Chapter 1 – The beginning

21 07 2009

Eighteen year old Sarah arrives in Sunset Valley on a warm July evening with just the clothes on her back. Fresh out of high-school, Sarah has had to escape the clutches of her evil father who was about to marry her off to the 65 year old rich Barron in Riverside. Her choice was to marry or be disowned by her family.   Her mother had died eight years ago and with her four brothers following in their footsteps of their evil father, Sarah knew what she had to do!  So she sets off to start a new life in Sunset Valley with just a few basic skills and the ambition to once again have a family of her own and build her own new legacy.

Sarah Young Adult

When Sarah Shenston arrives in Sunset Valley, she has little else than the clothes on her back and a plot of land on the outskirts of the town – which she had inherited from her mother before she died. They had both kept this land a secret from her father as they both knew how mean he was and that he would try to take it away from Sarah.


With the little money she had managed to save, she bought herself a bed, toilet and TV. Having no walls, lights or comforts meant Sarah had to spend her first night sleeping under the stars – pondering her next move in life.


The next morning Sarah wakes up to a feeling she had never really suffered from – hunger pains! Knowing no-one and with no money, she wonders around the neighborhood for a while and suddenly spots an apple tree.  Yum she thinks and steals some!


Feeling distinctly unsatisfied from the apples, she swipes someone’s picnic basket – never has a cold stale hamburger tasted so good!


Sarah soon realises how much she smells and tries to wash herself off in a local fishing river, but this just makes matters worse.  Then while walking past the town hall she hears two people talking about a new 24hour gym that has just opened across the street.  Bingo!  Sarah heads over at once!  Noticing the £100 a week membership, Sarah sneaks in the backdoor and once again, steels but this time its time in a shower.  Bliss


Sarah has never stolen anything before but it seems to be coming naturally to her…. “maybe this is my life now – a criminal” she thinks to herself glumly!  And then it suddenly happens….. a light bulb goes off in her head!!!  What does she want more than anything??  A new family!  “That’s it” Sarah proclaims to herself.  I will raise a large family of 5 or more children and give them the love I never had!  First things first – she has to find a man to help her with this!  Sarah has always been a hopeless romantic so finding the right man should not be a problem considering she falls for people quite quickly.  Looking around the gym, she spies someone…..


Justin Ferrell is just what she is looking for!  Cute, athletic….Ermm… she cant think of anything else right now – but these requirments is all she needs.  Sarah heads over and they instantly hit it off.  How exciting thinks Sarah – maybe he is the one!


That night was the first night Sarah realised how alone she was when a thief snuck into her home and stole her TV – her only form or entertainment!  Sarah was miserable, she desperatly needed walls – or even just a burgelor alarm, but how was she ever going to raise enough money!


Waking up the next morning, Sarah goes about making her home (or empty) lot more homely.  Using the apples she picked the day before and a tomato seed she found in the cemetary, Sarah sets about making a small garden to grow food to eat and sell.  She was never much of a gardener as she always had people back home to do that for her – but her mum had been a keen gardener before she died and she always told Sarah that she had a green thumb too.


Later that day, Sarah called up Justin who she met at the gym the day before to invite him over to check out her new garden.  “Not right now” was his reply!  Fine thought Sarah with her stomach rumbling.  She still had no money and knew that it would take a while for her garden to produce any fruits or vegetables for her to sell.  Therefore she knew she would have to get a job.  But what can she do.  She had never worked before and had few skills.  The only thing she really enjoyed so far was gardening.  Looking through the local newspaper and she saw an ad for a job in the Science Career – skills needed – Gardening.  Perfect thought Sarah and went for an interview.  Even though he skills were limted, they took her on, on the condition she would have to plant some of their seeds too.  Sarah accepted immediatly.


This still however, left the gumbling feeling in her stomach.  She rung up Justin again to see if he might like to take her for dinner.  “Not right now” was his reply again!  “Forget it” Sarah proclaimed before hanging up.  There was no way she would be chasing some guy who did not even have a job!  So she wondered around the town until she soon came across the local community pool.  This would be perfect to cool off Sarah thought.  But she was soon distracted by a very dark, handsome man sitting on one of the sun loungers


Jeff Hancock was gorgeous, rich and …. married!!!  Darn it, Sarah really knows how to pick them.  He was too old for her anyway she thought


Sarah started to feel faint from the lack of food.  So she headed back over to the gym to see if she could sneak some food from the staff fridge.  After a bit of a rummagng she found an old peice of bread and jam and tucked it away nicely.


After building up some strength, Sarah headed upstairs to try her hand at working out.  If she was going to get a man – she had to try to make her body as trim as possible.  However, before she even got down to it, she felt a tap on the shoulder and standing behind her was Johnny Regge, one of the most handsome men she had ever met!  Johnny had spotted Sarah from across the room and just knew he had to talk to her.  They both hit it off straight away


Sarah found out that Johnny was family orientated, a genius and single!  WOW – perfect!  He was however, unemployed but had a life long ambition to be a top surgeon.  Sarah spent far to long chatting to Johnny and eventually fell asleep on one of the pool loungers with a large smile on her face


The next day after her first successful day at work, Sarah invited Johnny over.  She had been thinking about him all day and couldn’t wait to see him.  They spent the afternoon at her lot getting to know each other, laughing and smooching!  Sarah knew it was now or never and she proposed to Johnny.  She knew it was very soon but it felt so right and she had fallen in love with him at first sight.  Also, she needed to get started if she wanted to have a large family – and Johnny seemed perfect for the job of dad. 


Johhny was very shocked when Sarah pulled out her grandfather’s ring.  He was quite traditional and thought the man should be the one to propose.  But he had to say yes – he had never met anyone like Sarah and he knew she was the one.  So why wait!  As Sarah did not have any family, and Johnny’s family lived 800miles away – they decided to have a private ceremony where they exchanged rings and swore they would love each other forever


Sarah could not wait to show off her new ring to her friends at the Science lab


Johhny moved in straight away and bought with him a fridge, stove,dishwasher and kitchen counters.  He also bought his chess table which was one of his family heirlooms.  After the move they had just enough money to buy a double bed and decorate the one wall they had.  It was still very bare – but it was home to Sarah and she loved it.  Johnny also took a job at the local hospital as an organ doner – he knew if he was to be a top surgeon, he had to start somewhere.


While they were not working, Sarah and Johnny spent the rest of their time in bed together. Sarah was so in love she had forgotton about having children, until one morning when she started to feel sick!  She went to her doctor and he confrimed that she was in fact pregnant.  Sarah and Johnny were estatic!   Sarah hoped for a boy and Johnny hoped for a girl – but overall they just hoped it would be healthy.


Sarah spent her maternity leave tending to her garden.  It was really starting to take shape now and Sarah was growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables.  The money she made from selling them was also a help, but most of all Sarah just enjoyed doing it as she felt closer to her mum.  Her pregnancy was passing Sarah by very smoothly.  She had had not much sickness and was still able to move around quite easily.  When she was not tending to the garden, Sarah spent her time reading up on pregnancy at the local libary.  She was determained to be the best mum ever.


A few days passed and while Sarah was sleeping and Johnny was working in the hospital, Sarah’s waters broke!  She called Johnny who said he will get everything ready and meet her at the hospital.  So Sarah packed a bag and took a taxi to the hospital


What will Sarah have?  What will the baby be like?  Will Johnny ever become a top surgeon?  Tune into the next chapter to find out! Chapter Two




13 responses

22 07 2009

Loving it so far. Yes, I’ll link you to my blog!! Thanks for putting mine on yours!!!

12 08 2009

You changed the names of the characters… =O it’s really Thorton Wolff, Christopher Steele, and… some other guy. O_o Why would you do that? xD

12 08 2009

ha ha – well spotted. Its cause i couldn’t remember their real names when i started the legacy. Did not think to write these things down at first. Its all correct now though 🙂

13 08 2009

Oh, wow! =D That was fast. Well, this legacy is coming along… I shall go vote for Peaches’s twins now. >__< Because I'm a cool cat. -hint hint to the person reading this comment- xD Free advertisement!

27 08 2009

haha evn the burglars don’t spare broke people. 🙂

10 09 2009

Love it so far!

15 09 2009

Wow, this looks like a good, well thought out legacy story. I am glad you stopped by my blog and said hello. I will set aside some time to read more of this story over the weekend. I think I’m really going to like it!

15 09 2009

Thank you Catherine. I hope you like the rest of the blog. loving yours x

9 10 2009

I thought I’d check your blog out since you’re my friend now 🙂 I’m really glad I did! I love it so far! I have a feeling it’s going to take a very long time for me to catch up, but it looks like it’s going to be a great read!

13 11 2009

What a nice start! That Sarah is one beautiful Sim….I’m not the greatest at making Sims, lol. I always love the beginnings of legacy stories. 🙂

20 11 2009

Was Johnny CAS’d, or the work of story progression? ‘Cause I he’s not a default resident in Sunset Valley. 😛

28 11 2009

I’d guess Story Progression.

16 03 2011

Hello, a fellow Sims blogger here! 🙂 Found your legacy and I like the first chapter so far. I can’t wait to read the rest! 🙂

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