s back was turned, Peaches was seething with jealousy!  How could Ava get pregnant so quickly by a man she was not even in love with – where Peaches had been trying with Jago for months now!


Now all that was left was to tell Stewart – the father of the baby.  Ava decided that she should break the news on neutral grounds and invited Stewart out for dinner at the local bistro.  Though of course they never got round to having dinner as Stewart noticed Ava’s pregnant belly straight away.


Ava decided to just come straight out with it.  “Its yours,” she blurted!  Stewarts eyes grew wide and then a huge smile crept across his face.  Ava could see he was ecstatic about the news and her heart sank!


“But i dont want you to have anything to do with it,” she continued.  “Me and Corinne will raise this child as our own.” Stewart exploded: “You cant do this to me – this is my only child – i thought you loved me.  Please…” he begged


Ava tried to reassure him that she would never ask for any money from him ever and that maybe one day, when the child was older – there may be an opportunity to get to know his kid.  But Stewart was not having any of it.  His heart was broken and he told Ava to get out of his sight – he never wanted to see her again


Ava trudged home and decided to concentrate on reading baby books and working on her novel: “A Pregant Lesbian” for the rest of her pregnancy


Meanwhile for the next nine months, Peaches and Jago worked on having a baby of their own.  They tried….


… and they tried….


….and they tried! But nothing!  They were still saving for the IVF treatment


Nine months came and went very quickly and whilst painting a portrait of Corinne one day, Ava went into labor.  She had a home birth and Corinne was there to help her all the way



I am proud to announce that Ava had a little boy.  She named him Rocky after her favorite film and boxer Rocky Balboa.  Rocky was a spitting image of his father Stewart.  He had the same blond hair and purple eyes and was born with the genius trait and heavy sleeper.  Even though he looked just like his father, Ava still loved him with everything she had.  She just hoped Corinne would do too…..

Rocky Toddler

Will Corinne ever accept Rocky as her own?  Will Peaches and Jago ever conceive a baby.  Please give any hints and tips on how Peaches can get pregnant as it is taking ages to save up enough points to have the fertility treatment….. Thank you




6 responses

11 08 2009

Well, I can tell you that if you have eight people in your house, there is nothing you can do to get another baby except install a mod. Not even the fertility treatment will help.

But, I have to say that Rocky is the spitting image of Stewart. I have a feeling that this won’t endear him to Corinne.

11 08 2009

Awesome chapter. I am just in love with your legacy, ahaa. There’s always a new twist to the plot and it keeps me wanting to read more. Can’t wait for the next chapter! You’re more than welcome to check out mine if you’d like, I’ve only written chapter one though. 🙂

13 08 2009

Are you quite sure that she isn’t pregnant and you just didn’t hear the music? I never heard the music when Rachel and Ethan conceived Lucille and I had them doing it like rabbits.

6 09 2009

Wow, did Peaches and Jago really have that much trouble getting pregnant? Usually, it only takes me maybe three tries max to get a young woman like Peaches pregnant.

Oh, and I used to like Corinne, but not so much anymore. That was kind of bitchy, telling her own wife she wanted nothing to do with the baby she wanted to have for the both of them. Makes me a little mad, actually.

1 01 2010

Try for baby not woohoo!

1 03 2011

LOL i LOVE how Peaches+Jago’s PJs match!!!

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