Chapter 10 – death comes to us all

7 08 2009

Now that it had been decided that Peaches was to become head of the Shenston legacy once Sarah passes on, Jared decides its time to move out and finds a small studio house right next door to his older brothers, Logan and Brendan.  As Jared is a loner he is much happier living on his own and decides that now is the time to concentrate on becoming an astronaut.


With Jared’s departure it just leaves Sarah, Johnny, Ava and Peaches in the house.  Ava does not want Peaches to have to run the house all by herself so she decides she should stick around for a while and help Peaches care for their parents in their old age.  So Ava decides it is time now to marry her sweetheart Corinne and move her in too.  They have to hold their marriage in secret as gay marriage is still frowned upon in Sunset Valley. 


They meet at the beach one star-filled night. They exchanged rings in the moonlight and promised to love each other forever. 




Then they head back to the house to consummate their marriage.  They have to use Sarah and Johnny’s bed as the only other beds in the house were singles.  This grossed Ava out a bit but she soon got over it when she saw Corinne in her underwear.  She promised Corinne she would buy them their own double bed as soon as she sold her first novel.


Ava and Corinne pillowed talked all night – getting to know each other fully.  Finally Ava found out the rest of Corinne’s traits: Flirty, brave, daredevil, kleptomaniac, dislikes children.  It also turns out that  Corinne’s lifetime wish is to become a Master Thief!  Ava was shocked – she could not believe sweet Corinne would want to enter into a life of crime.  They both decided that they would not tell the rest of the family as they would probably not understand.  It also turns out Corinne is older than Ava had thought – she is in fact an adult – a full 15 years older than Ava!

Corinne adult

Ava loved being married and would not stop admiring her wedding ring whenever she could


While Ava was stuck admiring her ring one Friday afternoon, disaster struck!  Johnny was practicing chess on the computer when it suddenly broke and electrocuted Johnny.  He was killed instantly!


The family ran in (except Ava who was to busy admiring her ring), but it was too late.  Death was already coming for Johnny.  All they could do was stand by and watch


Johnny begged Death for his life back – but Death was not showing any mercy and swiftly took Johnny away to the afterlife.  Johnny’s last thoughts before he was taken away was: “dam that computer”!



The family were devastated!  They weeped and screamed for mercy – but it was too late!  Then Sarah had an idea.  She pulled out her plant zapper and zapped the Grim Reaper


All it did was send the Grim Reaper back to the afterlife too.  But Johnny was still gone and all the family had left was an urn filled with his ashes.  Sarah was beside herself with sadness.  She could not bring herself to organise the funeral yet.  Peaches tried her best to comfort her.  But nothing seemed to work.  Sarah’s heart was broken – she had lost the love of her life



Sarah decided to throw herself into her painting.  She was determined to finish that portrait of Johnny so she could hang it by his gravestone to remember him by.


Once finished Sarah stood back and looked at the face of her late husband.  How could she live without him.  Her children were all grown up now with their own lives.  She was filled with such an overwhelming sense of emptiness.


All Sarah wanted was to be with Johnny.  She knew what she had to do.  She went into the house and to the computer that had taken Johnny away from her and was still broken from Johnny’s electrocution.  She put her finger into the broken socket and ZAP – Sarah too was killed instantly!  Peaches tried to stop her, but was too late!



Unlike Johnny, Sarah did not beg or plea with death when he came to get her.  She took his hand and happily let him lead her to the afterlife to be re-united with her husband


The girls were distraught.  How could they loose both of their parents in two days!  It was not fair!



They decided that they would bury their parents under their mother’s favorite elm tree at the side of the house and would lay them to rest next to each other.


The funeral was planned for the following Sunday.  Peaches did the catering where Ava invited all the guests including her four brother, all their parents old work colleagues, and even Justin Ferrell, Ava’s father, who did once love Sarah too.


The boys were silent in their sorrow, whereas the girls could not prize themselves away from their parents graves – weeping so much they nearly collapsed


Logan, the oldest out of the Shenston children prepared an album of photos of his parents throughout the years.  The funeral party took it in turns to look through the album.  It showed everything – how Sarah and Johnny had fallen in love, raised six children together, struggled with money and even died together.






Even Peaches childhood boyfriend, Jago turned up to lend his support for his girlfriend.  He had grown into a fine young man and Peaches was so happy he was there to console her. 


She still fancied him (apart from his snakeskin jacket) and decided that if he would be there to support her through this – then she knew she could rely on his for everything.  She had kept her father’s wedding ring and decided that now was a good time to propose – in front of the graves of her parents and all her friends and family.



Jago accepted and they decided they would have a long engagement – there was no rush.  They set about planning the wedding for a couple of years time.  Finally, Peaches had something to look forward to again.


So this is the end of generation one – but time to start generation two with Peaches as the legacy head….




6 responses

7 08 2009

Good read, love the story so far!

8 08 2009

I kind of liked the snakeskin jacket 🙂

That was weird that the computer killed both of the older people. The Sims do some crazy things.

12 08 2009

… xD Why is there a mug attached to Sarah’s hand? lol. Couldn’t help but notice. Otherwise, cool legacy.

12 08 2009

I know! It just appeared there one day and it stayed on her hand until she died. Lets see if her ghost has it there still too……

13 08 2009

I love your legacy story! It’s really well done :] I noticed the cup too – I love when harmless quirks like that happen!
I’m also very jealous of how high you can have your graphics set – the game looks great run in full – I need a new graphics card!


13 08 2009

Ooh.. that’d be interesting! =O Post pics if it does. xD

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