Chapter 2.2 – The Wedding

10 08 2009

While Ava and Corinne are deliberating over who should be the father of their baby, Peaches decides its time to get married to her childhood sweetheart, Jago.  She chooses to have the wedding at home in the new house and invites all her friends and family.  She has a style makeover especially for the wedding and buys her dress from the wedding boutique in town.  She knew it was the one the moment she saw it


Ava’s wife, Corinne also decides its time for a change of style and a wedding would be the perfect time to showcase her new short haircut.


The wedding was due to commence at 4pm, but because some of the guests were late – it did not start until 8pm in the end and the sun had gone down, meaning Peaches and Jago got married under the moonlight. 

Even Brendan’s evil son illegitimate son Danta turned up who is now a kid.  My, hasn’t he turned into a little fatty


Jago chose to wear his not so tasteful snakeskin leather jacket again – Peaches knew she would have to address his dress-sense once they were married!


Peaches used her parents wedding rings for her wedding too, but now she had a bit more money, she added a diamond into each of them.  They exchanged rings in front of the whole Shenston family and for some strange reason – they chose to do it also in front of the buffet table!  Maybe they were hungry??!




They had their first dance next to the pool to “All you need is love” by the Beatles


Where Noah Shenston entertained the guests with his guitar playing skills


It was not long before the rest of the wedding party also took to the dance floor


Peaches and Jago danced into the night.  They decided not to  have a honeymoon so they could save money, so spent their first night together in their new bedroom.  Ava had bought them some love heart bed-sheets for their first night together


Being that they were both family oriented, Peaches and Jago decided to start trying for a family straight away.  “Wouldn’t it be great to conceive our first child on our wedding night”, Jago whispers to Peaches.  So they got right down to it. It was both their first time and a little awkward at first – but they loved more than anything just lying in each others arms



So now we welcome Jago into the Shenston household.  He is: Family orinetated, over-emotional, a daredevil, a workholic and atheletic.  His lifelong wish is to become a SuperStar Athelete

Jago young adult

Stay tuned to find out who Ava and Corinne chooses as their baby daddy and see if Peaches and Jago will be able to start that family they both desperatly want….




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14 08 2009

Heh, townie men can’t dress for toffee, can they? Love the bedroom.

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