Chapter 8 – A wedding and a baby

5 08 2009

With all of her children now capable of taking care of themselves, Sarah knows it is time to decide which one of them will become her heir and take on the duties of becoming head of the household after she is gone. When her mother had given her the plot of land it was under the requirements that it could only be passed from daughter to daughter – so that left Ava Marie or Peaches…. Which one should be the Shenston heir….

Who will it be

While Sarah is deciding who will be the Shenston heir, things continue as normal in the Shenston household.  With his lifelong wish now decided, Noah sets about to become an expert at painting and playing the guitar.  He is already well on his way with painting so he spends all his spare time (which is lots as he does not have a job) practicing with his new guitar his parents bought him for his birthday


Jared on the other hand has developed a passion for the universe and looks through his older brother Logan’s old telescope every night – desperate to spot another meteor – or discover a new star that he can name.  It is whilst doing this that he suddenly decides that his lifelong goal will be to one day become an Astronaut. 


Ava Marie on the other hand is trying her hand at writing.  Being a hopeless romantic she decides to write a romance novel: “On the wings of love” she calls it.  She loves getting the royalty checks every-time she submits a chapter – hopefully one day she will finish it.


While Ava writes about romance – it seems that Peaches is actually practicing romance – she as got herself a boyfriend.   His name is Jago Bradshaw and they met at High school one day when they both reached across the counter in the canteen for the same bread roll.  As Peaches is brave and a great kisser – she had no problem asking Jared out when he followed her home one night.  Hopefully her inappropriate behaviour will not put him off


With all of this going on, Sarah grows into a very graceful elder.  Even though she is an old woman now, she is proud of what she has accomplished in life with Johnny and her five children and she is still heading straight to the top in her career as a Scientist.

Sarah elder

With three teenagers in the house, Noah decides that now he is a young adult it is time to get married, settle down and move out.  Being over-emotional, it has always put the girls off, so he takes a run to the beach to see if there are any potential sensitive young ladies there he can chat up.


Once he gets down there he instantly claps eyes on the beautiful Maria Goff.  He heads straight over and they hit it off instanty. 


Turns out she is clumsy, handy, a workaholic and….  engaged to Gerado – the town’s beefcake!  Noah cannot compete with that.  Luckily, it seems she is not interested in Noah anyway as she falls asleep right in front of him on the beach – charming!


Noah calls up Maria’s family to come and get her and her sister comes down straight away – apparently Maria is known for falling asleep in strange places.  When Maria’s sister Carisa arrives, she is a spitting image of Maria – “though a little plumper and plainer” thought Noah!  They get chatting and Noah finds out Carisa is family orientated, absent minded, loves the outdoors and over emotional – just like him!  Bingo! 


They chat into the night and watch the sunset over the beach.  It is getting late so Noah invites Carisa home with him which she happily accepts.


Back home the two love birds start getting really close.  As Noah is a hopeless romantic he finds it easy to charm Carisa and she begins to really fall for him. 


And Noah is really falling for her too.  “No time like the present” Noah thinks and pulls out an engagement ring he had bought a few days ago in preparation for meeting “the one”.


Carisa accepts and both being over-emotional people and loving the outdoors, they decide to have a private ceremony just the two of them – there and then in front of Noahs house – next to the garbage can!


Noah rushes inside and tells his mother, Sarah, about the happy news.  Even though she is disappointed she was not involved in the wedding – she is very happy for Noah and sets about trying to get to know her new daughter in law


Carisa is welcomed into the Shenston family with open arms.  She is a pretty girl, though very plain and as Noah noticed a little chubby too.  Adding to the traits Noah found out when he first met her, she is also mean-spirited, lets hope Noah does not find this trait out the hard way. Sarah instantly likes her as her lifelong wish is to also raise five children – and Sarah cannot wait for a grandchild!

Carisa adult

It seems Sarah does not have to wait for a grandchild after all.  Just after Carisa moves in, Sarah calls up her eldest twin sons (who moved out a while ago) to tell them the good news when she hears a baby crying in the background!  Turns out Brendan (the evil one) is a father!!!  Brendan breaks down and tells his mum all about it.  Being the flirt he is – he has been “seeing” many girls in town and one day he opened his front door and on the doorstep was a baby with a note attached.  It said:  “here is your baby Donta – i cant take care of him – he is yours now”.  He has no idea who the mother is, but a DNA test (done by his medical student brother Logan) has confirmed the baby is Brendans!


“He is a sweet boy”, Brendan tells his mum, “but he seems to have inherited my evil streak and i fear that he is also slightly insane”.  Sarah is in despair.  But this is Brendan’s mess so he will have to raise Donta by himself.  “Im sure he will be a good father”, Sarah hopes


Little does Sarah know that Brendan is already working his way up in the criminal career and is already a Cutpurse.  Lets hope Donta does not suffer due to this!


Meanwhile the Shenston household is getting pretty cramped now Carisa has moved in.  Turns out, Carisa’s family are quite wealthy, so as a wedding present they buy her and Noah a new house right next door to them.  It is a homely cottage on two floors and enough room for a nursery 0r two.  Noah and Carisa move in instantly.


Now the house is far less cramped and the three teenagers can concentrate on staying on the school honors roll.  Or so Sarah hopes!


So we have three kids down and three to go.  But only two can leave and start their own lives as one has to stay and carry on the Shenston Legacy.  But who will it be…. Tune into the next chapter to see the results…




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3 01 2011
Sims Kid 98

Lol Brendans face cracks me up when he sees his kid lol

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