Chapter 2.1 – Who’s the daddy?

9 08 2009

When their parents Will was read out it confirmed what the family knew – that Peaches would inherit the Shenston state.  It also disclosed something that no one knew – that Sarah and Johnny had left Peaches a small fortune.  Turns out, as Johnny was so fugal, he had not spent hardly any of the money he and Sarah had earned over their lives and had just been saving it up – now he had left nearly $100,000 to Peaches.  What will she do with all this money, she thought.  Then it came to her, she would re-build the house and spend all the money making a fabulous place for and her sister to live.  She designed the house herself and hired the cheapest builders.  The girls had to move in with their brothers until it was finished.  It was worth it though – the result was fabulous!  It still needed a second story, but Peaches had run out of money so this would have to be done later.


The house had three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Two bedrooms on the right side and one on the left next to the kitchen where Ava and and Corinne would live.


Once they were settled into their new home, Ava had a sudden urge to have children. She knew how hard it would be and that Corinne hated children, but she was desperate to carry on her gene pool and raise a family of her own.  But who would be the father.  Then she had a plan!  They would get one of the guys in the town to donate their sperm and Ava and Corinne would raise the baby as their own. She told Corinne about it straight away.


Corinne hated the idea as it would mean that Ava would have to actually sleep with a man!  Ava did her best to reassure Corinne that it would only have to be once or twice until she got pregnant


Corinne soon came round as she understood how important this was to Ava.  But she let Ava know that the baby would be Ava’s and because she hated children there was no guarantee she would want anything to do with it once it was born. With this it was settled, Ava was going to have a baby… but who was to be the daddy???


Corinne and Ava knew five men who were young adults in town but they did not know them well enough to decide who would have good enough genes for their baby.  Then Ava had an idea: “why dont we have a pool party and invite all the eligible men over.  We can both talk to them – find out a bit about them then decide who it will be.  I will then seduce the one we decide on and get pregnant – easy as that!” Their plan was fool-proof so they set about planning the party for early the next day.  Peaches decided not be involved with her sisters scheming – but wished her good luck all the same.


Ava did all the inviting and then both of them set about planning for the party.  Ava barbecued hot dogs and Corinne made the drinks that she called “Clear Diamond” – apparently they were meant to be an aphrodisiac for men.



Soon enough, the party was in full swing with all five eligible guys turning up.  Even Peaches and Ava’s sister in-law Corissa Shenston (who is married to Noah) who was heavily pregnant – invited herself along!


Both Corinne and Ava worked the room, talking to all men and finding out as much as they could about them. 


They instantly dismissed one guy – Joel Handox!  This was because  the moment he arrived he went directly to the stereo, switched it to classical and proceeded to dance by himself for the entire duration of the party.  “No way do we want that loser’s genes,” thought Ava and Corinne.


The other four guys were all all great candidates – both girls managed to find out one good and one bad trait about each


Raphael Waugh: Computer Whiz and a Coach Potato
Craig Nagle: Flirty and Grumpy
Stewart Coburn: Lucky and a Snob
Kermit Basham: Vegetarian and a Perfectionist

So who shall be the father of Ava and Corinne’s baby – VOTING NOW CLOSED. 
Read on to see the results…..




3 responses

9 08 2009

Kermit, because having a bloke called Kermit in the family would just be funny… (plus he has nice traits)

9 08 2009

I voted for Craig just ’cause he’s flirty.

1 03 2011

Personally I like Craig, because even though he’s grumpy, I’ve learned that when you have a grumpy sim, all you need is a good sim to make them happy.

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