Chapter 3 – The betrayal

23 07 2009

When we left Sarah she was having a crisis on what to do – act on her feelings for Justin or try to make it work with Johnny.  Sarah still did not know what to do – but she did know things had to  change!  One night after Johnny had come home after a long shift at the hospital, she confronted Johnny on his  ways!  Johnny was taken aback by Sarah’s confrontation, he had no idea she felt this way.


Johnny got very defensive and retaliated when Sarah started to pick on his intelligence.  The whole thing turned into an ugly argument with nothing resolved and Sarah running off to the park across the road in tears


What was she going to do, Sarah thought to herself.  She had never felt more confused or alone.  She tried to call her best friend Sandra up but she was sleeping, so she called the only other person she knew who cared, Justin! They agreed to meet by the pond in the park and Justin came at once.  Sarah told him all about her argument with Johnny and confessed her feelings for him.  Justin was great.  He said all the right things, held Sarah and promised her he would wait for her to come to him when she was ready.


 Sarah went home feeling better about everything.  Thankfully Johnny had been called to the hospital on an emergency, so he was not home when she got back.  She played with the boys a bit and then tucked them all into bed and fell into a deep sleep herself.  The next morning, Johnny was still working so Sarah thought she would take the boys out and buy themselves a treat each – she still had maternity pay from her job which she had been saving so she did not have to ask Johnny for it.  Logan picked a climbing house and Brendan picked a slide.  The boys loved their new toys.  They spent the morning playing in their new playground as a family when suddenly they had a visitor.  It was Justin.  Still upset from her argument with Johnny, Justin’s arrival was a breath of fresh air for Sarah.  She even let him kiss her infront of the boys.


It was all too much for Sarah.  Being a hopeless romantic a kiss is all Sarah needed to fall in lust with Justin, so when he whispered in her ear: “lets go and make a little girl together”, Sarah could not resist.  They chased each other to the bedroom and made love – it was so explosive, Sarah was convinced she saw little red hearts fall from the sky.


Immediately after, Justin kissed Sarah on the forehead and then made some excuse about having to be somewhere else!  SOMEWHERE ELSE? Sarah thought.  How could he up and run out on her like that after what they just shared together.  Then it suddenly hit her – what had she done!??  Justin did not love her – he just wanted some fun.  And did she really love him?? No!  She was just caught up in the lust of him!  She loved Johnny.  He was the father of her children and even though he was tight with money, he loved her and her boys and he would never hurt her.  Sarah was overcome with guilt!  She knew she had to tell Johnny when he got home, she set about making his favourite meal of pancakes


When Johnny got home, Sarah was already crying.  Johnny was exhausted after working a double shift but Sarah pulled him to one side in the kitchen and confessed everything. 


 She told him exactly what happened and how she was so attracted to Johnny.


Johnny was furious and heartbroken.  How could Sarah do this to him.  All he did was love her and the boys and try to provide the best life he could for them.  Maybe he was working a lot recently and he knew Sarah thought he was frugal, but he never thought she would do this.


Sarah begged for forgiveness.  “You cant leave me” she weeped, “I love you. Its you i want –  i know that now. I am so sorry”.


Johnny starred into Sarahs eyes and still saw the woman he fell in love with all those years ago.  He remembered when he had first seen her in the gym that day and how he promised himself he would never let her go.  And now everything was falling apart.  Not if he did not allow it too though. He saw how much Sarah regretted what she did and even though he can forgive what she has done, he did not know if he could ever forget.  But he loved Sarah, and he loved his boys and knew he had to make this work.



Sarah could not believe it.  Here was Johnny, a good man’s heart she had broken – and he was still willing to forgive him.  Sarah had never loved him this much and promised herself she would do everything she could to make it up to her.  But Johnny was not willing to forgive so easily.  When Sarah went to kiss him, he pulled away.  “not yet”, he said. “I love you and i want to work this out but dont expect me to forgive you straight away – give me time.”


That evening was Johnny and the twins birthday party.  Sarah put on her best outfit, invited all Johnny’s and the twins friends and spent all day preparring a buffet feast.  She even baked three birthday cakes so no one would go without this time.  Sarah and Johnny decided to put the last couple of days behind them and have a good time at the party for the sake of the boys.


With the party in full swing, Johnny was the first to blow out his candles and grow into a full adult:



Now Johnny was an older adult he decided it was time for a change of image.  He worked on growing out his beard and bought a selection of fine Italian shirts to wear everyday. 

New Picture (10)

Next it was Brendan’s turn to celebrate.  He went before Logan as he had promised himself he would not miss out this time like his last birthday.  Everyone cheered him on as he blew out his candels and became a teenager



Now he was a teenager , Brendans hormones went into overdrive and he developed the flirty trait. Teamed with his evil trait, he knew he would be a heatbreaker.


Last, but not means least it was Logan’s turn to celebrate.  As he was a loner he decided that he did not want any fuss and quietly celebrated his journey into teenage-hood on his own in the corner.  It did not go un-noticed for long though when his father turned round and spotted what he was doing.  Soon enough, Logan too had people cheering him on



Being best friends with his dad, Logan developed the brave trait.  He knew instantly that his lifelong goal would be to follow in his fathers footsteps and help people – he would become a chief surgeon too


It was a fantastic party – everyone commented on it and it was even written up on the society pages of the local newspaper.  Even though this Sarah could still not forgive herself for what she had done to Johnny and how she had nearly thrown everything away for a bit of fun.  She had not even heard from Justin since that day.  Then things went from bad to worse.  One day Sarah had that old familiar feeling and rushed to the toilet – she was pregnant! But with who’s baby??!


Could it be Johnny’s or was it a result of that stupid hour she spent in bed with Justin.  Was she being punished for what she had done!  She rushed over and told Johnny straight away.  She couldn’t keep something this big from him and she prayed he would be forgiving about this like he was before


Johnny was infact delighted with the news and said he did not matter who’s it was – he would love to raise the baby as his own and would support Sarah no matter what.


He even joked that maybe Justin was better at making girls than he was


Now Sarah needed to tell Justin. She did not want to see him so she rung him up and told him she was pregnant.  “Well its not mine” was his response!  Sarah was shocked – “well it could be yours and it could be Johnnys”, she explained.  “Well if it is i dont want anything to do with it. You were only a bit of fun Sarah – i did not want any responsibility out of this”. 


Sarah hung up on Justin – well at least it was nice to know where he stood with things.  She cannot believe she nearly left Johnny for this man!  And maybe she would have a reminder of him for the rest of her life.  “We will just have to get a DNA test done when the baby is born”, Johnny said, “But either way the baby is mine whether or not it is blood”.  Sarah could not believe how lucky she was to have Johnny – she knew she would never stray again!


So Sarah finds herself pregnant again – but who’s baby is it?  Commitment phobe ladies man Justin or her genius husband who loves her and her children and will accept the baby no matter what!  Stay tuned for the next chapter when Sarah gets those all important DNA test results.  Will she have the girl she has always dreamed about…… Chapter 4




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23 07 2009
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23 07 2009

Ooooo good twist!

23 07 2009

oo nice legacy 🙂

24 07 2009

I love the twist! I think both of the boys aged up into really good looking Sims. There’s one picture with tons of cake on the ground. That one had me chuckling. Sometimes it feels like there is always cake in the fridge. I’ve taken to destroying the cakes after someone ages up just because I am so sick of them eating cake.

I don’t like cake, can you tell?

31 07 2009

Hi, I love this story! I have been reading but not commented until now. Keep up the good work, and if you have time, take a peek at my legacy. 🙂


20 08 2009

Haha, I find Christopher’s personality in this story funny (I see you changed his name to Justin in the story). In my story, he married my founder and was an amazing, loving, supportive father and husband.

It’s so strange to see him transformed into such a jerk.

10 09 2009

Good twist! Love it!

23 03 2011

Love your story.

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