Chapter 9 – Coming out the closet

6 08 2009

While Sarah is deciding who will be her legacy heir, Ava Marie grows into an adult.  She picks up the artistic trait and realises that her lifelong wish is to become an Illustrious Author while mastering her writing and painting skills.  Ava also decides that a change of appearance is in order.  She never liked her long hair so she chops lots of it off and buys some new clothes that reflect her new artistic mood…. or it???

Ava young adult

Ava does not know what it is but since she became a young adult she feels very different – but maybe she has always felt this way.  One day, while working on her new romance novel: “Girls just want to have fun”, Ava cant help but watch the maid, Corinne Lacey, tottering around her, bending over to scrub the floor.  For some reason she cant take her eyes off her so asks her to hang out.  Ava instantly realises that Corinne is flirty and cant help but flirt back. 


Before she knows it , Ava kisses Corinne!  She cant help herself, she is seduced by Corinnes soft lips and long eyelashes inviting Ava to make a move.


Corinne admits to Ava that she has fancied Ava ever since she started working as a maid for her family, but was never sure if Ava was into girls.  Ava did not know it either – until now.  Maybe this was why she could never find herself a boyfriend even though she was a hopeless romantic and desperate to find The One!  It is because she is gay!  Ava is determined not to loose Corinne now she has realised what she wants so she asks her to go steady.  Corinne excitedly accepts.  Ava has her first girlfriend!


Meanwhile Sarah’s career is going from strength to strength.  She has been promoted to Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker and can now zap and heal people.  She tests out her healing powers on Johnny who is suffering from arthritis in his old age.  Unfortunately, it does not do anything, so she sets about tweaking all appliances in the house to make them self cleaning instead.


The twins are almost ready to also enter into adulthood, so Sarah decides to throw them a massive party.  She invites the whole family, friends, colleagues and even the maid – who beknown to her is her daughter’s girlfriend.  The party is in full swing with everyone dancing and having a good time.


Peaches’s boyfriend Jago Bradshaw comes over for a dance


And even Ava and Corinne managed to sneak in a cheeky dance without anyone realising what is going on between them


Jared is first up to blow out his candles and turn into a young adult.  Sarah seems to find it very funny when Cherly from next door who has always had a crush on Jared, blows the party blower right in Jared’s face.  Does she not know that this is not the way to get a guy to fancy you!



Jared grows into a fine young man (bar the slightly big nose) and develops the loner trait.  That should help him if he plans to become an astronaut as he will be spending plenty of time on his own.


Next up is Peaches.  She celebrates with Jago at her side and she wonders if turning into an adult while Jago is still a teen will change anything between them. 



Once grown, Peaches develops the ambitious trait and instantly realising that her lifelong goal will be to be CEO of a mega corporation.  She is already charismatic and brave, so she should be able to boss those office folk around and schmooze those businessmen easily.  Peaches decides to not change her appearance too much, as she thinks that with her hair pulled back like it is, it gives her a strong edge that will help her in the boardroom one day.


Everyone eventually leaves the party to go home as it is getting late, except one person stays behind – Corinne.  Sarah and Johnny have gone to bed so Ava takes the opportunity to spend some alone time with Corinne.  They sneak outside for a kiss


They spend the rest of the night getting to know each other and …well… they fall in love.   Ava introduces Corinne to her brother Jared and tells him all about the affair.  Jarred seems completely unfazed by the fact his sister is a lesbian and carries on doing his exercise video. Ava knows it is quick but as she is such a hopeless romantic and she believes that Corinne is The One, she promptly proposes to her.  Corinne accepts!





Just then Peaches walks in and sees her older sister in an intimate embrace with the maid.  She confronts her sister and is shocked when she find out Ava is engaged to Corinne.  She cant believe Ava has kept such a big secret from her. 


Ava also decides that now Jared and Peaches knows – she must tell her mother, Sarah.  She kisses Corinne goodbye and says she will call her later.  Then she makes her way outside where her mum is working on her prized garden.  She tells Sarah everything.  About the fact she did not realise she was gay until she met Corinne and now she cannot imagine her life without her


Sarah is not at all surprised about Ava’s confession.  She had always thought Ava was different from her brothers and sisters (and i am not just talking about her having a different father) and had often wondered if Ava would one day come out as being gay.  She gives Ava her blessing for the wedding.  But Ava has another bomb shell.  “I cant inherit your legacy”, she blurts out.  “I dont want children, and even if i do, me and Corine would adopt so i would never be able to pass on the blood line”.  This made Sarah sad – but she understood that it was difficult for gay couples to have children.  At least this made her decision on who would inherit her legacy much easier


Sarah headed inside to give Peaches the good news.  Even though Peaches was the youngest out of the Shenston children, she knew she had a good head on her shoulders and would do the Shenston name proud.  Though there was always that little matter of Peaches inappropriate behavior!


Peaches was ecstatic with the news.  She had prayed that she would inherit her mother’s legacy and promised Sarah that she would do her best to carry on the good family name and that there would always be space in the family home for any of her brothers or sisters.



So now its decided – Peaches will carry on the Shenston family Legacy.  Stay tuned for the next chapter to see how Peaches life will change with this big responsibility and what will happen with the rest of the Shenston family…..




7 responses

6 08 2009

Peaches was a good choice. Although, Jared did age up quite nicely! Still love the older twins, though 🙂

6 09 2009

Aww, I’m so happy for Ava. ^-^ I love gay Sims. They’re adorable.

I wanted Ava to be the heiress, because she was the underdog with the different father, but having gay heiresses/heirs is hard. Getting a “donor” or “surrogate” without their partner knowing and feeling betrayed is quite tricky.

I know, because I’m trying to do it now with Theresa Dolphina, from Pinstar’s Sim of the Month challenge.

20 09 2009

Love this
unfortunatly istill dont have sims 3 so am stuck reading stories but yours is so good and not all about breeding like most peoples

LOVE THE CUP ON SARAHs hand x x thks will now reead the rest

27 04 2010
Daisy Disorda

Why would the partner not be able to know about the donor or surrogate? Most gay couples share the experience of having a child, not hide it from one another…sorry, that comment just made absolutely no sense to me at all.

27 04 2010
Daisy Disorda

ahhh, you meant in sim world…a donor as in a lover donor…sorry, didn’t register at first lol

3 01 2011
Sims Kid 98

I just notices the cup on Sarah’s hand is it a Glitch or what ??????????

17 02 2011

You should really sort out that cup. lmao.

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