Chapter 2 – A growing family

22 07 2009

When we left Sarah she was just going into labor with her and Johnny’s first baby.  Well I am proud to announce Sarah had twin boys – Logan & Brendan.  Both born with blond hair and blue eyes, Logan and Brendan were identical in appearance, but not in personalities.  Logan was a loner who loved the outdoors – whereas Brendan was born a genius with an evil streak that Sarah instantly noticed when he kept taking off his nappy and urinating on her plants.


It was not easy with twins and at times Sarah and Johnny wondered what they had let themselves in for.  Thankfully just after the boys were born, Johnny got promoted to paramedic and with a huge bonus, pay rise and the money Sarah was earning selling her fruits and vegetables, the family finally managed to put some walls around their home so the boys could feel safe and warm.


Sarah and Johnny’s relationship was also going from strengthto strength.  Even though they did not have much time for each other, they still managed to sneak a few cheeky romantic moments in here and there


Johnny was an amazing father.  He would put the boys to bed and even taught them both to walk.


This allowed Sarah to catch up on her rest, garden and start painting.  She had always wanted to paint but her father had never allowed her to “waste time” (in his words) on it.  Now it was her perfect chance and she planned to paint a portrait of her growing family to hang on the walls.


It was while painting one day that Sarah noticed that familiar feeling of nausea!  “Oh no” she thought “not now”.  She ran to the shops and got a pregnancy test and she was right – it was positive – she was pregnant.  Even though Johnny was delighted when he found out he was still very worried.  They still did not have much money coming in and being frugal, he knew he would have to be cutting those coupons all the more!  The boys were also only just toddlers!  Nothing they could do now though – so they started to prepare for the new baby.  Both Sarah and Johnny were hoping for a girl.  They planned to spend as much time with the boys as possible before the new baby came along:


Even though she loved her growing brood, Sarah knew she needed to earn some more money.  The boys would soon become kids and they had no money for beds for them.  So when her old flame, Justin Ferrell, called Sarah up when day and asked her to grow him three different groups of fruits or vegetables in exchange for cash – Sarah jumped at the chance. Her garden was becoming the envy of the town and with her high quality fertilizers, everyone knew she grew the best and juiciest stock in town.


On her way over to deliver the stock to Justin, Sarah was surprised when she started to get butterflies in her tummy – and she knew it was not the baby making them.  Did she still have feelings for Justin even though the way he treated her?!  When she arrived she marvelled at his house.  It was so big and beautiful compared to hers and she couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if she had married him instead of Johnny!


Justin was delighted with the fruits and vegetables Sarah delivered, and even though she was obviously carrying someone else’s baby – he still found her incredibly attractive and instantly regretted he had not snapped her up when he had the chance.  Yes he was wealthy, but he was also very lonely and knew that he had missed out on a good thing wih Sarah.  They still got on like a house on fire and when Sarah left, both wondered if the chemistry they felt was strong enough to ever act on!


Back home Sarah faced a dilema.  She loved Johnny, but was he enough for her.  He was a great father, a genius and was working himself up to become a chief surgeon, but he was so tight with his money, and Sarah could not ignore the feelings she had for Justin. She called up her best friend Sandra to get her advise.  Sandra instantly told Sarah not to act on anything and it was probably just her hormones. Sarah decided to put Justin to the back of her mind. Sandra was right – it was probably just a phrase.  When the new baby comes things will be better.


The days were flying by and Sarah was getting bigger and bigger.  It had not been an easy pregnancy – not liker her first.  Sarah had been very sick and hoped that the difference meant she was having a girl this time. 


Soon enough it was time for the boys birthday.  Johnny threw a large party, inviting all his work colleagues, friends and even the maid who he had hired to come round after the party to clear up.  His boys birthday came round rarely so he thought he would splash out.  He even bought one cake – the boys would have to share!  Logan was up first to blow out the candles and he was 8minutes older than Brendan. 



Everyone cheered Brendan on and soon it was time for him to grow into a  kid.  As he grew he developed the trait of being a genius. 



Next it was Brendan’s turn to age up.  Sadly he did not have a cake to celebrate with as Logan had already blown the candles out on the one cake his dad had bought and everyone had cut it up and was eating it when it was his turn to celebrate.  So Brendan grew up un-noticed giving him the ambition that next time he would be one with all the attention.



Cutting the costs had been worth it to Johnny.  Yes Brendan had not got his own cake – but now at least the boys at their own beds to sleep in, even if they had to sleep in the living room


Sarah was too tired to be angry with Johnny over the cakes.  The baby was coming and she promised herself she would speak to Johnny about his frugal ways when things were more settled at home.  Now she just wanted to concentrate on bringing her new baby girl into the world.  When Sarah went into labor that evening- her and Johnny decided they would have a home birth.  Now that Johnny was a medical intern they decided he could help Sarah instead of having to go all the way into town to the hospital


Unfortunatly while Sarah was in labor, Johnny’s phone rang and he got distracted chatting to his friend Phil about how dirty his house was.  “Typical”, thought Sarah, “Just when i needed him and he was not  there for me”!


Finally the baby arrived. HE was beautiful.  Yes it was another boy.  Sarah could not help but be disappointed- she was so desperate for a little girl and Johnny had promised her she would have one after feeding her water melon – “a medical wasy to conceive a girl” he had said!  Despite this he was perfect and she decided to name him Noah. Johnny had no input with the name as he was busy still chatting to Phil about music with his back turned!  Noah was born artistic and friendly – Sarah loved him straight away


Later that night as Sarah put Noah to bed and with Johnny snoring behind her, Sarah could not stop thinking about Justin.  Her hormones were back to normal now – so why could she still not get him out of her head!!???


What will Sarah do?  Will she act on her desires for Justin?  Will she ever have that baby girl she is so desperate for?  Tune into the next chapter to find out……. chapter 3




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22 07 2009
Chapter 1 – The beginning « The Shenston Legacy

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22 07 2009

At first I was thinking no no don’t spoil it by going off with Justin just because he has a big house but I think they can work things out.

Like the part when he moved in and they olny had enough money to decorate there one wall.

22 07 2009

Thanks Kerry. Still not sure what Sarah will do about Justin. Tune in tomorrow to find out x

22 07 2009

“he kept taking off his nappy and urinating on her plants.” Hahahaha, really made me laugh 🙂
Loving it so far.

22 07 2009

My hubby’s name is Justin… After 3 kiddos I say stick w/ her own husband!!

22 07 2009
Gaming Girl News

Awesome, much fun read. Johnny is obviously kind of a jerk. I say find out if Justin might be a better pick!

22 07 2009

I voted for her to cheat…but if it was me, and not a character, I wouldn’t do it. How’s that for a contradiction?

Thanks for commenting on my blog and linking to it. I’ve done the same. Good writing!

22 07 2009

Great story so far 🙂 Will link to you blog on mine.

And Justin for a bit of gossip making 🙂

22 07 2009

Nice job on your first legacy! As far as the cheating thing goes, you could go either way with it. Or just drag it out forever until we all become extremely frustrated and raid your house. 😉

22 07 2009

Great story so far!

I really thought when Sarah met Johnny that he was the one, but I guess her feelings say otherwise. Don’t think I could forgive Justin if he’d treated me that way personally.

Can’t wait to see which direction Sarah decides to take 🙂

22 07 2009

I voted for her to cheat as well. ROFL. :3
I linked you

22 07 2009

Great story so far 🙂 Will link to you blog on mine.

And Justin for a bit of gossip making 🙂
OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

22 07 2009

I say go and cheat with Justin and then have some of his babies. Preferably while still married to Johnny. Then dump Johnny, marry Justin and cheat on Justin with another dude and have his babies. I love making screwed up families.

My sister made her woman have 5 babies from 3 different daddies. Baby 1 from Jared Frio, Baby 2 from another guy she married and then divorced, Baby 3 from a guy I made in her town, Baby 4 from her ex-husband who was still living with her, and Baby 5 from Jared Frio. Was the most complicated family tree ever.

Anyway, check out my legacy at I’ll add yours to my links. 🙂

23 07 2009

Hi guys

Thank you all for your comments and for voting. Chapter 3 is now up – check it out to see what Sarah did


8 01 2010

Just looking at random chapters again Sarah, I have two questions for you, Is Johnny CASed? And when they have kids, do you auto age em up with a cheat, or do you not document those 3 sim days and make out that they never have the baby age?

11 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Hi Becky. Johnny was CASed and when i have children i just play out of the first couple of days of them being babies and only document them from toddlers as they are so boring when they are babies x

6 02 2010

Thanks for replying. But isn’t marrying a CASed character against the rules?

8 02 2010
StarSarah - AFairytaleInRiverside

Yes your right Beckey. I kind of bended the rules on a couple of occasions…. xxx

8 02 2010

Lol =D

28 05 2010

ha ha oh well bend those rules all you want despite warnings!!

25 01 2011

Am reading this for the second time. It’s amazing how far you have coming since the Shenston’s still love them though. I think my favourite storylines were the one’s with Chong. What a jerk!

9 03 2011

Umm… isn’t “Justin” actually Christopher Steel?

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