Chapter 6 – Moving out

27 07 2009

The kids are all growing up fast and sometimes Sarah and Johnny wonder how they are managing to raise six children.  The youngest twins are now kids with such different personalities.  Jared has already shown his passion for sports but being easily impresses and absent minded, he often neglects his passion and reverts to doing something completely opposite like watching a gardening show on the TV.  Peaches is the opposite to her brother.  She hates the outdoors and Sarah has found her behaviour to be very inappropriate and rather brave at  times – especially when she keeps walking in people having showers for no reason.


Ava Marie has grown into a beautiful teenager.  She still has her father’s dark hair and blue eyes – but has also inherited her mothers fantastic cooking skills.  Sarah can see already that Ava is a natural cook.  She still brings her good sense of humor with her but teemed with being a schmoozer and a hopeless romantic, Sarah is worried that Peaches may get herself into trouble with the boys.

Ava Teen

The oldest twin boys were reaching adulthood.  For their eighteenth birthdays they asked their parents for a pool party- as Sarah and Johnny had just put a small pool in the front garden.  The twins told their parents that now they were eighteen they did not want any of their parents friend coming this time – it would be a teen only party.  Sarah and Johnny reluctantly agreed on the condition that Sarah could bake a cake each for the boys – they even bought some beers for the boys and their friends to enjoy (they did not tell them it was non-alcoholic beer)! Brendan was up first to blow out his candles and his brother Noah and dad stood next to him as he grew into a young adult



Brendan grew into a handsome young man but due to his evil trait – he still had that bad-boy look about him.  He also had developed a six pack due to his excessive working-out hobby.  He acquired the ambition trait and discovered his lifetime wish would be to become a Master Thief (though he did not tell his mother this)

Next up was Logan.  The shy brother who did not like any fuss, but he still made sure his girlfriend Bonnie was nearby when he blew out his candles

Screenshot-27 Screenshot-38

Logan also grew into a handsome young man, but his features were softer than his brothers and he was embarrassed about his skinny body.  He wished he enjoyed working out as much as his brother did.  He acquired the Good trait and still remained confident that one day he would fulfill his lifetime wish to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a world renowned surgeon.


Immediately after the party had finished both Logan and Brendan set about trying to make their life-time wishes come true.  It was easy for Logan – he just went along with his father to work the next day and got a job as an organ donor at the hospital.  If his father had started here then so could he.  It was trickier to get a job for Brendan.  He looked online but there was no-one advertising for a thief – well why would they!!  So he started to ask around and soon heard on the grapevine that there was an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town which housed a group of gangsters.  Apparently they were looking for a decoy.  Brendan headed over there in the middle of night and signed up immediately.  The gangsters could tell he had just the right traits to be part of the team.


When Brendan got back the next morning he was so excited about his new job – but getting it had been embarrassing.  When the gangsters asked him where he lived and he had admitted that he still lived with his folks – the gangsters had broken out into fits of laughter and teased him so bad that Logan had left with his head hung in shame.  He knew it was time to fly the nest but could not afford to move out on his own.  So he asked his twin brother to come with him


Unfortunately Logan needed some convincing.  He was happy still living with his parents and thought that if he were to move out – it would be on his own.  Brendan highlighted all the benefits for moving out including no curfews, more girls … and…. their own room! Logan was in!


They searched online and soon found a small starter house near to the centre of town.  The boys went and had a look around it.  It only had one floor and two rooms, but Brendan said he would sleep on the sofa so Logan could have the bedroom. They signed up for it straight away.


Now they had to tell their mum.  They knew she would be upset.  Logan (who had always been closer to Sarah) told her the bad news.  She did not take it well.  She cried so much it almost looked like she was giving birth again!


But Sarah understood that her boys were growing up and needed their own space. 


She spoke to Johnny and they agreed that as a moving out present they would buy the boys a car of their own.  It was ten years old and a little beaten up – but the boys loved it.  The whole family helped them pack and when it was time for them to go, Logan and Brenden piled into their new car and set off to start their own adventures in life


So, two down, four to go!  How will Sarah cope now her two oldest boys have left home?  And who will Sarah choose to continue the Shenston legacy?  Stay tuned…..




5 responses

27 07 2009

Ah, it’s sad to see the twins leave…they were so handsome. I can’t remember…is this a matriarchy? I need to look that up.

27 07 2009

I know the twins were really handsome… but we still have the other kids who will grow up soon. The Legacy is a matriarchy xx

28 07 2009

I like that one twin is Evil and the other is Good. It… amuses me.

6 09 2009

Haha, I wonder how the wins will cope living together when they are so opposite.

10 09 2009

Sad to see the twins leave.

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