1st Generation Family Overview

6 08 2009

Sarah elder2

Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Weight: Skinny
Traits: Family Orientated, Artistic, Hopeless Romantic, Kleptomaniac, Green Thumb

Lifetime Wish: Raise a family of five children



Sarah Adult  Sarah Young Adult





Eighteen year old Sarah arrives in Sunset Valley on a warm July evening with just the clothes on her back. Fresh out of high-school, Sarah has had to escape the clutches of her evil father who was about to marry her off to the 65year old rich Barron in Riverside. Her choice was to marry or be disowned by her family.   Her mother had died eight years ago and with her four brothers following in their footsteps of their evil father, Sarah knew what she had to do!  So she sets off to start a new life in Sunset Valley with just a few basic skills and the ambition to once again have a family of her own and build her own new legacy.



Johnny Edler2


Gender: Male

Age: Elder
Weight: Athletic
Traits: Family Orientated, Genius, Easily Impressed, Frugal, Lucky

Lifetime Wish: World Renowned Surgeon



Johnny Adult  Johnny Young Adult





Johnny Regge was born and bread in Sunset Valley.  He grew up as the oldest of eight children and spent most of his childhood helping his single mum raise the kids.  His mother was a pretty lady but was very unlucky and every time she had a child – the fathers always left.  Johnny grew up clipping coupons, always having to save for the family as his mum was not good with money.  When Johnny was eighteen, his mum and he seven brothers and sisters moved to Florida as his mum was offered a job as chief nurse at a hospital down there.  Johnny did not go with them as he had met Sarah Shenston and got married.  He soon realised that his lifelong goal would be not to struggle like his mum and set about to become a chief surgeon.



Logan Young Adult2Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Skinny
Traits: Brave, Genius, loves the outdoors, loner, good

Lifetime Wish: World Renowned Surgeon


Logan Kid Logan Toddler

Logan Teed





Logan is one of the twin boys Sarah and Johnny had in their first year of marriage.  He was born eight minutes before his brother Brendan.  He loves to play chess with his brother and has had the lifelong goal since he was a young boy to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a chief surgeon.  He has the same the same girlfriend – Bonnie – since he was a teenager and has just moved into his own bachelor pad with his brother Brendan



Brendan Young Adult2Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Athletic

Traits: Evil, Genius, Flirty, Kleptomaniac, Ambitious 

Lifetime Wish:Master Thief



Brendan Kid Brendan Toddler  

Brendan Teen




Brendan is the other of the twin boys Sarah and Johnny had in their first year of marriage.  He was born eight minutes after his brother and is very bitter that Logan always gets things first. Brendan is a self-confessed ladies man who realised when he became an adult that he wanted to become a master thief.  He has recently moved out into his place with his twin brother, Logan



Noah Young Adult2Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Skinny

Traits: Artistic, friendly, over-emotional, hopeless romantic, green thumb

Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts

Noah kid Noah Toddler 

Noah Teen



Noah is Sarah and Johnny’s third child.  He is very sweet-natured and is the most handsome out of all Sarah and Johnnys children.  Spending his time painting and playing , he is often forgotten by his mum who has never got over the fact he was born a boy – not a girl!  His life long ambition is to master the painting and guitar playing skills.  His only love in life is art



Ava young adult2Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Skinny
Traits:Good sense of humour, Hopeless romantic, natural cook, absent minded and artistic

Lifetime Wish: Illustrious Author

Ava Marie Kid Ava Toddler 

Ava Teen




Ava Marie is Sarah’s fourth child – but the most controversial of them all.  Ava is the result of a short lived affair her mother had with an old flame, Justin Farrell.  Even though she is not his, Johnny still thinks of Ava as his own since Justin made it clear he did not want to have anything to do with her.   Ava is a hopeless romantic and always on the look out for the one-true-love!  Is is always getting into trouble staying out late trying to find the perfect man for her



Jared young adult2Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Athletic

Traits:Absent minded, easily impressed, athletic, ambitious, loner

Lifetime Wish: Astronaut


Jared Kid  Jared Toddler

Jared Teen 



Jared is one of Sarah and Johnny’s second set of twins.  He was born 20mins before his sister. The twins are the only children in the family to have green/brown eyes not blue.  Jared likes nothing more that looking at the stars through his telescope and once found a large meteor which he sold to the science lab for $3,500!



Peaches young adult2Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Weight: Skinny
Traits:Brave, charismatic, inappropriate, family orientated, ambitious

Lifetime Wish: CEO of a Mega Corporation

Peaches Kid  Peaches Toddler

Peaches Teen 



Peaches is the other of the second set of twins for Sarah and Johnny.  She was born 20mins after her brother.  Her mother Sarah often worries about  Peaches as teamed with her inappropriate and brave behaviour she is also a great kisser – will she get herself into trouble with the boys?




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10 02 2011

Peaches is the cutest 🙂

1 03 2011

LOOVE Brendan’s schmohawk, where did you get it???

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