Chapter 7 – Life-time wishes

28 07 2009

So now the boys have left home, and the youngest twins are kids, Sarah decides its time to go back to work as a Scientist to save herself from going stir-crazy.  Because she has been raising children for twenty years she never got very far in her career, but she has been developing her gardening skills so she knew it would not be a problem to get back into the swing of things.  And after her first day back, Sarah got instantly promoted to “Fertilizer Analyst”.  This was not the only promotion going on that day.  Johnny also got promoted to his life-time wish of World Renown Surgeon!  He was in such high demand that his hours went down to 4days a week and he was earning over $4,000 a day! 


This family did find his new uniform rather funny – especially when he forgot to take his surgery gloves off to eat his dinner.  They thought he looked like one of those old fashioned crazy doctors


In addition to Johnny’s new funny uniform – the kids soon found something to laugh at their mum.  Sarah had been busy working in the science lab one day – super gluing buds onto plants when she accidentally spilt some glue on her left hand.  Without realising what she had done she reached for her coffee mug…too late!  She now has a coffee mug permanently glued to her hand.  Not even her world renowned surgeon husband could detach it from her!  She had to eat, sleep, garden… well everything with it on her hand.



While Sarah and Johnny are concentrating on their careers and parading around wearing strange things, Ava Marie is busy “trying to fall in love”.  Unlike her older brother who was a flirt – Ava is a hopeless romantic and desperate to find the love of her life – even though she is still in high-school.  She invites every boy from school back to hers to try to woo them.  She even sneaks out in the middle of the night searching for her one true love


Until one night, while hanging out at the beach with Billy Buskins, she does not realise she has stayed out way past her curfew.  Soon the police are hot on her tail and taking her home to a very angry Sarah and Johnny


Ava is grounded for two weeks because of this stunt.  She decides she is going to runaway with the next man she meets – its just finding one that is willing to let her runaway with them! Johnny has also found a new hobby.   Collecting things that are lying around the neighbourhood.  One day he had a sudden desire to find some seeds and because his hours are now reduced, he runs around until he finds some unidentified seeds.  When he gets home he has not idea what to do with them as he has no gardening skills, so he leaves them for Sarah to plant.


Meanwhile Jared had also taken up searching – but he is searching the Galaxy for new stars.  One morning when the sun had come out and the stars were invisible, he was looking through his telescope when he spotted a meteor fall from the sky and land somewhere in Sunset Valley.  He instantly hopped on his bike (missing school) and went in search of it.  He found it in Mrs Butterworth’s back garden.  He crept round and dragged the huge lump of space rock to the local science lab and sold it for $3,500!!


While all this was going on Noah aged up into a young adult.  His birthday went un-noticed – which seem to constantly be the case with Noah.  Being over-emotional and artistic, he also developed the friendly trait and cried when he spent the day alone. 


Noah grew into the most handsome of all the Shenston children.  He had that quiet demure quality about him that made you think he was striping you naked when you looked at him.  The girls loved him, but Noah was only in love with his art.  He decided that his life long wish would be to become the Master of Arts and be the best at playing the guitar and painting in Sunset Valley

Noah Young Adult

The twins birthdays certainly did not go un-noticed – Peaches had been singing about it for days now.  Sarah and Johnny threw them both a party to celebrate them aging up to teens.  They invited all their friends – and this time Sarah and Johnny were even allowed to invite some of their friends.  Jared was up first to blow out his candles



Jared was not as handsome as his older brother Noah, but with his unusual green/brown eyes, he was still very cute.  As he grew he become ambitious – though he still did not know what his life-long wish would be!


Next up was Peaches.  Due to her being brave and charismatic she had already enchanted the guests at her party, so she made sure everyone was around while she blew out her candles.



Peaches sure was a beauty.  She had the same unusual green/brown eyes as her twin brother, but unlike the rest of her family – she had a large mouth and a more rounded face.  She developed the trait of “Great kisser”.  Sarah was instantly worried – she could not cope with another love sick teenager!


After the party was over and the last guests went home, Johnny ran to his bedroom.  He had known all day that it was his birthday too, but did not want anyone to notice as he was to become an old man.  Before he got to his room, Noah and Jared caught up with him: “where are you running off to dad – mum needs help cleaning up”. All of a sudden it happened – he aged up there and then in the hallway.  Suddenly his hair went white – there were wrinkles in places he did not know could exist and all his joints ached. 


Johnny decided that he had to invest in a new outfit for his elderly frame and figured that if a smoking jacket worked for Hugh Hefner, then a smoking jacket would work for him.  He just hoped his wife Sarah would still fancy him that now he was an old man!  But Sarah too was about to age up – and she was certainly not going to let it go unnoticed like her husband!

Johnny Edler

With all of her children now capable of taking care of themselves, Sarah knows it is time to decide which one of them will become her heir and take on the duties of becoming head of the household after she is gone. When her mother had given her the plot of land it was under the requirements that it could only be passed from daughter to daughter – so that left Ava Marie or Peaches….  Which one should be the Shenston heir….VOTE HERE




6 responses

28 07 2009

Oh! Yay Noah! Poor thing, though. So handsome and ignored 😦 I think Peaches looks like Barbie.

I still miss the twins (the older boys)

28 07 2009

Your right – Peaches does look like Barbie lol

The twins were at the younger twins birthday party – see above x

30 07 2009

Woah! Sarah and Johnny certainly have a good variety of children! I like Ava the most 🙂

And I love your family tree page by the way, its a great way to see all the children and their similarities/differences!!

31 07 2009

I’m curious as to who you’ll pick for your heir/heiress. Keep up the good work – I’m loving this legacy so far!


27 11 2009

I simply LOVE this legacy! I want to read as much as I can of it! It’s favorited, too! GOOD JOB!

27 11 2009
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Thanks Emma – i am so pleased you are enjoying it. I hope you keep reading to the end…. x

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