And the winner is……

6 08 2009

Thank you to everyone who voted for the new Shenston heir, there was an overwhelming response but  Peaches won with 63% of the votes and will now be the head of the Shenston Legacy. 


Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Weight: Skinny
Traits:Family orientated, brave, inappropriate, great kisser, ambitious
Lifetime Wish: CEO of Mega Corporation

Peaches is the youngest of Sarah’s six children and was born a twin with Jared.  Though her parents never had much time for her as there were five other kids to look after and they had their careers to build on, Peaches upbringing was still filled with plenty of love and fun.  Being brave, ambitious, inappropriate and a great kisser often lands Peaches into sticky situations, but she is determined to be the CEO of a Mega Corporation one day and carry on the Shenston legacy like her mother did.

Stay tuned to see what Peaches will get up to in the second generation while she tries to carry on the Shenston legacy without getting into trouble!




One response

27 11 2009

I’m glad that she won!

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