Chapter 5 – Making up

26 07 2009

Sarah knew that to get her marriage back on track she had to pull out all the stops.  She took Johnny for dinner at the local bistro, ran him bubble baths (his favourite) and spent her time making a fuss of him with kisses, massages and cuddles




And then one day it happened.  All of Sarah’s hard work was worth it when Johnny whispered – lets have an early night!


It did not take long for for Sarah to fall pregnant – they were practising enough.  “Finally – the five children i have always wanted”, thought Sarah


Meanwhile the twins were growing up fast.  Brendan, a self proclaimed ladies man, was trying to woo any girl he could find.  First there was Mandy Lee, the girl at school with a bad reputation.  He knew she was a good place to start practising his new flirting skills.  Then followed Betty Barthews and Sandra Shepherd, both friends of her mothers who soon fell for Brendan’s charms.  Lastly was Liz Landers, the repair lady who was getting old and thought of herself as a spinster.  Brendan soon re-light her fire. 


On the other end of the spectrum was Brendan’s brother Logan.  Although a loner he was also brave and took a liking to the captain of the high-school cheer leading squad – Bonnie Langerak.  He watched her from afar at first, figuring out what she liked and what she enjoyed.  Then one day out of the blue, she invited him home with her after school.  Finally Logan had her all to himself.  When it was time to leave, Logan asked Bonnie to go steady – she accepted.  Logan had his first girlfriend


While his brothers were discovering the joys of dating girls, Noah’s only passion was art.  He painted night and day often forgetting to eat or sleep. 


Shortly after Sarah announced her fourth pregnancy, it was Noah and Ava Marie’s birthdays.  “Any excuse for a party” thought Johnny and planned to throw his children the best birthday parties ever.  First up was Ava Marie to grow into a kid.  Her mum held her as she blew out her candles. 



Ava grew into a pretty girl with long dark hair like her biological father, Justin.  She developed a good sense of humor and took it upon herself to play practical jokes on all her brothers.  This included putting worms in Brenden’s spagehtti, and painting the rim of the telescope black so one day Logan walked around with a black ring around his eye.

Ava Marie Kid

 Next up was Noah’s turn to age up.  His best friend Jenny Jones came round to celebrate with him.



Noah grew into a fine teen.  He was more handsome than his older brothers – but still managed to live in their shadows.  Somehow he never seemed to measure up to them in his mother eyes.

Noah Teen

One day, while Sarah was heavily pregnant, the repo man turned up!  Johnny was up to his old frugal tricks and had not been paying the bills, even though he was now a nurosurgeon.  Sarah fought with the repo man – begging him not to take anything – but he had a court order to take items to the value of $898 and there was nothing she could do about is.  So Sarah had to stand by while he took away a shower, one of her paintings and the childrens toy box.  It broke her heart to see all these things they had worked so hard for – taken away.


The stress of this suddernly made Sarah go into labor.  Johnny was at work but came rushing home to help as Sarah wanted a home birth and Johnny promised he would help this time.  Sarah was so mad with Johnny for not paying the bills that she would not even look at him while she gave birth.  It was good enough just to have him nearby if she needed him.



I am proud to announce that Sarah had twins.  A boy and a girl.  They named the boy Jared, after Johnny’s father and the girl Peaches, as this was what Sarah had craved to eat throughout her pregnancy.  They were blonde like the boys but there was one thing very different – they had green eyes whereas all the other children had blue eyes.  Johnny instantly demanded another DNA test – as neither him nor Sarah had green eyes.  The tests came back and proved that Johnny was indeed the father and Sarah hoped that this would put an end to the whole cheating thing once and for all.  She also promised herself she would have no more kids.  She was almost an elder and still had all of her six children living at home.  It was time to concentrate on raising them all to good, decent young adults.


It was almost time for the twins birthday (thats the first born twin boys).  Soon they would be entering into adulthood and Sarah was very afraid.  She was worried about Logan being a loner – and how he would cope in the big world.  But her main concern lay with Logan.  She knew he was the one responsible for the money which went missing from her purse everyday – and just the other day she caught him steeling Candy from Jared, and he was just a baby!


Stay tuned for the next chapter in the Shenston family.  How will the twins turn out when they grow into young adults.  Will Johnny ever get over Sarah cheating on him.  And now Sarah is getting old – who will take over the Shenston Legacy …..




9 responses

27 07 2009

I have to say that all of the kids are adorable. I have a soft spot for Noah, the artist, though 🙂

28 07 2009

Wow! This is the first set of boy/girl twins I’ve seen! Are you using a mod or did this happen… naturally?

28 07 2009

This happened naturally! I was just as surprised! x

31 07 2009

OMG Peaches is super cute!!!

21 08 2009

Wow! So it IS possible to have a boy/girl twin birth! Incredible!

27 08 2009

YEah it’s possible i had a boy and a girl in my game!

6 09 2009

Why can’t I have a boy/girl set of twins in my game? I love boy/girl twins. Maybe there’s a mod out there to make them more frequent…

10 09 2009

The kids are so cute but I definitly like Peaches best:)

15 02 2011

what system are you using?

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