Chapter 4 – The results

24 07 2009

Now the twins were teenagers and Sarah was pregnant with her forth baby – Johnny recognised that their house was just not big enough for all of them.  He decided (as much as it pained him) that he needed to dig into his vast savings account and build his family a new home for them all.  They decided the cheapest way to do it was to knock down their current house, sell everything and start again from scratch.  Sarah had to project manage the build as Johnny was still working hard, which was very stressful as she was pregnant.  The build ran over time and the budget grew but the family were happy with the results and excited about living in their new home.  It had two bathrooms and four bedrooms – to Sarah it was a palace.


Just after the completion of the house Sarah went into labor.  It was a very nerve-wracking time for the whole family as they would finally discover who the father was.  Johnny’s or Justins!  Sarah decided she would go to the hospital this time as her last home birth was quite traumatic.  She also went alone – as due to the circumstances she did not feel right with either Justin or Johnny being there


I am pleased to announce Sarah had a little girl – the girl of her dreams.  She was perfect.  Sarah named her Ava Marie after her mother as she had inherited her mother’s good nature.


But when Sarah looked into her eyes she did not see her husband she saw Justin – teamed with the dark hair she knew what she feared – this perfect baby girl was Justin’s.  The doctor did the DNA test straight away – and sure enough it confirmed Justin was the father!  She called both Justin and Johnny from the hospital to tell them the results.  Johnny was of course disappointed.  He had wished with every ounce of himself that the baby would be his – but he would still love her like his own.  Justin was just as surprised – he was convinced that there was no way she was his.  They only slept together once!  He still came to the hospital though to see Sarah and meet Ava Marie.  He even followed them home afterwards, at Sarah’s request, to discuss what would happen next.


When they got back home Johnny was at work so Sarah had to deal with Justin herself.  She did not want anything to do with him and wanted to raise Ava Marie as her’s and Johnny’s.  But she still understood that Justin was Ava’s biological father and she had no right to stop them seeing each other.  Thankfully the confrontation was taken out of her hands when the minute they got home Justin said: “I want to sign over parental rights to Johnny.  I cant be responsible for her – i just dont have it in me.  When she is older she is welcome to come and see me – but for now i would rather not have anything to do with her”.  Sarah sighed.  Even though this was what she wanted she was still sad that Ava may never know her real father.  She told Justin this and said that if he changed his mind – he knew where they were.  With that, Justin left.


When Johnny came later that evening Sarah told him about Justin’s decision and he was delighted.  Now they can be one big happy family.


The next day it was Sarah and Noah’s birthdays.  The family decided not to throw a party this time as they did not want any questions about Ava Marie.  So they had a small party just themselves.  Of course the maid joined in again – she always does.  First up was Sarah.  She blew out her candles and wishes to have one more child to complete her lifelong wish of having five children. 



Sarah grew into a beautiful adult.  The lines had started to appear but all Sarah cared about was that she could still have children now that she was middle aged.  It was also time for a change of image.  She went to the hairdressers and got her hair cut shorter – then went and spent her birthday money on new clothes from a designer boutique in the next town along.  As she looked at herself in the mirror – she could not believe how much she looked like her mother before she died.  She hoped her mother would be proud of her


Next up was Noah.  Johnny held him as he blew out the candles and wished for his own bedroom with a play table



Noah was always a sensitive boy and teamed with his artist and friendly nature, he now developed the absent minded trait


Sarah decided it was time to focus 100% on her family and the only thing that still needed mending was her relationship with Johnny.  They were still sleeping in the same bed when Sarah tried to become intimate with Johnny he pushed her away.  “Its too soon” he said.  “I dont trust you enough yet.”




So life is not has perfect as it seems for Sarah.  She now has a big house, a large family and the little girl she had always dreamed about – but her relationship with her husband is in tatters.  What is she going to do to get things back on track.  Stay tuned to see what happens between Sarah and Johnny – will they be able to re-kindle that love they once had for each other?  And see what happens when the twins get their first girlfriends…….




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24 07 2009
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[…] So Sarah finds herself pregnant again – but who’s baby is it?  Commitment phobe ladies man Justin or her genius husband who loves her and her children and will accept the baby no matter what!  Stay tuned for the next chapter when Sarah gets those all important DNA test results.  Will she have the girl she has always dreamed about…… Chapter 4 […]

25 07 2009

I loved the house makeover! And the drama was pretty realistic. It would be weird for Johnny (and a little pathetic) if he were willing to woohoo after she had another man’s baby.

10 09 2009

Like the way you makeovered the house! It’s kinda of sad Sarah had a sad childhood her mom died and now her life is not as perfect as she always dreamed about it! I like it though it gives a good twist to the story!

20 11 2010

Wow, it’s been over a year since the last comment…
Anyway, my kind-of-Simself also has a daughter named Ava Marie! 🙂

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